Runway Gen 3 All Hype or The Real Deal?

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1 Jul 202408:39

TLDRRunway Gen 3, the latest text-to-video AI, impresses with high fidelity and smooth motion in nature scenes but has limitations in character animation and motion accuracy. The platform offers a guide for creating prompts, yet generating videos is costly, with 10 credits per second. Users can expect realistic details but may need to adjust prompts for better results.


  • πŸš€ Runway Gen 3 Alpha is now available to all subscribers, marking a significant update in text-to-video technology.
  • πŸ” The fidelity and consistency of the generated videos appear to be promising, with high-quality motion and detail.
  • πŸ“ˆ Despite improvements, there are still limitations and areas where the text-to-video generation could be enhanced.
  • 🌿 Runway Gen 3 performs well with natural landscapes, producing realistic and smooth results.
  • πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ In urban settings, there can be inaccuracies, such as cars appearing to pass through people, indicating room for improvement.
  • 🎨 The platform allows for customization of prompts, including camera movements, lighting styles, and movement speeds.
  • πŸ’‘ Users are encouraged to use the provided guide for structuring prompts effectively to achieve better video results.
  • πŸ’° The cost of video generation is relatively high, with 10 credits per second, making longer videos expensive.
  • 🚫 Currently, there is no image-to-video feature, and motion controls are limited to text prompts.
  • πŸ€– AI-generated videos can have inaccuracies in motion, such as a horse appearing to walk sideways.
  • 🎨 Text effects, like dripping paint or smoke transforming into text, can be generated but may not always meet expectations.
  • 🐺 Wildlife scenes, such as a wolf running in a forest, can be generated but may have issues with animal motion and appearance.

Q & A

  • What is Runway Gen 3 Alpha?

    -Runway Gen 3 Alpha is the latest version of a text-to-video AI technology now available to all subscribers, which aims to provide high fidelity and consistency in video generation based on textual prompts.

  • What are the improvements from Gen 2 to Gen 3 according to the transcript?

    -The improvements from Gen 2 to Gen 3 include better fidelity and consistency in the generated videos, with examples showing more realistic movement and details, although there are still some limitations and areas for improvement.

  • What type of scenes does Runway Gen 3 perform well with according to the examples given?

    -Runway Gen 3 performs well with natural landscapes, as seen in the examples of the ice glacier cave and the natural rainforest, producing realistic and smooth visuals.

  • What are some limitations or issues found in the examples provided in the transcript?

    -Some limitations include incorrect perspective in simple scenes, such as a car appearing to go through a woman, and issues with character morphing, like a person appearing to have two hands in one scene.

  • How does one get started with Runway Gen 3?

    -To get started with Runway Gen 3, one needs to visit Runway, log in with their details, click on 'get started', and follow the interface prompts, including the guide for creating video prompts.

  • What is the cost associated with generating a video using Runway Gen 3?

    -Generating a video with Runway Gen 3 is relatively expensive, with 10 credits being used per second of video generated, making a 10-second clip cost 100 credits on the standard plan.

  • What features are not available in Runway Gen 3 compared to Gen 2?

    -Compared to Gen 2, Runway Gen 3 does not currently support image-to-video generation and lacks motion brushes and other controls, requiring users to prompt for motion and scene details.

  • What are some of the camera styles and lighting styles mentioned in the guide for creating prompts?

    -The guide mentions camera styles like low angle, high angle, and overhead view, and lighting styles such as diffused light, silhouette, lens flare, backlit, and side lit.

  • How can one use chat GPT to assist in creating prompts for Runway Gen 3?

    -One can copy and paste information into chat GPT and request it to create a detailed text-to-video prompt based on the provided information and a specific subject, such as a man running in the forest with a wolf chasing him.

  • What are some of the issues with motion accuracy in the examples provided?

    -Some issues with motion accuracy include a horse appearing to walk sideways and a wolf looking injured in its motion, indicating that while the details are captured, the motion itself may need improvement.

  • What kind of results can be expected when trying text effects like dripping paint or a cloud of smoke transforming to text?

    -The results can be decent and visually appealing, although they may not always match the exact effect desired by the user, as seen in the examples of the last name on a neon sign and the cloud of smoke transforming to text.



🎬 Runway Gen 3 Text-to-Video Review

The script introduces Runway Gen 3, Alpha, a text-to-video AI tool now available to subscribers. It highlights the improved fidelity and consistency in video generation compared to previous versions, while also acknowledging the limitations that still exist. The reviewer shares examples of generated videos, including a high-fidelity nature scene and a cityscape with a woman, noting the realistic movement and details despite some inaccuracies in perspective. The script also covers the process of creating a video with Runway, emphasizing the importance of following the provided guide for prompt structure, camera movement, scene establishment, and additional details. It mentions the use of sample prompts and the helpfulness of camera styles, lighting styles, and movement speeds provided in the interface. The reviewer points out the high cost of video generation, especially for longer clips, and the lack of image-to-video capabilities and motion controls in Gen 3.


