The day of determining the gender of the twins came and Fatima was happy in Nemat's arms.

9 May 202463:02

TLDRThe video script narrates a heartwarming story of Fatima, a kind and calm girl who becomes a cherished daughter, wife, and mother. The family's life is filled with simple, yet meaningful moments, from caring for goats to preparing buttermilk. The day of the ultrasound reveals that Fatima and Nemat are expecting twins, a boy and a girl, bringing joy to the family. The video also highlights the importance of community, as a comment from a friend brings tears to their eyes, signifying the deep bond and shared happiness for the couple's future. The story is a celebration of life, family, and the connections that make the world a beautiful place.


  • 👶 Fatima, a kind and calm girl, is the central character in the story, and her happiness is a significant theme.
  • 👵 Fatima's mother wishes for her daughter's happiness and prays for blessings for her.
  • 🌾 The family's life revolves around their farm, with activities such as milking goats and praying for a good harvest.
  • 🏠 The family is preparing for the arrival of twins, with a focus on the ultrasound appointment to determine their gender.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The community and family are supportive, with neighbors and relatives helping with tasks and sharing in the family's joy.
  • 🧵 Fatima's mother is seen sewing, indicating the family's self-sufficiency and traditional lifestyle.
  • 🍞 Daily chores and food preparation are a part of their routine, with mentions of making buttermilk and bread.
  • 🔥 There's a mention of burning garbage, suggesting a sustainable approach to waste management.
  • 👶👧 The gender of the twins is revealed at the end of the script, with the family expecting a boy and a girl.
  • 📽 The video serves as a keepsake for the children of Fatima and Nemat, with comments from viewers adding emotional depth.
  • ❤️ The script emphasizes the importance of community, family, and the simple joys of life on a farm.

Q & A

  • What was the occasion that made Fatima happy in Nemat's arms?

    -The occasion was the day of determining the gender of the twins.

  • How is Fatima described in the video script?

    -Fatima is described as a kind girl who never hurt anyone, always respected others with her calmness, and was a lonely companion to her mother.

  • What does the mother wish for Fatima?

    -The mother wishes happiness for Fatima, acknowledging that happiness is her right.

  • What is the significance of the stages mentioned for a woman's evolution?

    -The stages of daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother represent the different roles and phases a woman goes through in her life.

  • Why does Fatima's mother imagine her heart beating outside her body when her child is born?

    -This is a metaphor expressing the deep emotional connection and love a mother feels for her child, as if a part of her is now outside of her.

  • What task does Hussain perform for the goats?

    -Hussain turns on the water pump so that the goats can drink.

  • What is Fatima's role in the household?

    -Fatima is involved in various household chores such as sewing, preparing buttermilk, and helping with the harvest.

  • Why does Fatima need to go for an ultrasound?

    -Fatima needs to go for an ultrasound to determine the gender of her twins.

  • Who is asked to accompany Fatima and Nemat to the ultrasound?

    -Naseeb is asked to accompany Fatima and Nemat to the ultrasound.

  • What was the comment that brought tears to the family's eyes?

    -The comment that brought tears to the family's eyes was one stating that the viewers are uncles, aunts, and friends to the children of Nemat and Fatima.

  • What was the result of the ultrasound?

    -The result of the ultrasound was that Fatima is expecting a boy and a girl.

  • How does the video script emphasize the importance of community and relationships?

    -The script emphasizes the importance of community and relationships through the interactions between family members, the inclusion of neighbors, and the emotional impact of the viewers' comments on the family.



😀 Introduction and Family Blessings

The video begins with a warm welcome to the channel, inviting viewers to stay until the end. It introduces Fatima, a kind and calm girl who is a source of happiness for her mother. The family's wish for Fatima's happiness is highlighted, and the stages of a woman's life are mentioned: daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. The importance of kindness towards mothers is emphasized, and the arrival of Hussain is noted.


🐐 Farm Tasks and Livestock Care

The second paragraph focuses on farm chores and caring for the goats. Hussain is asked to turn on the water pump for the goats to drink and to bring various items, including a pan and a kettle, for making buttermilk. The importance of prayer for a good harvest is mentioned, and the need to maintain cleanliness and order in the farm is emphasized.


🍲 Preparing Food and Household Chores

This paragraph describes domestic activities such as making buttermilk, sewing a musk, and preparing food. Fatima is asked to sit in the shade, and there is a discussion about adding salt to the meal. The family also discusses the need to go to an ultrasound appointment and the potential involvement of Naseeb, a family member or friend.


🏡 Home Maintenance and Assistance

The fourth paragraph covers various household tasks, including cleaning up after a meal, taking care of spilled buttermilk, and preparing for a cement-related task. The family members are seen helping each other with these chores, emphasizing the theme of cooperation and mutual support within the family.


📞 Planning and Communication

The focus of this paragraph is on planning and communication. There is a discussion about calling Naseeb to join them for an ultrasound appointment. The conversation over the phone with Naseeb is detailed, confirming his attendance and the time they need to be at the appointment. The importance of keeping in touch and coordinating family activities is highlighted.


