MADDY MORPHOSIS | Give It To Me Straight | Bonus Episode feat Landon Cider

Maddy Morphosis
16 May 202424:00

TLDRIn this entertaining and insightful episode of 'Give It To Me Straight,' Maddy Morphosis invites Landon Cider for a candid conversation that covers a range of topics. They discuss the transition from working at Walmart and Target to becoming a full-time drag queen, the challenges of being an active ally in the queer community, and the importance of self-awareness and respect. The episode also touches on the stereotypes and misconceptions about the queer community, with Maddy sharing his experiences and views on being part of a queer relationship despite being heterosexual. The dynamic between the hosts is playful and engaging, with a mix of humor and serious discussion, making for an episode that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.


  • 🎨 Maddie Morphosis is known for his creativity, as evidenced by his hand-painted shirt and his DIY approach to fashion.
  • 🏌️ Maddie discusses his background, including his upbringing in Arkansas and his experiences with poverty, which influenced his perspective on privilege.
  • 🤣 The conversation touches on humor and comedy, with references to golf as a 'manly sport' and the hosts' playful banter.
  • 🏆 Maddie reflects on his achievements, expressing more pride in his past success in chicken farming with FFA than in his Drag Race experience.
  • 🎥 The script reveals Maddie's self-awareness as a content creator, acknowledging the power of editing and his growth from his initial YouTube days.
  • 👗 Maddie's transition from working at Walmart and Target to becoming a full-time drag queen is highlighted, showing his journey to living 'the dream'.
  • 💌 The demographic of Maddie's audience is primarily gay men, but he also receives messages from straight women, challenging assumptions about his fanbase.
  • 🎤 Music preferences are discussed, with Maddie revealing that he enjoys indie folk and has a diverse taste that ranges from chill to energetic tracks.
  • 🎭 Maddie's identity as a straight man in the queer community and drag scene is explored, with insights into his views on labels and definitions.
  • 🎁 The script concludes with a gift exchange, showing the hosts' camaraderie and Maddie's appreciation for thoughtful gestures.
  • 💬 A lighthearted rap battle between Maddie and Bob is mentioned, with Maddie playfully claiming victory despite acknowledging Bob's better flow.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the episode Maddie Morphosis is hosting?

    -The title of the episode is 'Give It To Me Straight'.

  • Who is the guest featured in the bonus episode with Maddie Morphosis?

    -The guest featured in the bonus episode is Landon Cider.

  • What is Maddie Morphosis's background before becoming a full-time drag queen?

    -Maddie Morphosis worked at Walmart and Target before becoming a full-time drag queen.

  • How does Maddie Morphosis feel about the transition from working for corporate companies to being a full-time drag queen?

    -Maddie doesn't seem to be bothered by the transition, stating that there's no money to be made in Arkansas and that now they are making money from YouTube.

  • What is Maddie Morphosis's take on the demographic of their audience?

    -Maddie Morphosis mentions that their demographic is surprisingly overwhelmingly gay men.

  • What was Maddie Morphosis's involvement with Future Farmers of America (FFA)?

    -Maddie Morphosis was a proud member of FFA, competing at the national level in chicken farming.

  • How does Maddie Morphosis view their identity in relation to the queer community?

    -Maddie Morphosis is open to labels and definitions, stating they are just vibing and appreciate being considered part of a queer relationship.

  • What is Maddie Morphosis's opinion on the use of the word 'like' by younger guests on their show?

    -Maddie Morphosis defends the use of 'like' by younger guests, relating it to their own speech patterns and the evolution of language.

  • What type of music does Maddie Morphosis listen to before a big gig?

    -Maddie Morphosis listens to indie folk music like Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros for a chill atmosphere, but for energy before a gig, they prefer artists like Slater and Charli XCX.

  • What was the outcome of the diss track rap battle between Maddie Morphosis and Bob the Drag Queen?

    -Maddie Morphosis claims they won the rap battle, stating that their bars were better despite acknowledging Bob had a better flow.

  • What gift did Maddie Morphosis receive that reflects their interests?

    -Maddie Morphosis received a variety of gifts including Takis snacks, a whitening bucket and ranch seasoning, taco seasoning to make their own Taco Bell at home, and a gift card to Popeyes, reflecting their love for fried chicken.



🎨 Art and Preparation for a Video Shoot

The paragraph opens with a casual conversation about preparations for a video shoot, discussing the lighting, camera setup, and wardrobe choices. The participants joke about their attire and the origin of their clothing, revealing a creative and DIY approach to their style. There's a playful banter about painting shirts and switching seats for a more appropriate look. The speaker introduces the concept of 'mansplaining' the sport of golf, humorously describing it as a domain of 'manly men' and a sport for the privileged. The video's format is revealed as a 'Freaky Friday' episode, featuring a guest known for their sharp tongue and humor. The conversation hints at a playful and candid dynamic between the hosts and the guest.


🏆 Past Achievements and Online Presence

This paragraph delves into the guest's background, discussing their previous employment at Walmart and Target before transitioning to a full-time drag queen. The conversation touches on the transition from corporate jobs to a career in the arts, and the financial implications of such a change. The guest expresses pride in their roots in Arkansas and their journey to success. The discussion also covers the demographic of the guest's audience, revealing a predominantly gay male viewership. The paragraph concludes with a humorous exchange about receiving inappropriate messages from fans, highlighting the challenges of online fame.


