MIDJOURNEY CAN'T DO THIS! AI Tshirt Designs with TEXT! Full Tutorial -Ideogram for Print on Demand

Detour Shirts
9 Sept 202316:21

TLDRIn this tutorial, the host, Juna from Detour Shirts, introduces the AI application Ideogram, which excels at generating text-based designs. The video showcases how to use Ideogram for creating designs suitable for print on demand, including typography and text-based artwork. It also covers the process of upscaling and removing the background from generated images using tools like Vectorizer AI and Figma. The host discusses the potential for commercial use of the AI-generated designs, referencing a recent discussion in the Ideogram Discord community. The tutorial is aimed at designers looking to leverage AI for creating unique and readable text designs for various applications.


  • 📚 The AI app Ideogram is proficient at generating text in images, which is a significant improvement over other AI tools mentioned like mid-journey and Leonardo.
  • 🎨 Ideogram is user-friendly and allows for the creation of text-based designs, including typography, which can be used for print on demand services.
  • 📈 The app is in its early stages but shows great potential for growth and improvement.
  • 🌟 The video demonstrates how to use Ideogram to create designs, including tips and tricks for entering prompts to generate the desired output.
  • 🤝 There is a Discord community for Ideogram where users can ask questions and discuss commercial use of the generated images.
  • 📝 Users should be cautious about using Ideogram's output for commercial purposes and ensure they have the necessary permissions.
  • 🔍 The video shows how to upscale images generated by Ideogram using Vectorizer AI for higher resolution.
  • 🖼️ Figma.com is introduced as a free resource to edit and prepare images for use, such as removing backgrounds and changing colors.
  • 🧩 The process of creating text-based designs involves remixing existing prompts and learning from the examples provided by the app.
  • 📉 The video covers how to download and prepare an image for use on a t-shirt, including removing the background and exporting as a transparent PNG.
  • ✅ Despite some imperfections in the text rendering, Ideogram is a valuable tool for designers, especially for those looking to create text-heavy designs.
  • 🔄 The importance of keeping up with updates to Ideogram's terms of service is highlighted, particularly regarding commercial use rights.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI app mentioned in the video that is particularly good at handling text?

    -The AI app mentioned in the video that excels at handling text is called Ideogram.

  • What is the primary purpose of using the Ideogram AI app in the context of the video?

    -The primary purpose of using Ideogram in the video is to create AI-generated text designs and typography for print on demand, such as T-shirt designs.

  • What is the process of using Ideogram for creating text designs?

    -The process involves entering a prompt, selecting the typography style, and then generating the design. Users can also remix existing designs or use the app's suggestions to create new ones.

  • How can users interact with the Ideogram community and ask questions?

    -Users can interact with the Ideogram community and ask questions through the app's Discord channel.

  • Is it possible to use designs generated by Ideogram for commercial purposes?

    -Yes, it is possible to use designs generated by Ideogram for commercial purposes, but users should carefully consider and determine whether they have the necessary permissions from third parties to do so.

  • What is the recommended size format for creating designs intended for print on demand?

    -For print on demand, the recommended size format is a tall rectangle, specifically 10 by 16.

  • How does one upscale a design created with Ideogram to a higher resolution?

    -One can upscale a design created with Ideogram to a higher resolution using another AI app called Vectorizer AI.

  • What is Figma and how is it used in the process of preparing a design for a T-shirt?

    -Figma is a free online graphic design app that can be used to remove colors from an SVG file, adjust the size of the design, and export it as a transparent PNG for use on a T-shirt.

  • What are some of the features that make Ideogram stand out compared to other AI text-generating apps?

    -Ideogram stands out because it can generate text that is legible and in various fonts, unlike some other apps where the text may be scrambled or unreadable.

  • How does the video demonstrate the process of creating a 'back to school' themed design using Ideogram?

    -The video demonstrates this by showing the user entering a prompt like 'back to school', selecting relevant styles and themes, and then generating a design that includes books and the specified text.

  • What are some of the tips and tricks shared in the video for getting better results from Ideogram?

    -Some tips include using simple or longer prompts depending on the complexity of the design, remixing existing designs for inspiration, and using the typography feature for specific text styles.

  • How can users keep track of their designs and remix their own creations in Ideogram?

    -Users can save their designs within the Ideogram platform and revisit them to remix or make adjustments as needed.



📈 Introduction to Ideogram AI App

The speaker, Juna from Detour Shirts, introduces an AI app called Ideogram that excels at text generation. Initially skeptical about AI's ability to handle text, Juna was impressed by Ideogram's performance and its potential for print-on-demand applications. The video aims to demonstrate how the app works, its capabilities, and how it can be utilized for commercial purposes like designing text and typography for products. The speaker also discusses the possibility of using the app for commercial rights and print-on-demand, and guides viewers on how to upscale and use the generated images.


