Michael's AI Adventure: Image Creation With Crayion & Hotpot.ai

Michael Boxface
5 Sept 202204:15

TLDRIn this video, Michael, also known as Cardboard Mike, embarks on an AI adventure to explore image generation software. He first uses Crayion to generate images based on various prompts, such as 'Michael Box Face' and 'Cardboard Mic,' noting the software's tendency to interpret prompts literally, often resulting in humorous or unexpected outcomes. Michael also tests the software with prompts like 'Shoe Egg' and 'Gun Car,' finding Crayion's results to be somewhat inaccurate but creative. Next, he switches to Hotpot.ai, comparing its output to Crayion's using the same prompts. While Hotpot offers multiple art styles and a more photorealistic approach, Michael finds it less effective in capturing the essence of the prompts. Despite some inaccuracies, he concludes that Crayion is better for bulk image creation, while Hotpot excels in artistic variety. He invites viewers to comment with more prompt ideas or other AI image generators they'd like to see in a potential follow-up video.


  • 😀 Michael, also known as Cardboard Mike, explores AI image generation tools, Crayion and Hotpot.ai, to compare their capabilities.
  • 🎨 He begins by generating images with Crayion using prompts like 'Michael Box Face' and 'Cardboard Mic', noting how the AI interprets these creatively.
  • 📦 Crayion amusingly misinterprets 'Michael Box Face' as a boxer and 'Cardboard Mic' as possibly a cardboard dog, showcasing the unpredictable nature of AI.
  • 🥚 The prompt 'Shoe Egg' with Crayion results in some images resembling a golden egg, demonstrating AI's literal interpretation skills.
  • 🚗 For the 'Gun Car' prompt, Crayion creates images resembling tanks in black and white, highlighting its tendency to produce monochrome photos under certain conditions.
  • 🔍 Michael then switches to Hotpot.ai, using the same prompts to generate side-by-side comparisons, noting that Hotpot allows multiple art styles including photorealistic and anime.
  • 👤 Hotpot.ai's images for 'Michael Box Face' include photorealistic and anime styles, neither perfectly accurate but visually impressive.
  • 📦 While 'Cardboard Mic' results from Hotpot.ai are very realistic, they don't resemble Michael, indicating a trade-off between realism and thematic accuracy.
  • 🚙 Hotpot.ai's 'Gun Car' completely misses the gun aspect, producing only car images, which points to limitations in combining multiple concepts.
  • 🏆 Despite some inaccuracies, Michael favors Hotpot.ai for its photorealistic outputs and diverse style options, but appreciates Crayion for bulk creation capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is Michael's exploration of AI image generation software, specifically using Crayion and Hotpot.ai to create images based on various prompts.

  • What is the first prompt Michael uses with Crayion?

    -The first prompt Michael uses with Crayion is to create an image of 'Michael box face', which the AI interprets as a boxer.

  • How does Michael describe the AI's interpretation of 'cardboard mic'?

    -Michael describes the AI's interpretation of 'cardboard mic' as being made of cardboard, but some of the images look more like a cardboard dog to him.

  • What term does Michael use to get better results for the 'shoe egg' prompt?

    -Michael uses a different term, 'shoex', to get better and more accurate results for the 'shoe egg' prompt.

  • Why does Michael think the images generated for 'gun car' are mostly in black and white?

    -The reason for the black and white images is not explicitly stated in the transcript, but it's suggested that the AI might have chosen to make them black and white to give a more dramatic or serious tone.

  • What feature does Hotpot.ai offer that Crayion does not?

    -Hotpot.ai offers multiple different art styles, allowing for more variety in the generated images.

  • How does Michael evaluate the results from both Crayion and Hotpot.ai?

    -Michael evaluates the results by comparing the accuracy and realism of the images generated by both platforms using the same prompts.

  • Which AI image generation software does Michael consider better for bulk creation?

    -Michael considers Crayion better for bulk creation as it is a paid feature for Hotpot.ai.

  • What does Michael suggest as a deciding factor for the winner between Crayion and Hotpot.ai?

    -Michael suggests that the winner is Hotpot.ai because it does a better job at photorealistic images and offers more choice with different art styles and styles.

  • What does Michael invite the viewers to do if they want a part 2 of the video?

    -Michael invites viewers to comment down below with more prompt ideas or any other freer image generators they know of, to potentially create a part 2 of the video.

  • What is Michael's final verdict on the AI image generation software?

    -Michael concludes that both Crayion and Hotpot.ai are useful, each with its own strengths, and the choice between them depends on the specific needs of the user.

  • What is the name of the person hosting the video?

    -The person hosting the video is Michael, also referred to as 'Cardboard Mike'.



