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11 Nov 202332:13

TLDRThe transcript details the Silva Method, a personal growth program developed by José Silva, which has helped individuals like Helen Hansell, known as the 'Contest Queen,' to achieve success in various aspects of life. José Silva, a radio repairman, used his knowledge of psychology and radio repair to enhance his children's academic performance and later developed a technique to reduce mental resistance, leading to improved grades and the discovery of extra-sensory perception (ESP) in his daughter. The Silva Method teaches how to access altered states of consciousness, such as alpha for creativity and healing, theta for inspiration, and delta for deep intuition and problem-solving. Vishen Lakyani, the founder of Mindvalley, shares his personal success using the Silva Method and how it transformed his life and business. The Silva Ultramind program, now available online, offers a 28-day training to unlock these mental abilities, with a focus on visualization, intuition, and manifestation for personal and professional enhancement.


  • 🏆 Helen Hansell, known as the 'Contest Queen,' attributed her success in winning competitions to the Silva Technique, which she learned from its creator, Jose Silva.
  • 🧠 Jose Silva, a radio repairman, developed the Silva Technique to improve his children's academic performance by reducing mental resistance and enhancing their brain function.
  • 🧘 The Silva Technique involves training the mind to access different states of consciousness, such as alpha for creativity and problem-solving, and theta for inspiration and deep insights.
  • 🎓 Silva's method gained popularity as it expanded across the United States, with people reporting benefits from stress reduction to physical healing.
  • 🧒 A study mentioned indicates that children under four are naturally hyper-creative, but this ability tends to diminish with age due to societal and educational constraints.
  • 📈 Jose Silva trained 39 children in Laredo, Texas, proving that intuition and other abilities could be developed, contrary to the belief that they were innate.
  • 🧲 The Silva Method was used by many to achieve personal and professional success, including athletes, executives, and artists, by tapping into their subconscious mind.
  • 🌟 Silva Ultramind, the final creation of Jose Silva, was designed to help individuals improve their sales, manifest their ideal life, and overcome depression.
  • 📚 Vishen Lakyani, the founder of Mindvalley, used the Silva Method to build his successful companies and wrote a best-selling book, crediting the technique for his achievements.
  • 🔬 The Mental Video Technique, part of the Silva Method, allows individuals to solve problems and find insights by programming their mind just before falling asleep in the delta state.
  • 🌐 Mindvalley's adaptation of the Silva Method into an online program called Silva Ultramind offers a 28-day training designed to enhance visualization, intuition, and manifestation abilities.

Q & A

  • What was Helen Hansell known for and how did she achieve her success?

    -Helen Hansell was known as the 'contest queen' because she consistently won competitions, including seven trips to Paris, boats, and houses. Her success was attributed to the Silva Technique, which she learned closely from Jose Silva, a radio repairman who developed a method to enhance the mental capabilities of his children.

  • What was Jose Silva's initial motivation for developing the Silva Technique?

    -Jose Silva's initial motivation was to help his children improve their academic performance. He was inspired by his experience in the US Army, where he was intrigued by the psychological questions asked by army psychologists. Combining his knowledge of psychology and radio repair, he sought to reduce mental resistance in his children's brains to enhance their learning.

  • How did Jose Silva's daughter, Isabel, demonstrate an extraordinary ability during their study sessions?

    -Isabel demonstrated an extraordinary ability of extra-sensory perception (ESP). She was able to answer questions before they were verbally asked by Jose Silva, as he found she could respond to questions he was thinking of without him speaking them aloud.

  • What was the outcome of Jose Silva's training on the children of Laredo, Texas?

    -Jose Silva trained 39 children in Laredo, Texas, using his approach. He documented the results, which showed that the children developed a high degree of intuition. This training proved to be effective, as evidenced by the improvements in their school performance and the development of ESP-like abilities.

  • How did the Silva Mind Control Method expand its reach across the United States?

    -The Silva Mind Control Method expanded across the United States as adults began to notice the benefits and started seeking training from Jose Silva. Word of mouth and media coverage, such as a newspaper article about a man who cured his migraines using the method, contributed to its popularity.

  • What are the different levels of consciousness that Jose Silva identified and how do they relate to human abilities?

    -Jose Silva identified different levels of consciousness, including Beta (the waking state), Alpha (a hyper-creative state associated with relaxation and meditation), Theta (a state of inspiration and deep insights), and Delta (the level of deep sleep where the mind can be programmed to solve problems). He found that by consciously accessing these altered states, individuals could tap into their inherent human abilities that are often suppressed.

  • What is the Mental Screen Technique and how is it used?

