The Human vs AI Dubbing Problem

Alan Spicer
22 Jan 202403:43

TLDRThe video titled 'The Human vs AI Dubbing Problem' discusses the ongoing debate between AI and human dubbing. It highlights that while AI is improving and becoming more prevalent, especially with YouTube's rollout of multilanguage audio, human dubbing still holds a significant edge. The speaker, Robert, emphasizes the importance of emotional expression, cultural nuances, and authentic voices that human dubbing can provide. He mentions the success of Mr. Beast, who uses human voices for his multilanguage videos, and suggests that this approach helps in capturing the audience's attention and trust. The video also addresses the challenge of sourcing high-quality human talent for dubbing and introduces Vin, a service that offers human talent and related services to enhance viewer engagement and cultural impact.


  • 🌐 AI dubbing is becoming more prevalent but still lacks the quality and emotional nuances of human dubbing.
  • 📈 YouTube's multilanguage audio feature, set to roll out in early 2024, will significantly impact content accessibility and reach.
  • 🔥 Mr Beast's success with multilanguage dubbing, contributing to his milestone of over 200 million subscribers, demonstrates the power of reaching a global audience.
  • 🎭 Human dubbing can convey authentic emotions, cultural nuances, and personality, which are crucial for connecting with diverse audiences.
  • 🗣️ AI currently struggles to match the vocal variety and emotional expression that human voice actors can provide.
  • 🏞️ Regional accents and cultural differences are important for creating an authentic experience, which human-based dubbing can capture better than AI.
  • 🤝 Working with native talent for dubbing ensures that the content resonates with the target audience on a deeper level.
  • 📦 Vin, a company mentioned in the script, offers comprehensive services including translation, proofreading, transcription, audio mixing, and live direction, to enhance the human touch in multilanguage content.
  • 📝 The starter package from Vin is a cost-effective alternative to AI dubbing, providing high-quality human voice recording and additional services.
  • 🎁 An offer for the audience to get the first 10 minutes free with a package purchase by mentioning Allan, showcasing the value of human dubbing services.
  • 🌟 The human touch in voice acting is emphasized as superior to AI for creating a cultural impact and emotionally resonating with the audience.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video?

    -The main topic discussed in the video is the comparison between AI dubbing and human dubbing, and the impact of YouTube's multilanguage audio feature on content creators.

  • Why is YouTube rolling out multilanguage audio?

    -YouTube is rolling out multilanguage audio to expand its reach and allow content to be accessible to a broader audience, enhancing the power and searchability of videos.

  • What is the significance of Mr. Beast's approach to dubbing his videos in multiple languages?

    -Mr. Beast's approach to dubbing his videos in multiple languages allows his content to reach a wider audience and increases viewer engagement, which contributed to his rapid growth in subscribers.

  • What are the limitations of AI dubbing according to the speaker?

    -The limitations of AI dubbing include an inability to replicate the emotional expression and cultural nuances that human voices can convey. AI can sometimes sound unnatural or place emotional inflections in inappropriate places.

  • Why does the speaker argue that human-based dubbing is superior?

    -Human-based dubbing is argued to be superior because it can capture the authentic voice, mood, personality, and cultural differences that resonate with the audience on a deeper level.

  • What is the role of Vin in providing a solution to the need for human-based dubbing?

    -Vin offers a service that works with human talent to provide high-quality dubbing in multiple languages, ensuring a more authentic and engaging viewer experience compared to AI dubbing.

  • What additional services does Vin provide apart from voice recording?

    -Apart from voice recording, Vin also offers translation, proofreading, transcription, audio mixing, live direction, and captions.

  • How does the speaker suggest one can get started with Vin's services?

    -The speaker suggests that by clicking on the provided link and mentioning Allan, one can get their first 10 minutes of service for free when purchasing a package, subject to terms and conditions.

  • What is the potential impact of using human-based dubbing on a content creator's platform?

    -Using human-based dubbing can help content creators make a cultural impact, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and reach out to a wider audience looking for authentic content.

  • What are the benefits of having a native voice actor for dubbing?

    -Native voice actors can provide a more natural and authentic performance, capturing the cultural elements and nuances of the language, which can enhance viewer engagement and retention.

  • How does the speaker describe their personal experience with AI dubbing?

    -The speaker describes AI dubbing as something that can sound wacky, crazy, and weird, and suggests that the risk of using AI dubbing is not worth taking when human voices are available.

  • What is the speaker's final recommendation for content creators regarding dubbing?

    -The speaker's final recommendation is that the human touch in dubbing always beats AI, and content creators should opt for human-based dubbing to maximize the emotional and cultural connection with their audience.



🌐 AI Dubbing vs. Human Dubbing: The Future of Content Localization

The paragraph discusses the ongoing debate between AI and human dubbing for content. It acknowledges AI's growing capabilities but questions its ability to match human emotional expression and cultural nuances. The speaker, Robert, introduces the topic by noting the prevalence of AI-generated voices online and the upcoming YouTube feature that will allow multilanguage audio. He highlights the success of Mr. Beast, who uses human dubbing to reach a wider audience. Robert emphasizes the importance of human voices for capturing mood, personality, and cultural differences, which AI currently cannot replicate. He also mentions the services of his friends at Vin, who offer human talent for dubbing, translation, and other related services to enhance viewer engagement and authenticity.



