Temp Emails, When and How to Use Them

Mental Outlaw
13 Jan 202111:31

TLDRThe video transcript discusses the use of temporary email services as a means to protect personal information from spam and potential misuse by online services. It highlights the pros and cons of using such services, mentioning popular options like GorillaMail and TempMail. The speaker explains how these services work, including the generation of temporary email addresses and the auto-deletion of emails after an hour. However, the transcript also warns of the potential security risks, such as the possibility of email domains being blocked by online services or the risk of accounts being hacked if the temporary email address is made public. As an alternative, the speaker suggests using lesser-known temporary email services and browser add-ons for increased security. The summary advises users to be cautious and ensure that any accounts created with temporary emails do not contain personal information to prevent misuse.


  • 📧 Online services often require an email address for sign-up, which can lead to spam and privacy concerns.
  • 🚫 Avoiding services that require personal information is not always feasible, so alternative solutions are needed.
  • 📭 Creating a 'trash' email account can result in an overflow of spam, making it difficult to manage and access important emails.
  • 🔑 Using a single throwaway email increases the risk of being identified and potentially having accounts compromised.
  • 💌 A temporary email service like Gorilla Mail provides a short-term email address to use for signing up for services.
  • ⏰ Gorilla Mail emails are automatically deleted after one hour, ensuring they do not accumulate.
  • ⚠️ Popular temporary email services can be blocked by online services, limiting their usefulness.
  • 🛡️ There's a risk that using temporary email services could lead to account hacks if the email address is made public.
  • 🔐 Using less known temporary email services like Temp Mail might offer more security due to fewer domain bans.
  • 📡 Temp Mail offers a browser add-on for convenience, eliminating the need to manually visit the site for a new email.
  • 💡 While temporary email services can be useful for throwaway accounts, it's crucial to ensure no personal information is linked to them to prevent misuse.

Q & A

  • Why might online services require an email address for sign-up?

    -Online services typically require an email address to allow users to log into their accounts, reset passwords, and receive important service-related emails.

  • What is the common issue with providing your personal email to online services?

    -The common issue is that it often leads to receiving spam emails, either from the service itself or from third parties to which the service may have sold your email address.

  • What is an alternative to not using a service that requires an email for sign-up?

    -An alternative is to create a 'trash' or 'disposable' email account, like one from a provider like AOL or Yahoo, to use for non-essential services.

  • Why might using a single disposable email address be problematic?

    -It can become problematic because the inbox may fill up with spam, making it difficult to find important emails. Also, if this email is used across many services, it increases the risk of personal identification and potential hacking.

  • What is a temp email and how does it work?

    -A temp email is a temporary email address provided by a service like gorillamail.com. It allows users to sign up for services without using their personal email. Emails sent to these addresses are deleted after a certain period, usually an hour.

  • What are some potential downsides to using temp email services like Gorilla Mail?

    -Downsides include the possibility of the service being taken down, online services blocking the domains associated with temp email providers, and the risk of email accounts being hacked if the temp email address is made public.

  • Why might an online service block domains from temp email services?

    -Online services might block these domains to prevent spam, trolls, or malicious users from creating accounts using temporary email addresses.

  • What is the risk if an account created with a temp email address is made public on a forum?

    -If the temp email address is public and a hacker recognizes it as a temp email, they could potentially gain access to the user's inbox on the temp email site and use the password reset feature to take over the account.

  • Are there any alternatives to Gorilla Mail for obtaining a temp email?

    -Yes, there are alternatives like temp-mail.org, which is less known and offers more domains, reducing the likelihood of being banned by online services.

  • How can the security of a temp email be potentially compromised?

    -The security can be compromised if a user inadvertently makes their temp email address public, allowing others to guess and access the inbox on the temp email site.

  • What precaution should be taken when using a temp email for account creation?

    -Users should ensure that the account created with a temp email does not contain any personal information and should be cautious about making the email address public to prevent potential hacking and misuse.



😀 Managing Online Service Sign-ups and Spam Emails

The first paragraph discusses the common requirement of online services to sign up using an email address or phone number, which often leads to receiving spam emails. It suggests avoiding services that require personal information or using a temporary email address for non-essential services. The paragraph also mentions the downsides of using a trash email account, such as an overflowing inbox and increased risk of being identified if used across multiple services. It introduces the concept of a temporary email service like GorillaMail as a solution, highlighting its popularity and the fact that emails are deleted after one hour.


🛡️ Security Concerns with Temporary Email Services

The second paragraph addresses potential security issues with using temporary email services like GorillaMail. It outlines the risk of services blocking known temporary email domains and the possibility of accounts being hacked if the email address is made public. The paragraph also introduces an alternative service, Temp Mail, which is less known and offers more domains, reducing the likelihood of being banned. It mentions a browser add-on for convenience and discusses the method of accessing someone's inbox by encoding the user's email address in base64, emphasizing the need for caution when using these services.