🎤 Drag, Music, and Community Support

The conversation shifts to the guest's experiences in the drag community and their journey as a performer. The guest reflects on the support they've received from other drag queens and their navigation within the queer community. There's a discussion about the misconceptions surrounding gay men and their interactions, with the guest emphasizing respect for personal boundaries. The guest also addresses the complexities of being in a relationship with a drag queen and the labels that come with it, expressing a nonchalant attitude towards definitions and labels. The paragraph concludes with a lighter note on the guest's musical preferences, moving from indie folk to more upbeat tracks for performances.


🎶 Music Preferences and Personal Life

This paragraph explores the guest's taste in music, revealing a fondness for indie folk and alternative genres. The guest shares a personal anecdote about a song that holds sentimental value, discussing the emotional connection they have with it. There's a contrast drawn between the music they listen to for different occasions, such as high-energy tracks for gigs and more relaxed tunes for road trips. The conversation also touches on the guest's approach to personal relationships, highlighting their awareness of boundaries and their avoidance of clichéd romantic gestures.


🎁 Gift Exchange and Future Plans

The final paragraph focuses on a gift exchange between the hosts and the guest. The gifts are thoughtfully chosen, reflecting the guest's known preferences for certain foods and their cultural significance. The guest expresses gratitude for the gifts and there's a playful exchange about the potential taste and impact of the food items. The paragraph concludes with a teaser for future content, hinting at a continuation of the video format in a different setting. The conversation ends on a humorous note, with a reference to the guest's previous experiences and a light-hearted jab at the host's expense.



💡Maddy Morphosis

Maddy Morphosis is a drag queen who has appeared in a season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. She is known for her sharp tongue and comedic presence, as well as her YouTube channel where she discusses various topics related to the LGBTQ+ community and pop culture. In the script, Maddy is the host and a central figure in the discussion, bringing her unique perspective and humor to the conversation.

💡Straight privilege

The term 'straight privilege' refers to the societal advantages that are often unacknowledged by those who are heterosexual. It is the idea that straight individuals do not face the same discrimination or marginalization as LGBTQ+ individuals. In the video, Maddy jokingly mentions a 'Straight privilege benefit package', highlighting the concept in a humorous way to bring attention to the different experiences of privilege in society.

💡Drag queen

A 'drag queen' is a person, typically male, who performs in a stylized and exaggerated version of femininity. Drag queens often dress in elaborate costumes, makeup, and wigs to entertain others, often through lip-syncing, comedy, and performance art. Maddy Morphosis is a full-time drag queen, and the script discusses her transition from working at corporate jobs to pursuing her passion for drag.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. It has become a significant part of internet culture and a platform for content creators to build audiences and generate income. In the script, Maddy mentions YouTube as a source of income for her as a drag queen, indicating the platform's role in allowing artists to monetize their work.


FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, a youth organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership development. It is a prominent organization in rural areas, particularly in the United States. Maddy Morphosis mentions being a member of FFA and competing at the national level, which adds a layer to her background and personality, showing her diverse interests and experiences.

💡Gay community

The 'gay community' is a broad term referring to the collective social group of people who identify as homosexual. It encompasses a wide range of individuals, cultures, and subcultures. The script discusses Maddy's relationship with the gay community, including her support from gay queens and her role as an ally to the community.

💡Indie folk

Indie folk is a genre of music that combines elements of folk music with the independent music scene. It often features acoustic instruments, introspective lyrics, and a focus on storytelling. Maddy mentions being a fan of indie folk, which provides insight into her personal tastes and preferences outside of her drag persona.

💡Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast-food chain known for its Mexican-inspired menu items, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. It has a significant following and is often associated with American fast food culture. In the script, Maddy expresses her love for Taco Bell, and it is used as a humorous point of connection between her and the guest.

💡Diss track

A 'diss track' is a song that expresses negative feelings or criticism towards another person, often in a competitive or confrontational manner. It is common in hip hop and rap music as a way to engage in verbal battles. The script references a diss track rap battle between Maddy and another person named Bob, showing the competitive and playful side of their interaction.


In the context of the script, 'Sugar' refers to a character or person who is mentioned as having said something insightful or inspirational. The quote about 'limitless potential' attributed to Sugar suggests that this individual has had an impact on Maddy's thinking or outlook on life, indicating the influence of mentors or role models in personal development.


Maddy Morphosis and Landon Cider discuss their shared Arkansas roots and how it shapes their perspectives.

Maddy shares her experience of transitioning from working at Walmart and Target to becoming a full-time drag queen.

The conversation touches on the topic of 'Straight Privilege' and how Maddy might leverage it in her content creation.

Maddy and Landon explore the stereotypes and realities of the drag community, including the demographic of her audience.

Landon teases Maddy about her Arkansas background and how she uses it in her storytelling.

Maddy talks about her experience working at Walmart and Target, hinting at the corporate world's impact on her career.

The hosts discuss the representation and misrepresentation of the queer community in media and Maddy's role as an ally.

Maddy reflects on her time in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and how it contrasts with her current drag career.

Landon and Maddy share their thoughts on the use of language and slang, particularly the overuse of the word 'like'.

Maddy addresses the criticism she receives for her grammar and the importance of language evolution.

The episode delves into the topic of 'Straight Equivalent' slogans, comparing them to the LGBTQ+ 'It Gets Better' campaign.

Maddy and Landon discuss the complexities of identity and labels within the queer community.

Maddy shares her views on the importance of self-awareness and respecting boundaries in the queer community.

The conversation highlights the challenges Maddy faces as a straight person in the drag community and her approach to it.

Maddy talks about her love for indie folk music and how it differs from common assumptions about her musical taste.

The episode concludes with a playful discussion about a hypothetical rap battle between Maddy and Bob the Drag Queen.

Maddy receives thoughtful gifts from Landon, reflecting her interests in food and music.