Jim Cramer talks keeping faith in Nvidia and Apple

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11 Apr 202412:00

TLDRIn a recent episode of 'Mad Money,' Jim Cramer emphasizes the importance of trust in the financial market. He defends Fed Chair Jay Powell’s pragmatic approach despite public skepticism and praises Nvidia's Jensen Huang and Apple's Tim Cook for their visionary leadership. Cramer critiques the media’s tendency to create controversy around Powell and highlights the market’s strength under his guidance. Moreover, he calls out the strategic moves by Apple and Nvidia, encouraging viewers to maintain faith in these leaders despite bearish skepticism, arguing that their track records merit trust and have historically led to financial success.


  • 📈 Jim Cramer emphasizes the importance of having faith in key figures in the market, such as Jay Powell, Jensen Huang, and Tim Cook, despite Wall Street's tendency towards skepticism.
  • 🏦 Jay Powell, the Fed Chief, is praised for his pragmatic approach and resilience in the face of criticism, especially during the pandemic and in managing inflation.
  • 🚀 NVIDIA's Jensen Huang is defended as a visionary leader who has consistently delivered on promises and created a $2.3 trillion company, despite doubts about competition from other tech giants.
  • 🍎 Tim Cook and Apple are trusted to continue innovating, as Apple plans to refresh its Mac lineup with its own AI chip, potentially leading to growth in the company's stock.
  • 💡 Cramer argues that having faith in these leaders and their strategies can lead to significant financial gains, as opposed to the negative predictions from market skeptics.
  • 🤝 The transcript highlights the value of trust in business relationships, as exemplified by NVIDIA's ongoing partnerships with major tech companies, despite competitive pressures.
  • 📊 Cramer critiques McDonald's for raising prices too high, suggesting a need for a strategic price reduction to maintain market dominance and counter inflation.
  • 💬 The importance of not being swayed by media-amplified controversies and focusing on the long-term track records of successful individuals and companies is emphasized.
  • 📈 Cramer's confidence in the market and his investment philosophy is rooted in historical analysis and a belief in the potential for growth despite short-term challenges.
  • 🌐 The discussion extends to other companies in the AI space, such as Meta, Google, and Amazon, and their potential for significant impact in the industry, as well as other companies like Marvell Tech and DocuSign.

Q & A

  • What is Jim Cramer's primary mission on 'Mad Money'?

    -Jim Cramer's primary mission on 'Mad Money' is to make viewers money by leveling the playing field for all investors and helping them find the bull market.

  • How does Jim Cramer describe the Federal Reserve Chief, Jay Powell?

    -Jim Cramer describes Jay Powell as a pragmatic individual who doesn't surrender to politics or orthodoxy, and is the least promotional public figure in America today.

  • What was Jay Powell's response to the pandemic and its economic impact?

    -In response to the pandemic, Jay Powell accepted the situation and did not complain about it. Once he realized the pandemic was under control, he raised rates 11 times to combat inflation.

  • What is Jim Cramer's view on the current state of inflation?

    -Jim Cramer believes that inflation has cooled dramatically, even if it's still too high, and that the job market is absurdly strong, justifying the current interest rates.

  • What does Jim Cramer think about the competition faced by Nvidia from major players like Amazon and Meta?

    -Jim Cramer believes that these companies will remain great clients of Nvidia, despite their efforts to develop their own chips, and that Nvidia, under Jensen Huang, will continue to thrive.

  • How does Jim Cramer view Apple's decision to refresh its Mac lineup with its own AI chip?

    -Jim Cramer views Apple's decision positively, expressing faith in Tim Cook's ability to develop a growth strategy for Apple based on technology that consumers love.

  • What is Jim Cramer's stance on the skepticism towards Nvidia and its CEO, Jensen Huang?

    -Jim Cramer defends Nvidia and Jensen Huang, stating that the skepticism and doubts about the company and its CEO have been misguided and that they have a strong track record of delivering value.

  • What advice does Jim Cramer give to those who are critical of his investment philosophy?

    -Jim Cramer challenges the critics to show him the money, implying that his investment philosophy and faith in certain individuals and companies have proven to be profitable over time.

  • How does Jim Cramer suggest McDonald's could improve its market position?

    -Jim Cramer suggests that McDonald's should lower their prices, similar to a strategy employed by Philip Morris in the '80s, to wipe out competition and attract more customers.

  • What is Jim Cramer's opinion on Meta, especially in the context of AI and its potential?

    -Jim Cramer is a believer in Meta and its potential, especially considering the amount of data they have and the early stages of platforms like Instagram. He also mentions the potential upside if TikTok were to be removed from the market.



📈 Jim Cramer’s Investment Insights

Jim Cramer starts the show 'Mad Money' by emphasizing his mission to make viewers money, aiming to level the investing playing field. He promises to reveal bull markets and educate viewers on investment opportunities. Cramer discusses faith in the financial market, highlighting the day's minor changes in major stock indices and celebrating NASDAQ’s rise. He urges trust in credible figures, specifically Fed Chief Jay Powell, whom he defends against critics, citing Powell’s pragmatic handling of interest rates post-pandemic to combat inflation. Cramer contrasts Powell’s skepticism-filled perception with his effective actions, emphasizing the positive economic conditions fostered under his watch, despite ongoing criticism and misunderstandings in media portrayals.