    -The Mental Screen Technique is a core mind exercise developed by Jose Silva for enhanced visualization. It is used to tap into the Alpha level of consciousness and can be applied in various ways, such as creating healthy relationships, building a team, or connecting with influential people.

  • How did Vishen Lakyani's life change after discovering the Silva Method?

    -Vishen Lakyani's life transformed significantly after discovering the Silva Method. He went from being in a financially desperate situation to building his dream company, Mindvalley, into a highly valued entity. He also authored best-selling books and became a successful entrepreneur, attributing his success to the mind programming techniques he learned from the Silva Method.

  • What is the Silver UltraMind program and how does it work?

    -The Silver UltraMind program is a 28-day online training program that teaches advanced mind power techniques to help individuals tap into altered states of consciousness. It includes daily 15 to 20-minute training sessions that build upon each other to enhance visualization, intuition, and creativity, ultimately enabling participants to manifest their desires and improve their lives.

  • What are the benefits of being a Mindvalley member and how does it relate to the Silva UltraMind program?


  • How does the Mental Video Technique work and what can it be used for?

    -The Mental Video Technique is a tool that operates at the Delta level of consciousness. It allows individuals to put a problem they want to solve into their mind just before going to sleep. Upon waking, they may notice synchronicities that help resolve the problem, effectively using the subconscious mind to find solutions.



🏆 The Unparalleled Contest Queen: Helen Hansell

Helen Hansell, known as the 'contest queen,' boasts an incredible record of winning various competitions, from trips to Paris to houses, owing to her mastery of the Silva Technique. This method was developed by her former employer, José Silva, a radio repairman turned psychologist from Laredo, Texas. He innovated psychological techniques to enhance mental performance, starting with his children to improve their school grades through hypnosis and biofeedback. His groundbreaking work evolved into the Silva Mind Control Method, spreading across the United States and helping many achieve significant personal growth.


🧘 Entering the States of Mind: Alpha, Theta, and Delta

The script delves into the profound effects of achieving different states of consciousness through relaxation and meditation. These states—alpha for creativity, theta for inspiration, and delta for subconscious problem-solving—are accessible through practices like those espoused by Thomas Edison and other notable inventors who leveraged these states for breakthrough ideas. The Silva Method encapsulates these teachings, which have not only aided in personal wellness but have also been utilized by various professionals, including the Chicago White Sox, to enhance performance.


🌟 The Legacy and Influence of José Silva

Despite his monumental contributions to personal development through the Silva Mind Control Method, José Silva maintained a humble demeanor. He touched many lives, helping them realize their potential using their minds. Notably, Richard Bach, author of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull,' attributed his literary success to Silva’s teachings, which helped him finalize his book. The narrative captures Silva’s impact on individuals, including Vision Lakyani, who used Silva’s teachings to turn his life around and eventually build the successful Mindvalley platform.


📚 Vishen Lakyani's Transformation Through Silva Ultramine

Vishen Lakyani shares a personal testimony about how the Silva Method radically altered his career trajectory and life philosophy. Starting from a struggling position in Silicon Valley, Lakyani applied the Silva techniques to excel in sales, eventually becoming a vice president and later founding Mindvalley. He credits the Silva teachings with not only his professional success but also his broader mission to revolutionize education through personal growth, leveraging Silva's principles to foster a global community of learners.


🧠 Mastering Mind Techniques with Silva Ultramine

The Silva Ultramine program on Mindvalley introduces participants to advanced mental exercises that enhance intuition, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Through a sequence of targeted techniques, users can quickly access beneficial states of mind, such as the alpha and theta levels. Success stories abound, with examples ranging from athletes like Bianca Andreescu to entrepreneurs who attribute their achievements to these methods. The program aims to equip users with the skills to manifest desired changes and leverage synchronicity in their lives.


🌍 The Global Reach of Mindvalley's Silva Ultramine

Silva Ultramine has transitioned from a seminar model to a comprehensive digital experience, making it accessible worldwide. This transformation was accelerated by the pandemic, leading to a scalable online platform that offers not just the Silva program but a suite of Mindvalley courses enhancing various aspects of personal growth. The narrative underscores the affordability and community-driven support that enrich the learning experience, offering users continuous opportunities for self-improvement and connection with like-minded individuals globally.


🔗 Exclusive Mindvalley Membership and Community Benefits

This closing segment of the video script emphasizes the unique value proposition of joining Mindvalley, highlighted by the generous trial offer and the wealth of resources available to members. It stresses the importance of community and shared growth, inviting viewers to join an expansive network of motivated individuals who support and enrich each other's lives. The membership includes additional bonuses and the promise of transformation through collective learning and personal development.