🎨 Exploring Ideogram's Features and Capabilities

Juna explores the features of Ideogram, including its ability to generate text in various fonts and styles that are readable and aesthetically pleasing. The video covers how to use the app to create designs for print on demand, with options to choose different sizes like square, portrait, or wide formats. It also discusses the process of creating prompts for the AI to generate images, and how to remix existing designs to create new ones. The speaker highlights the importance of checking the app's terms of service for commercial use and provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the app effectively.


🖼️ Downloading and Editing Designs for Print

The video demonstrates how to download and edit AI-generated designs for use on products like T-shirts. Juna shows how to upscale images using Vectorizer AI and then refine and remove the background using Figma, a free online graphic design tool. The process includes creating an artboard, importing the SVG file, resizing the design, and removing unwanted colors to prepare a transparent PNG file suitable for print. The speaker also emphasizes the ease of use and learning curve of these tools and offers to create a tutorial for Figma if there's interest.


📚 Conclusion and Further Learning

Juna concludes the tutorial by emphasizing the potential of Ideogram for commercial use, once the terms of service are clarified. The video provides a comprehensive guide on how to use Ideogram, Vectorizer AI, and Figma to create and prepare designs for print. The speaker encourages viewers to continue learning and experimenting with the app and offers additional resources for understanding design and finding the right niche. The video ends with a reminder to keep creating and learning, and a promise to see the audience in the next video.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate text-based designs for T-shirts, showcasing the evolving capabilities of AI in creating readable and aesthetically pleasing text in designs.


Ideogram is an AI application mentioned in the video that specializes in creating text-based designs. It is highlighted for its ability to generate high-quality text in images, which is a significant improvement over other AI tools mentioned, like mid-journey and Leonardo. The video demonstrates how Ideogram can be used to design text for print on demand services.

💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand (POD) is a business model in which products are not manufactured until a customer orders them. For the video's context, it refers to the process of creating custom T-shirt designs using AI-generated text and images, which are then printed as ordered by customers. This allows for a wide range of designs without the upfront costs of traditional inventory.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible and appealing when displayed. In the video, the term is used to describe a feature within the Ideogram app that allows users to generate text designs with various fonts and styles, which is crucial for creating visually appealing T-shirt designs.


Mid-journey is an AI tool referenced in the video for comparison purposes. It is implied to have limitations when it comes to generating clear text in designs, unlike Ideogram, which is praised for its ability to produce more readable text. The term is used to illustrate the advancements in AI technology for text-based image generation.


Leonardo, similar to Mid-journey, is another AI tool mentioned in the video that has been outperformed by Ideogram in terms of text clarity in generated designs. It serves as a point of comparison to emphasize the improvements in AI's ability to handle text in image creation.


Discord is a communication platform that the video mentions as a place where users can ask questions and discuss the use of the Ideogram app. It is used as an example of community engagement and support for users of the AI design tool.

💡Commercial Rights

Commercial Rights refer to the permissions and legal considerations required for using a product, in this case, AI-generated designs for commercial purposes like selling T-shirts. The video discusses the importance of understanding these rights when using AI-generated content for business.

💡Vectorizer AI

Vectorizer AI is an AI tool used to upscale and convert images into vector format, which is useful for creating clear and scalable designs. In the video, it is used to increase the resolution of an AI-generated design from Ideogram for better print quality.


Figma is a web-based interface design tool used in the video to demonstrate how to edit and prepare AI-generated designs for use on T-shirts. It allows users to remove backgrounds, adjust colors, and export designs as transparent PNGs, which is essential for print on demand services.

💡Transparent PNG

A Transparent PNG is a type of image file that supports transparency, allowing for designs to be placed on different backgrounds without the need for a solid color background. The video explains how to export AI-generated designs as transparent PNGs using Figma, which is important for the print on demand process.


The AI app called Ideogram is introduced, which excels at generating text in images.

Ideogram is praised for its ability to produce clear and readable text, unlike other AI tools.

The video demonstrates how to use Ideogram for creating designs suitable for print on demand services.

Different text styles like script fonts can be generated using simple prompts in Ideogram.

The process of upscaling images generated by Ideogram using Vectorizer AI is shown.

Figma.com is highlighted as a free resource to edit and remove backgrounds from SVG files for transparent PNGs.

Ideogram's current capabilities and potential for future improvements are discussed.

The video provides a tutorial on using Ideogram for text and typography designs.

The importance of considering commercial licensing when using AI-generated images is mentioned.

A feature of Ideogram that allows users to remix existing designs is showcased.

The video explains how to select the right image size for different types of print on demand products.

Ideogram's interface is explored, including trending, recent, and following sections.

The potential use of Ideogram for commercial purposes is discussed with a note of caution.

The tutorial covers how to change text and create variations on existing prompts in Ideogram.

The use of Discord for community support and inquiries about Ideogram's commercial rights is highlighted.

An example of creating a 'Back to School' themed design using Ideogram is demonstrated.

The video emphasizes the ease of use and learning curve for Ideogram, Vectorizer AI, and Figma.

The presenter shares their personal experiences and creations made using Ideogram.