🧺 Completing Chores and Collecting Items

The sixth paragraph is shorter and primarily involves Hussain being asked to collect clothes and the offer of help, which he declines. It shows the continuation of daily chores and the self-sufficiency of the characters in managing their tasks.


🔥 Farm Management and Welcoming Guests

This paragraph involves farm management tasks such as burning garbage and moving animals. Hussain is asked to bring matches and oil, and there is a mention of milking and welcoming a guest named Armin. The paragraph portrays the dynamic nature of farm life and the hospitality extended to visitors.


🤰 Family News and Emotional Support

The seventh paragraph reveals that Fatima and Nemat are expecting a child, which has brought a mix of emotions to the family. A comment from a friend is shared, which has deeply moved the family. The paragraph underscores the importance of support and anticipation of new life within the family.


👶🏼 Anticipating the Future and Sharing Memories

The final paragraph discusses the joy of knowing that the children of Nemat and Fatima will have a rich collection of memories and comments from friends to look back on. It reflects on the profound impact of simple yet heartfelt comments and the beauty of the world that the children are about to enter.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Twins on the Way

The last paragraph of the script provides the exciting news that Fatima and Nemat are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. This announcement likely brings a sense of joy and anticipation for the future to the family and viewers alike.



💡Gender Determination

Gender determination is the process of identifying the biological sex of a baby, which is typically done through medical procedures like an ultrasound. In the video, the day of determining the gender of the twins is a significant event for Fatima and her family, symbolizing the anticipation and joy associated with the growth of their family.


Fatima is a central character in the video, who is portrayed as a kind and calm girl, always respecting others. Her personality and the love of her mother for her happiness are central to the video's theme of family and kindness. The name Fatima is used repeatedly throughout the script, highlighting her importance to the family's story.

💡Mother's Prayer

The mother's prayer represents the hopes and wishes of a parent for their child's well-being and happiness. In the video, it is mentioned that the family's arrangement for the mother's prayer to be answered signifies divine intervention and blessings. It is a key concept that ties into the theme of family, faith, and the cycle of life.

💡Stages of a Woman's Evolution

This concept refers to the various roles a woman plays throughout her life, such as daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. The video script touches on this by mentioning these stages, emphasizing the natural progression and the importance of each role in a woman's life, which is central to the narrative of Fatima's family.


Kindness is a recurring theme in the video, with Fatima being described as a kind girl whose happiness is a right. The concept of kindness is illustrated through Fatima's character and the interactions within her family, showcasing the impact of positive behavior on personal relationships and the home environment.


An ultrasound is a medical imaging technique used to visualize a developing fetus during pregnancy. In the context of the video, the ultrasound is a pivotal moment for Fatima and her family as they learn the gender of the twins, adding to the excitement and emotional depth of the family's story.


Hussain appears to be a family member or helper in the video, assisting with various tasks such as fetching water and taking care of goats. His actions contribute to the portrayal of a close-knit, cooperative family dynamic, which is an important aspect of the video's message about family life.


The harvest represents the agricultural activities and the livelihood of Fatima's family. The mention of praying for a blessing to increase the harvest highlights the family's reliance on and connection to the land, as well as the significance of their work in providing for their community.

💡Community and Support

The concept of community and support is evident in the video through the interactions between family members and the mention of friends like Naseeb. The importance of communal support is emphasized when Naseeb is invited to join the family for the ultrasound, showcasing the value of togetherness in times of joy and anticipation.


Respect is a fundamental value demonstrated by Fatima through her calmness and innate calmness towards others. It is a key principle in the family's interactions and is linked to the overall theme of harmony and positive relationships within the family and the broader community.


A comment from a dear friend signifies the broader community's connection and support for Fatima and Nemat's family. The comment, which regards the viewers as extended family to the children, underscores the theme of a supportive network that extends beyond immediate family, enriching the lives of the characters.


Fatima and Nemat are expecting twins and are excited to learn their genders.

Fatima is described as a kind and calm girl, always respectful and never hurting anyone.

The mother's wish for Fatima's happiness is portrayed as a central theme.

The family's prayers are answered with the blessing of the twins.

The stages of a woman's life are mentioned as daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.

The importance of kindness towards the mother is emphasized.

Hussain is seen taking care of the goats and ensuring they have water.

Fatima is making buttermilk, showcasing her domestic skills.

The family's agricultural activities are highlighted, including praying for a good harvest.

Fatima and Hussain are preparing for an ultrasound appointment.

The family considers involving Naseeb in their ultrasound appointment.

The community's involvement in the family's life is shown through their interactions and help.

The family's daily chores and tasks are depicted, such as cleaning and preparing food.

The importance of communication within the family is shown as they discuss calling Naseeb.

The anticipation of the ultrasound result is palpable in the family's interactions.

The community's support and anticipation for the twins' genders is evident.

The ultrasound reveals that Fatima and Nemat are expecting a boy and a girl.