🔑 Safeguarding Personal Information with Temporary Emails

The third paragraph provides a detailed method of accessing a user's inbox on Temp Mail by encoding the email address in base64 and using a specific URL structure. It emphasizes that while the solution is not foolproof, it is useful for creating throwaway accounts that do not contain personal information. The paragraph advises ensuring that no personal details are linked to these accounts to prevent misuse of information by malicious actors.



💡Temp Emails

Temp Emails, short for temporary emails, are disposable email addresses provided by certain online services. They are used for signing up to online platforms without revealing one's personal email. In the script, it is mentioned that these are useful for avoiding spam and protecting one's primary email account from unwanted emails. However, they come with risks such as potential hacking if the email address is made public.

💡Spam Emails

Spam emails are unsolicited messages sent in bulk, often for the purpose of advertising, phishing, or spreading malware. The video discusses how providing personal email addresses to online services can lead to receiving spam, which is a common concern for internet users. The use of temp emails is suggested as a way to mitigate this issue.

💡Gorilla Mail

Gorilla Mail is a popular temporary email service mentioned in the script. It provides users with a temporary email address that can receive emails for a short period before being deleted. It is used as an example of how temp email services work and the potential issues they may face, such as being blocked by some online services or being inaccessible at times.


Opsec, short for operational security, refers to measures taken to protect sensitive information from being accessed, used, or disclosed without authorization. The script mentions that using a single throwaway email for multiple services can be bad opsec because it increases the risk of identification and compromise of one's privacy.

💡Email Recycling

Email recycling is the practice of reassigning a temporary email address to a new user after a certain period or after it has been deleted. This is a feature of services like Gorilla Mail and Temp Mail, as discussed in the script. The downside is that if an account created with a recycled email is compromised, the new user might gain access to the previous user's inbox.

💡Temp Mail

Temp Mail is another service for generating temporary email addresses. It is highlighted in the script as a less known alternative to Gorilla Mail, which might be less likely to be blocked by online services. It offers more domains and a browser add-on for convenience, providing users with a temporary inbox that is cleared every hour.

💡Base64 Encoding

Base64 encoding is a method of converting binary data into text format, which is used in the context of the script to obscure the temp email address. The user's email address is encoded in Base64, allowing for a measure of security, as one would need to decode the string to access the email.

💡Password Reset Link

A password reset link is a unique URL sent to a user's registered email address when they forget their password. The script discusses how this link is used to reset passwords securely, without revealing the original password. However, if a temp email address is used and falls into the wrong hands, it could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to an account.


E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. The script cautions that if a temp email is used for e-commerce accounts, there's a risk of credit card information and personal addresses being compromised if the account is hacked.


Privacy is the state of being free from unauthorized intrusion or surveillance. The entire theme of the video revolves around maintaining privacy by using temporary emails to protect one's personal email from spam and potential misuse. The script emphasizes the importance of not associating temp emails with sensitive personal information.


Hacking refers to the unauthorized access into computer systems to disrupt, misuse, or gain unauthorized knowledge or control. In the context of the script, hacking is a risk associated with using temp emails, especially if the email address is public and can be linked to other online accounts, leading to potential account takeovers.


Many online services require an email address or phone number for sign-up, often leading to spam emails.

Creating a 'trash' email account can mitigate spam, but it may fill up with unwanted emails and pose security risks.

Using a single throwaway email increases the risk of being identified and having accounts connected to it compromised.

Temp email services like Gorilla Mail offer temporary email addresses to avoid spam and protect personal information.

Gorilla Mail has processed over 13 billion emails, indicating its popularity.

Temp emails from Gorilla Mail are deleted after one hour, preventing them from accumulating.

Gorilla Mail was temporarily taken down, and its accessibility can be inconsistent.

Some online services block domains associated with temp email services to prevent spam.

Using a public email address on forums or other platforms can lead to hacking if the email provider is known.

Temp email services can be exploited by hackers to gain access to a user's inbox and potentially other accounts.

There's a risk of using temp email services for accounts that contain sensitive or personal information.

Alternative temp email services like Temp Mail offer a less known option with more available domains.

Temp Mail includes a browser add-on for convenience, reducing the need to manually visit the site.

Temp Mail's emails are also flushed every hour, providing a fresh start for each use.

Temp Mail offers a premium feature that allows for the creation of a more secure, password-protected email.

There are methods to access inboxes in Temp Mail, requiring some technical knowledge.

Using temp email services for throwaway accounts is advised, as long as no personal information is involved.