πŸ’° Evaluating Runway Gen 3's Cost and Capabilities

This paragraph delves into the cost of using Runway Gen 3 for video generation, noting the high expense of generating even short clips due to the credit system. The reviewer discusses the limitations of the current text-to-video capabilities, such as the absence of image-to-video conversion and motion controls, which were present in Gen 2. The script presents various examples of video prompts, including a man running in a forest chased by a wolf at hyper speed, a woman in a cafe at sunset, and an FPV shot of an ice glacier. It also touches on the trial of text effects, such as dripping paint and a neon sign, with mixed results. The reviewer concludes by sharing some unsuccessful attempts at generating wildlife scenes with a cheetah and a wolf, pointing out the inaccuracies in motion and the need for improvement in the AI's ability to interpret and render complex subjects.



πŸ’‘Runway Gen 3

Runway Gen 3 refers to the third generation of a product or service, in this case, a text-to-video AI tool. It is central to the video's theme as it is the subject being reviewed and analyzed for its advancements and limitations. The script discusses its capabilities and compares them to previous versions, indicating a focus on technological progress.


Fidelity in the context of the video refers to the quality and accuracy of the video output generated by the AI tool. It is a key concept because the script evaluates how well the tool replicates realistic visuals and motion, using examples to illustrate the improvements in Runway Gen 3 over its predecessors.


Text-to-video is the process of converting textual descriptions into video content, which is the core functionality of the AI tool being discussed. The script highlights the tool's ability to create videos from text prompts, noting areas where it excels and where it falls short, thus demonstrating the tool's current capabilities and potential.

πŸ’‘High Fidelity

High Fidelity denotes a high level of detail and realism in the video output. The script mentions 'High Fidelity' to emphasize the quality of the motion and visuals produced by Runway Gen 3, suggesting that it has made significant strides in generating more lifelike video content.

πŸ’‘Cherry-picked results

Cherry-picking refers to the selection of the best or most favorable examples to present. In the script, the term is used to acknowledge that the results shown may not be representative of all outputs, indicating a potential bias towards showcasing the most successful instances of the AI's capabilities.

πŸ’‘FPV shot

FPV stands for 'First Person View' and refers to a type of camera angle that simulates the perspective of the person experiencing the action. The script uses the term to describe a specific example of a video generated by the AI, emphasizing the tool's ability to create immersive and dynamic scenes.


In the context of AI-generated content, a prompt is the input or instruction given to the system to guide the creation of the output. The script discusses the importance of crafting effective prompts for the AI tool, providing examples and guidance on how to structure them for best results.

πŸ’‘Camera movement

Camera movement refers to the way the virtual camera operates within the generated video, such as panning, tilting, or tracking. The script mentions various types of camera movements, like 'low angle static shot,' to illustrate how they contribute to the overall visual storytelling of the AI-generated videos.


Ethnicity is mentioned in the script when discussing the AI's ability to recognize and depict different human characteristics, such as skin color and facial features. The script provides an example where the AI correctly identifies and represents the ethnicity in a video prompt, indicating an aspect of personalization in the content creation process.


Credits, in this context, are a form of virtual currency used within the AI tool's platform to generate videos. The script points out the cost associated with generating video content, highlighting the expense of using Runway Gen 3, especially for longer video clips.

πŸ’‘Motion brushes

Motion brushes refer to a feature in some AI video tools that allow users to manually adjust and control the motion within a scene. The script contrasts the absence of this feature in Runway Gen 3 with the previous generation, indicating a change in the level of user control over the video creation process.

πŸ’‘Text effects

Text effects are visual styles or animations applied to text within a video. The script mentions experimenting with text effects, such as 'dripping paint,' to showcase the AI's ability to generate creative and visually appealing text within video content.


Runway Gen 3, Alpha is now available to all subscribers, offering enhanced text-to-video capabilities.

The fidelity and consistency of Runway Gen 3 appear promising based on the examples tried.

Runway Gen 3 shows advancement in AI video, though the progress has been slow.

Text-to-video conversion is improved in Gen 3, but still has limitations.

High fidelity and motion are evident in the cherry-picked results of Runway Gen 3.

Runway Gen 3 performs well with nature and natural landscapes in text-to-video.

A demonstration of Runway Gen 3 shows realistic and smooth motion in a rainforest scene.

An issue with the sidewalk scene in Runway Gen 3 where a car goes through a woman.

Slow motion and hair wisping effects in Runway Gen 3 appear believable and natural.

Runway Gen 3's interface includes a guide for creating video prompts.

The guide provides a structure for camera movement, scene establishment, and additional details.

Sample prompts are offered to help users get started with creating videos.

Chat GPT can assist in creating detailed text-to-video prompts.

Generating videos with Runway Gen 3 is costly, especially for longer clips.

Runway Gen 3 currently only supports text-to-video, not image-to-video.

The lack of motion controls in Gen 3 requires more specific prompting for motion and scene.

Some attempts at text effects in Runway Gen 3 show potential but need refinement.

Wildlife scenes in Runway Gen 3, such as a cheetah running, show room for improvement.