🎨 Introduction to AI Image Generation

The video begins with Michael, also known as 'Cardboard Mike,' introducing himself and the topic of the day: exploring AI image generation software. He mentions that they will be testing out 'Crayon' and provides a first prompt for the software to create an image of 'Michael Box Face,' which the software interprets as a boxer. The video continues with Michael sharing his observations on the generated images, noting the resemblance to his own facial features and humorously commenting on one image where he appears to be boxing Mitchell.



💡AI Adventure

AI Adventure refers to the exploration of artificial intelligence capabilities, often through interactive or creative means. In the video, Michael embarks on an AI adventure to test and showcase the capabilities of AI-driven image generation software, which is a creative and interactive way to engage with AI technology.

💡Image Generation Software

Image generation software is a type of computer program that automatically creates images based on user-provided prompts or descriptions. In the context of the video, Michael uses such software to generate images from various prompts, demonstrating the software's ability to interpret and visualize abstract concepts.


Crayon is mentioned as the first image generation software that Michael tests in his AI adventure. It represents one of the tools used to create visual content based on textual prompts, showcasing the technology's potential to generate images that match or interpret the given descriptions.


Hotpot.ai is the second image generation software featured in the video. It is compared with Crayon to evaluate how different AI tools handle the same prompts. The comparison highlights the unique features and outputs of each software, contributing to the overall theme of exploring AI capabilities.


Prompts are the textual descriptions or ideas given to the image generation software to create specific images. In the video, Michael provides various prompts such as 'Michael box face,' 'cardboard mic,' and 'gun car,' which the software then uses to generate images, demonstrating the software's interpretative skills.


Photorealistic refers to images that closely resemble real-life photographs in terms of detail and quality. In the context of the video, Michael generates a photorealistic version of himself using Hotpot.ai, emphasizing the software's ability to create highly realistic images.


Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and is characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. Michael uses the term 'anime' as a style choice when generating images with Hotpot.ai, showcasing the software's versatility in creating images in different art styles.

💡Bulk Creation

Bulk creation implies the generation of a large number of images at once. Michael mentions that Crayon is better for bulk creation, which is a paid feature in Hotpot.ai, indicating that one of the factors in choosing an image generation software is its efficiency in producing multiple images.

💡Art Styles

Art styles refer to the visual language and aesthetic choices that characterize an artwork. The video discusses the different art styles available in Hotpot.ai, such as photorealistic and anime, which Michael uses to generate images, highlighting the importance of art style in the creative process.

💡Sip Styles

Sip styles, presumably a term used by Michael to refer to specific styles of visual representation, are mentioned in the context of the variety offered by Hotpot.ai. Although 'sip' might be a typo or a unique term coined by Michael, it suggests the exploration of different visual styles beyond traditional art styles.

💡Comment Down Below

This phrase is an invitation for viewers to participate in the discussion by leaving their thoughts, opinions, or suggestions in the comment section of the video. It is a common practice in video content to encourage viewer engagement and interaction, which is part of the video's narrative to foster a community around the AI adventure.


Michael, also known as Cardboard Mike, embarks on an AI adventure to explore image generation software.

The first software tested is Crayion, which attempts to create an image based on the prompt 'Michael Box Face'.

Crayion interprets 'Michael Box Face' as a boxer, generating images with varying resemblance to Michael.

A prompt for 'Cardboard Mic' results in images that Michael feels resemble a cardboard dog.

Viewers are encouraged to comment on whether they agree with Michael's interpretation of the 'Cardboard Mic' images.

The term 'Shoe Egg' initially yields images that Michael feels are more accurate when rephrased.

Crayion's interpretation of 'Gun Car' is a real car with a rear gun, rather than a toy or water gun.

Michael notes that most 'Gun Car' images are in black and white and wonders about the choice of this style.

Hotpot.ai is the second software tested, with comparisons made to Crayion's results.

Hotpot.ai allows for multiple art styles, including photorealistic and anime versions of Michael.

Despite the variety, the anime version of Michael generated by Hotpot.ai is deemed inaccurate but visually appealing.

Crayion is favored for the 'Michael Box Face 2.0' prompt due to more accurate results.

Hotpot.ai's 'Cardboard Mic' is deemed more realistic but does not closely resemble Michael.

The 'Shoex' images from Hotpot.ai are more realistic in texture but lose the form of an egg.

Crayion's 'Gun Car' is more accurate in terms of the car but lacks the gun aspect.

Hotpot.ai is declared the winner for its photorealistic images and variety of art styles, despite some inaccuracies.

Crayion is preferred for bulk creation due to Hotpot.ai's paid feature requirement.

Michael concludes that both software are useful and invites viewers to comment for a potential part 2 or additional image generator suggestions.