Teaching rizz to Ai

26 Jul 202328:55

TLDRIn this humorous and imaginative video script, the narrator, referred to as 'Plague,' embarks on a quest to teach the art of 'Rizz' to three distinct AI characters: Tundra, Casey, and Finn. Tundra, a demon slayer, learns to express his feelings and successfully asks out Kano, while Casey, a bully girl, finds an unexpected connection with Plague after a series of pranks. Finn, from Adventure Time, gets advice on winning over Flame Princess, which leads to a clumsy yet endearing attempt that surprisingly works out. The video is a playful take on character development and the complexities of relationships, all wrapped in a light-hearted narrative.


  • 🎓 **Teaching AI Rizz**: The video is about teaching AI the concept of 'Rizz', which seems to involve social interactions and possibly humor.
  • 📚 **Book of Tips and Trizz**: The speaker references a book meant to contain tips and tricks, although it's described as a failed attempt at writing.
  • 🤝 **Social Confidence**: Tundra, a character, is encouraged to be more confident and is given advice on how to approach romantic interests.
  • 💖 **Winning Hearts**: The speaker aims to help Tundra win over a girl's heart by using a pickup line related to 'Sun breathing'.
  • 😏 **Unexpected Reactions**: Tundra's attempt at using the pickup line results in a surprisingly positive reaction from the girl, indicating a potential romantic interest.
  • 🤔 **Bully Girl's Transformation**: The speaker interacts with a bully girl, Casey, aiming to break her cold-hearted demeanor and possibly become her friend.
  • 🏃 **Revenge and Friendship**: A plan to get revenge on an enemy involves a prank, but it's used as a setup for the speaker to get closer to Casey.
  • 😮 **Unexpected Romantic Gesture**: Casey is caught off guard by a romantic gesture, which leads to a surprising and humorous turn of events.
  • 😅 **Finn's Romantic Fumble**: Finn, another character, is given advice on how to ask out Flame Princess, which ends in an awkward but successful attempt.
  • 😂 **Humorous Approach**: Throughout the script, there's a humorous approach to teaching social skills and dealing with romantic interests.
  • 📈 **Viewer Engagement**: The speaker encourages viewer interaction by asking them to comment and provide feedback for improving the video content.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video?

    -The main theme of the video is teaching AI how to 'Riz' or flirt with various characters from different contexts, in a humorous and fictional manner.

  • Who are the three contestants that are mentioned in the video?

    -The three contestants mentioned are Tundra, Kamada from Demon's Lair, Casey the bully girl, and Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

  • What is the failed attempt at writing that the speaker refers to?

    -The failed attempt at writing refers to a book that was supposed to contain 'plagues tips and trizz,' which is a humorous play on 'tips and tricks,' but was not completed as intended.

  • What does the character Tundra express concern about in the beginning?

    -Tundra expresses concern about not being attractive, especially when covered in blood from slaying demons, and worries that no one would fall in love with him.

  • What advice does the speaker give to Tundra to help him with his confidence and approach to girls?

    -The speaker encourages Tundra to recognize his own attractiveness and worth, suggesting that he is the main character (MC) and therefore inherently likable. He also provides specific tips on how to talk to girls without appearing foolish.

  • What is the strategy used for Casey the bully girl?

    -The strategy for Casey involves pretending to befriend her and gaining her trust, with the speaker playfully suggesting that he will become her crush, thus teaching her 'Riz' in the process.

  • What is the humorous approach taken with Finn the Human?

    -The approach with Finn involves giving him advice on how to ask out Flame Princess, including a plan to use a water balloon as a means to create an opportunity to help her, thus appearing heroic.

  • How does the video script use humor to engage the audience?

    -The video script uses humor through exaggerated scenarios, playful language, and the absurdity of the situations, such as using a water balloon to ask out a princess or farting in someone's face as a form of 'standing up' for oneself.

  • What is the outcome of the advice given to Finn when he approaches Flame Princess?

    -Despite the awkwardness and a plan that could have easily failed, Finn manages to ask Flame Princess out successfully, and she agrees to go out with him, showing a surprising acceptance of his clumsy attempt.

  • What is the final message the speaker leaves the audience with?

    -The final message is a call to action for the audience to engage with the content by liking, subscribing, and commenting on what they would like to see next, and to provide feedback for improving the video quality.

  • How does the video script demonstrate the concept of 'Riz'?

    -The video script demonstrates 'Riz' through a series of fictional and humorous scenarios where the speaker attempts to teach different characters how to flirt or gain the affection of others in a playful and often over-the-top manner.



😀 Introduction to Riz and AI Teaching

The video begins with the host acknowledging the return of a certain outfit, signaling the time for 'Riz'. Instead of performing Riz himself, he plans to teach AI how to do it. He introduces the concept of sharing beauty tips and tricks from a book titled 'Plagues tips and trizz'. The host then sets the stage for teaching three characters—Tundra, Kamada, Casey, and Finn—how to use Riz to win hearts.


😉 Tundra's Confidence Boost and Kano's Interest

The host, Plague, coaches Tundra, a Demon Slayer, on how to attract girls, specifically focusing on Kano. Tundra is initially insecure but gains confidence with Plague's advice. They come up with a pickup line involving Sun Breathing techniques. Tundra successfully uses the line on Kano, leading to a date invitation. The segment ends with Tundra feeling a mix of happiness and nervousness.