💡AI dubbing

AI dubbing refers to the process of using artificial intelligence to generate voiceovers for videos, often in different languages. In the video, it is discussed as a developing technology that is becoming more prevalent but is not yet on par with human dubbing in terms of emotional expression and cultural nuance. The script mentions AI dubbing in the context of YouTube's multilanguage audio feature, which is set to become more common in early 2024.

💡Human dubbing

Human dubbing is the traditional method of voiceover work where real people, often professional voice actors, provide the spoken words for videos. It is highlighted in the video as superior to AI dubbing due to the ability of human voice actors to convey genuine emotions, cultural context, and personality. An example given is the use of the same voice actor for Naruto in Japan for Mr. Beast's videos, which added an authentic touch and contributed to his subscriber growth.

💡Emotional expression

Emotional expression refers to the conveyance of feelings and emotions through voice and body language. The video emphasizes that human dubbing can capture the subtleties of emotional expression, which is currently a challenge for AI. The speaker, Robert, mentions his own emotive style and how it elevates his content, something that AI has not yet been able to replicate convincingly.

💡Cultural differences

Cultural differences pertain to the variations in customs, languages, and social norms among different societies. The video discusses how human-based dubbing can account for these differences, providing a more authentic and relatable experience for viewers from different cultural backgrounds. The importance of cultural nuances is exemplified by the mention of various UK accents and the potential awkwardness of a non-native speaker attempting to mimic them.

💡YouTube multilanguage audio

YouTube multilanguage audio is a feature that allows video content to be available in multiple languages, thus reaching a broader audience. The video mentions that this feature is game-changing and will become more widespread in early 2024. It is noted as a key factor in Mr. Beast's success in surpassing 200 million subscribers, as it allows his content to be accessible and engaging to diverse audiences.

💡Viewer engagement

Viewer engagement refers to the level of interaction and interest that viewers have with the content they are watching. The video argues that human dubbing can enhance viewer engagement due to the emotional and cultural authenticity that human voice actors bring to the table. This is contrasted with AI dubbing, which may not fully capture the nuances necessary to maintain high levels of viewer interest and connection.

💡Native talent

Native talent involves working with individuals who are native speakers of the language in which the dubbing is being performed. The video suggests that using native talent is the best way to ensure cultural accuracy and emotional resonance in dubbed content. This is important for creating a product that resonates with viewers and maintains the integrity of the original message.

💡Authentic voice

An authentic voice in the context of the video means a voiceover that accurately represents the intended emotions, culture, and personality of the content. The video stresses the importance of capturing an authentic voice through human dubbing, which can effectively convey mood and personality, as opposed to the potentially inauthentic or less convincing voices generated by AI.

💡Vocal variety

Vocal variety refers to the range of vocal expressions and tones that a voice actor can use to bring a script to life. The video implies that human voice actors possess a greater vocal variety, which allows them to adapt their performance to suit the needs of different scenes and characters, something that AI dubbing may struggle to achieve.

💡Marketing content

Marketing content is the material used to promote a product, service, or brand. The video touches on the use of human dubbing in marketing content to connect with audiences on a deeper level by leveraging the emotional and cultural connections that human voices can provide. This is particularly important for global marketing campaigns aiming to resonate with diverse consumer bases.

💡Human touch

The human touch refers to the personal, emotional, and relatable aspect that humans bring to any interaction or creative process. In the context of the video, the human touch is contrasted with AI-generated dubbing, with the argument that the former is more effective in creating content that resonates with viewers. The human touch is associated with authenticity, emotion, and a deeper connection with the audience.


AI dubbing is improving but may not fully replicate human emotional expression.

YouTube is set to roll out multilanguage audio in early 2024, impacting content accessibility.

Mr Beast's use of multilanguage dubbing has contributed to his rapid subscriber growth.

Human dubbing can convey authentic emotions and cultural nuances that AI struggles to replicate.

The choice between AI and human dubbing depends on the desired emotional and cultural impact.

Human-based dubbing can provide a more engaging and authentic experience for viewers.

Different regional accents and cultural elements are better captured by human voice actors.

Vocal variety and the ability to elevate with voice are currently beyond AI's capabilities.

AI dubbing can sometimes sound unnatural or misplaced in emotional context.

Working with native talent ensures cultural authenticity and viewer engagement.

Vin offers a range of services including translation, proofreading, and audio mixing for a more human touch.

Using human voices can maximize the cultural edge and mood in content.

A special offer is available for the first 10 minutes of service free with a package purchase and the mention of Allan.

Capturing mood, personality, and cultural differences are essential for an authentic voice.

Human dubbing can provide a more powerful and search-heavy content.

The human touch in dubbing is considered superior for building an emotional connection with the audience.

For content creators, the choice between AI and human dubbing is crucial for cultural impact and audience reach.