🚀 Trust in Visionaries: Huang and Cook

Cramer discusses recent skepticism around Nvidia and Apple, driven by competition and innovation in their industries. He defends Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, against claims that clients like Amazon and Meta might reduce reliance on Nvidia, arguing that Huang has maintained strong relationships despite growing competition. Furthermore, he praises Apple's innovation under Tim Cook, anticipating new developments in AI that could enhance their products beyond the Mac lineup. Cramer reassures viewers of the solid track records of these leaders, contrasting their achievements with the negative bias from bears in the market. He ends by reaffirming his faith in these executives to continue driving growth and innovation, despite market skeptics.


🌐 Callers Discuss Market Strategies and Investments

In this segment, callers interact with Cramer to discuss their investments and market observations. One caller from Illinois discusses the performance of Intuitive Surgical, praising its success in the hospital sector. Another from Indiana seeks advice on McDonald's recent stock price challenges, to which Cramer suggests a strategic price reduction. A caller from Massachusetts shares his contrarian enjoyment of market downturns as buying opportunities. Lastly, a discussion about Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, and Amazon emphasizes their potential in AI technology, reflecting Cramer’s support for their strategies despite broader market skepticism and regulatory challenges.




In the context of the video, 'faith' refers to the trust and confidence investors place in individuals or entities, such as corporate leaders or economic policies. It is a crucial element in the stock market, as it can influence investment decisions and market sentiment. The video emphasizes the importance of having faith in certain key figures like Jay Powell, Jensen Huang, and Tim Cook, who have proven their worth through past performance and are expected to continue driving success.


Nvidia is a technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. In the video, the company is discussed in relation to its market position and the challenges it faces from competitors and clients developing their own chips. Despite these challenges, Jim Cramer expresses faith in Nvidia's ability to maintain its dominance and continue to innovate, led by its visionary CEO, Jensen Huang.


Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, software, and online services. In the video, Apple's mention is in relation to its strategy of incorporating AI chips into its Mac lineup, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and growth. Jim Cramer expresses confidence in Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, to continue delivering successful products and strategies that will drive the company's future growth.

💡Jay Powell

Jay Powell is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the United States. His decisions and communication significantly influence monetary policy, interest rates, and overall economic stability. In the video, Jim Cramer defends Powell's actions during the pandemic and his efforts to control inflation, advocating for trust in his leadership despite skepticism from the media and financial markets.


Inflation refers to the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and subsequently, purchasing power is falling. In the context of the video, inflation is a key concern for both the Federal Reserve and investors, as it affects the economy, interest rates, and investment decisions. Jay Powell's actions to combat inflation are highlighted as crucial in maintaining economic stability.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the video, AI is a central theme, with discussions around its integration into various products and services, particularly in the technology sector, and its potential to drive future growth and innovation.

💡Stock Market

The stock market is a marketplace where shares of publicly traded companies are bought and sold by investors. It serves as a critical indicator of economic health and is influenced by various factors, including investor sentiment, economic data, and corporate performance. In the video, the stock market is the central focus, with Jim Cramer providing insights and advice on investment strategies and the importance of having faith in certain companies and leaders.


Competition in a market refers to the presence of multiple sellers offering similar products or services, vying for the same consumers. In the video, competition is discussed in the context of major tech companies like Amazon and Meta developing their own chips, which could potentially challenge Nvidia's market position. However, the video argues that despite this competition, trust in the leadership and innovation of companies like Nvidia remains crucial.


Investors are individuals or entities that commit money to an investment with the expectation of achieving a profit. In the context of the video, investors are the target audience, and the advice given is centered around building trust and faith in certain market players and their strategies. The video emphasizes the importance of making informed investment decisions based on a thorough analysis of market conditions and the track records of key figures in the industry.

💡Economic Policy

Economic policy refers to the strategies and actions implemented by governments or central banks to influence economic activities such as inflation, growth, and employment. In the video, economic policy is discussed in relation to the Federal Reserve's actions under Jay Powell's leadership, particularly the raising of interest rates to combat inflation. The effectiveness of these policies and the trust placed in the policymakers are highlighted as key factors in the overall economic climate.


Jim Cramer discusses the importance of keeping faith in key figures and companies in the market, such as Nvidia and Apple.

Cramer emphasizes that faith on Wall Street is hard to come by and often misplaced.

Federal Reserve Chief, Jay Powell, is praised for his pragmatic approach and handling of the pandemic's economic challenges.

Despite criticism, Powell's actions have led to a cooled inflation and a strong job market.

Jensen Huang of Nvidia is commended for his vision and the company's continued success in the face of competition.

Cramer argues that the skepticism towards Nvidia is misplaced and that the company will continue to thrive.

Apple's decision to refresh its Mac lineup with its own AI chip is highlighted as a sign of the company's innovative spirit.

Cramer expresses faith in Tim Cook to lead Apple to continued growth and innovation.

The transcript points out that despite skepticism, Cramer's analysis of key figures and companies has proven correct over the long haul.

Cramer challenges critics to show evidence of their claims against his positive track record.

The importance of not scoffing at the advice to have faith in those who have made fortunes is emphasized.

Cramer shares his views on other companies, such as McDonald's, and suggests strategic moves for market leadership.

The discussion extends to the potential of Meta, Google, and Amazon in the artificial intelligence space.

Cramer expresses belief in Mark Zuckerberg and Meta's potential for growth despite current multiples.

The transcript includes viewer interactions, showcasing the trust and interest of the investing community in Cramer's insights.

Cramer's positive outlook on the market and his confidence in the resilience of key players is a recurring theme.

The show ends with a reminder to stay informed and engaged with the latest market news and analysis.