😈 Casey's Transformation from Bully to Crush

Plague attempts to transform Casey, a bully girl, by offering her a potential friendship. They engage in pranks targeting Casey's enemies, which eventually leads to a moment of connection between Casey and Plague. However, the plan backfires when Casey's romantic advance is met with a crude prank by Plague, causing her to feel humiliated and end their interaction on a sour note.


😂 Finn's Awkward Attempt to Date Flame Princess

Finn, known for his awkward encounters with women, seeks advice on how to ask out Flame Princess. Plague suggests a plan involving a water balloon prank to create a scenario where Finn can play the hero. Despite the questionable advice, Finn follows through, but the execution is awkward, leading to a tense and humorous standoff. Flame Princess eventually acknowledges the prank and seems to accept Finn's invitation out, leaving their interaction on a positive note.


🤔 Finn's Second Chance with Flame Princess

After the initial awkward encounter, Finn gets a second chance with Flame Princess. He manages to ask her out again, and this time, she accepts with a smile. Finn, filled with excitement, confirms the date and time, and they share a high five. Despite the awkwardness, Finn's persistence and Flame Princess's apparent interest result in a successful ask-out.


🎉 Conclusion and Viewer Engagement

The host wraps up the video by reflecting on the day's events, expressing gratitude for the viewers' attention. He encourages viewers to comment with 'tapping koalas' to show their appreciation and to subscribe for more content. The host also invites feedback on how to improve the video quality and content, emphasizing a desire to engage with the audience.




In the context of the video, 'Rizz' appears to be a playful term or concept that the speaker uses to refer to a set of tips or tricks, possibly related to social interactions or impressing others. It is a core part of the video's theme as the speaker aims to 'teach Rizz to AI,' indicating that the advice given is intended to help the AI understand human social dynamics.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of computer science that aims to create systems capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence. In this video, AI is personified and is the recipient of the advice being given, suggesting that the content is about making AI more socially adept or understanding human nuances.

💡Tips and Tricks

The phrase 'tips and tricks' generally refers to advice or strategies that can help one improve their skills or navigate a particular situation more effectively. In the video, the speaker has a book titled 'Plagues Tips and Trizz,' which is a humorous take on this concept, and it serves as a source of guidance for the characters in the video.

💡Character Development

Character development is the process of creating and evolving characters in a story or narrative. The video focuses on character AI and involves teaching 'Rizz' to different characters, indicating that the development of these characters is a significant aspect of the video's content.

💡Social Dynamics

Social dynamics refer to the interactions between individuals in a social setting. The video's theme revolves around teaching AI about human social dynamics through the concept of 'Rizz,' which involves understanding how to interact with others in a way that is appealing or effective.


Confidence is a belief in one's own abilities and is often a key factor in social interactions. In the video, the character Tundra gains confidence after receiving advice, which is a pivotal moment that demonstrates the importance of self-assurance in achieving one's goals, such as asking someone out on a date.

💡Pickup Lines

Pickup lines are conversation openers typically used to express romantic interest. The video includes the use of pickup lines as a technique to 'teach Rizz,' showcasing the character's attempt to impress and gain the interest of another character.


A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those they perceive as weaker. In the script, the character Casey the bully girl is one of the individuals being taught 'Rizz,' and the video explores the transformation of her character through social interaction and the development of friendships.

💡Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a popular animated television series that is mentioned in the video. The character Finn the Human from Adventure Time is used as an example to demonstrate the application of 'Rizz' in a humorous and relatable context for the audience.

💡Flame Princess

Flame Princess is a character from the Adventure Time series who is referenced in the video. She is depicted as a romantic interest for Finn, and the video uses their relationship as a scenario to apply the concept of 'Rizz' and the advice being given.


Humor is an essential element of the video, as it uses comedic situations and dialogue to engage the audience. The humor is derived from the characters' interactions, the concept of teaching AI about human social behaviors, and the playful nature of 'Rizz.'


The video aims to teach AI the concept of 'Riz', which seems to involve social interactions and relationships.

The presenter introduces a book of 'tips and trizz', which is a failed attempt at writing but serves as a guide for the AI.

The first character, Tundra, is described as always being nice and happy but lacking in romantic success.

Tundra is given advice on how to talk to girls without appearing foolish, focusing on confidence and directness.

The presenter suggests using a pickup line related to Tundra's interests, such as 'Sun breathing', to impress Kano.

Tundra successfully uses the advice to ask Kano out, experiencing a rush of emotions including nervousness and happiness.

Casey, the 'bully girl', is the next target for learning 'Riz', starting with a lunch theft scenario.

The presenter proposes a plan to befriend Casey and gradually shift her attitude from bullying to friendship.

Casey is involved in revenge plots against her enemies, which the presenter uses to get closer and build a connection.

The presenter uses humor and light-hearted pranks to break down Casey's defenses and show her a different side of interaction.

Finn, from Adventure Time, is noted for his past romantic fumbles and is given advice on how to ask out Flame Princess.

The advice given to Finn includes a creative, albeit awkward, plan involving a water balloon to get Flame Princess's attention.

Finn's attempt to ask Flame Princess out results in a mix of awkwardness and success, highlighting the unpredictable nature of romance.

The video concludes with the presenter reflecting on the outcomes of teaching 'Riz' to the AI, noting both successes and failures.

The presenter encourages viewer engagement by asking them to comment 'tap dancing koalas' if they've watched the entire video.

The video ends with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and comment with suggestions for future content.