💡Silva Technique

The Silva Technique is a method of mind training developed by Jose Silva, which focuses on using the mind's altered states to enhance creativity, intuition, and well-being. In the video, Helen Hansell is described as a master of this technique, which she used to win numerous competitions and sweepstakes, earning her the title 'Contest Queen'.

💡Altered States of Consciousness

Altered states of consciousness refer to any brain state that differs from a person's normal waking state. The video discusses different levels such as Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, each associated with different mental capabilities like creativity, problem-solving, and deep sleep. Jose Silva's method trains individuals to consciously access these states to improve their lives.

💡Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

ESP is the purported ability to acquire information through means other than the known human senses. In the script, Jose Silva's daughter Isabel demonstrated an ability that appeared to be ESP when she answered questions before they were verbally asked. This sparked Silva's interest in developing techniques to enhance intuitive abilities.

💡Mental Screen

The Mental Screen is a core exercise from the Silva Method that involves using visualization to program the mind for success. It is used to enhance creativity and manifest goals. The video mentions using the Mental Screen to create healthy relationships and build a successful team for Mindvalley.

💡Stress Conquering

The process of overcoming or managing stress is highlighted in the video as one of the benefits of the Silva Method. It is mentioned that Wall Street types and executives attended Silva classes to learn how to conquer stress, which was just one aspect of the personal growth they experienced.


Intuition is the ability to understand or know something without conscious reasoning. The Silva Method aims to tap into and enhance an individual's intuitive abilities. The video script describes how, through the method, individuals can access deep states of meditation and intuition to manifest their future.


Manifestation is the process of bringing something into reality through thought and belief. The Silva Method teaches participants how to use their minds to manifest their desires, as illustrated by the examples of individuals who improved their skills, health, and personal lives.

💡Mind-Body Healing

Mind-Body Healing is the concept that the mind can influence physical health and that psychological factors can promote healing. The Silva Method includes techniques for training the mind to aid in physical healing, as referenced in the video where it is suggested that participants can program their bodies to heal.

💡Subliminal Programming

Subliminal programming is a technique that involves using subconscious messages to influence thoughts and behaviors. In the video, it is mentioned as one of the Silva techniques that helped the narrator double their sales average by tapping into their intuition.

💡Three Scenes Technique

The Three Scenes Technique is a tool from the Silva Method designed to help individuals reprogram their behavior and beliefs. It is used to create desired outcomes in various areas of life, such as health, relationships, and personal habits. The video provides examples of people using this technique for healing and behavior modification.

💡Mental Video Technique

The Mental Video Technique is a Silva Method tool that operates at the Delta level of consciousness, typically associated with deep sleep. It involves programming the mind with a problem just before sleep, with the intention that the subconscious will work on solving it, leading to insights or solutions upon waking. The video describes it as a powerful tool for solving complex problems.


Helen Hansell, known as the 'Contest Queen', used the Silva technique to win numerous competitions and prizes.

Jose Silva, a radio repairman, developed the Silva technique to improve his children's academic performance by reducing mental resistance.

Silva's children's grades improved after experimenting with biofeedback and hypnosis, leading to the discovery of the Silva technique.

Isabel, Silva's daughter, demonstrated apparent ESP abilities by answering questions before they were verbally asked.

Jose Silva trained 39 children in Laredo, proving that intuition and creativity were trainable skills.

The Silva Mind Control Method expanded across the United States, with adults experiencing benefits such as curing migraines.

Silva identified negative programming from society as a suppressor of our inherent human abilities.

Children under four are naturally hyper-creative, but this ability lessens with age due to modern lifestyle and education systems.

The Silva technique teaches how to access altered states of consciousness, such as alpha for creativity and healing, and theta for inspiration.

Thomas Edison and William Gates II used techniques similar to entering the theta level for insight and invention.

The delta level of mind, typically associated with sleep, can be accessed to program the mind for problem-solving.

Jose Silva's work grew into a movement, with his book selling millions and helping people in various fields improve their performance.

The Silva Ultramind program, developed by Silva, aimed to enhance sales and manifest a better life.

Vishen Lakyani, founder of Mindvalley, used the Silva method to build his dream company and achieve personal success.

The Silva method was digitized and made available on the Mindvalley platform during the pandemic, offering a 28-day program.

The Mental Screen technique is used for enhanced visualization and can help manifest goals more effectively.

The Three Scenes technique can reprogram behavior and even aid in physical healing.

The Mental Video technique works at the delta level of the mind to solve problems and improve various aspects of life.

The Silva Ultramind program includes a risk-free trial period of 15 days for users to experience its benefits.