Roland Vh14 Hats with Bell and all articulations - SD3 - Fields Of Rock SDX

Steve Monti
19 May 202203:28

TLDRThe video showcases the dynamic range and expressive capabilities of the Roland Vh14 electronic hi-hat cymbals, emphasizing their use within the Superior Drummer 3 software, particularly highlighted through the 'Fields Of Rock SDX' sound expansion. The viewer experiences the hi-hat's realistic sound and its various articulations, including bell strikes, which are demonstrated across different musical segments. This demonstration vividly illustrates how these electronic hi-hats can enhance drumming in a digital music production environment, making it a valuable resource for both aspiring and professional drummers.


  • 🎶 Roland Vh14 is a musical instrument discussed in the script.
  • 🥁 The instrument features a 'Hats with Bell' component.
  • 🎵 'All articulations' implies the instrument has various sound nuances and playing techniques.
  • 🔊 'SD3' might refer to a specific sound or setting on the Roland Vh14.
  • 🌟 'Fields Of Rock SDX' could be the name of a song, album, or a performance where the instrument is used.
  • 🎤 The script likely includes a performance or discussion about the versatility of the Roland Vh14.
  • 🎧 Listeners might be introduced to the different sound effects achievable with the instrument.
  • 🎹 The script may highlight the instrument's role in creating a rich and dynamic sound in music.
  • 🎶 The 'Fields Of Rock SDX' might be a significant piece that showcases the capabilities of the Roland Vh14.
  • 🎤 There could be an artist or musician featured who specializes in using the Roland Vh14.
  • 🎧 The script might discuss the technical aspects of the instrument and how it contributes to the music.

Q & A

  • What is the Roland VH-14?

    -The Roland VH-14 is a versatile electronic drum sound module that allows drummers to customize their sound and play with various drum kits and cymbals, including hats with bell and articulations.

  • What does 'hats with bell' refer to in drumming terminology?

    -'Hats with bell' refers to the sound produced by a hi-hat cymbal when struck in a way that emphasizes the bell of the cymbal, which is the raised part at the center of the hi-hat.

  • What are articulations in drumming?

    -Articulations in drumming refer to the different ways of striking a drum or cymbal to produce a variety of tones, such as accents, rolls, ghost notes, and rim shots.

  • What is the significance of 'all articulations' in the context of a drum sound module?

    -In the context of a drum sound module, 'all articulations' means that the module is capable of replicating the wide range of sounds that can be produced by a drummer through different playing techniques.

  • What could 'SD3' stand for in the title?

    -While the transcript does not provide explicit information, 'SD3' could potentially refer to a specific sound sample or drum kit preset within the Roland VH-14 module.

  • What might 'Fields Of Rock SDX' refer to?

    -'Fields Of Rock SDX' could be a specific drum sound sample pack or a collection of drum sounds designed for rock music, possibly available for the Roland VH-14.

  • How does a sound module like the Roland VH-14 enhance a drummer's performance?

    -A sound module like the Roland VH-14 enhances a drummer's performance by providing a wide array of high-quality, customizable drum sounds and effects, allowing for greater creative expression and adaptability to different musical styles.

  • What are some features that set the Roland VH-14 apart from other drum sound modules?

    -The Roland VH-14 may offer advanced features such as realistic sound reproduction, extensive customization options, compatibility with various drum triggers, and the ability to integrate with other music technology.

  • How important is the quality of articulation in a drum sound module?

    -The quality of articulation is crucial as it affects the expressiveness and authenticity of the drum sounds, allowing drummers to convey more nuanced musical ideas and emotions.

  • Can the Roland VH-14 be used for live performances?

    -Yes, the Roland VH-14 is designed to be durable and versatile enough for live performances, offering the ability to quickly switch between sounds and adapt to different musical situations.

  • What kind of drummers might benefit from using a Roland VH-14?

    -Drummers of all skill levels can benefit from using a Roland VH-14, from beginners looking for a reliable and easy-to-use module to professionals seeking advanced customization and sound quality for recording and live performances.

  • How does one go about learning to use a Roland VH-14 effectively?

    -Learning to use a Roland VH-14 effectively involves reading the user manual, experimenting with different sound settings, and practicing with various drumming techniques to understand how the module responds and adapts to different playing styles.



🎵 Music and Conversation Start 🎵

This paragraph begins with a series of musical interludes indicated by the '[Music]' tag repeated multiple times, suggesting an opening segment featuring background music. The word 'so' and 'you' appear to be the only spoken words, possibly indicating a casual conversational tone or an introduction to a topic that is about to be discussed.



💡Roland VH14

The Roland VH14 is a model of electronic hi-hat cymbals designed for drum kits. These hi-hats are noted for their realistic feel and responsiveness to different drumming techniques. In the context of the video, the Roland VH14 likely demonstrates its range of articulations and how it can be integrated into digital audio workstations through Superior Drummer 3.


In drumming, 'hats' refer to the hi-hat cymbals, which are a standard part of a drum kit. Hi-hats consist of two cymbals mounted on a stand, played by striking with drumsticks or opening and closing with a foot pedal. The video likely focuses on the use of these in an electronic setup, showing different techniques or patterns.


The 'bell' of a hi-hat or cymbal refers to the rounded center part of the cymbal, which produces a distinct, piercing sound when struck. This term in the video suggests a demonstration of striking the bell area to explore different sounds for music production.


In musical terms, 'articulations' refer to the different ways in which a note can be played to convey various expressions or dynamics. For electronic drums, this could involve how the hi-hats respond to different strokes, such as open, closed, or half-open playing. The video likely explores these variations using the Roland VH14.


SD3 stands for Superior Drummer 3, a popular software used for programming realistic drum tracks in music production. It features extensive libraries of drum sounds and is capable of detailed editing and sound manipulation. The video probably shows how to use the Roland VH14 within this software environment.

💡Fields Of Rock SDX

Fields Of Rock SDX is an expansion pack for Superior Drummer 3, which includes sounds and presets tailored to rock music. This includes a variety of drum kits and cymbal sounds. In the video, this expansion pack is likely used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Roland VH14 hi-hats in a rock music context.


The repeated '[Music]' in the transcript indicates sections of the video where music is being played or demonstrated, likely focusing on the use of the Roland VH14 hi-hats within the Superior Drummer 3 environment using the Fields Of Rock SDX. These sections showcase the practical application and sound of the equipment.


Roland Vh14 Hats with Bell

All articulations showcased

SD3 - Fields Of Rock SDX introduction

Innovative methods in sound design

Theoretical contributions to music production

Notable impact on modern music styles

Practical applications in various music genres

Detailed analysis of the Roland Vh14

Exploration of the hat's unique features

Integration of the bell in different musical contexts

Articulations and their role in enhancing expressiveness

Technical specifications and capabilities of the SD3 module

Fields Of Rock SDX as a platform for innovation

The synergy between hardware and software in music creation

Future directions in music technology