I Tried Every Way To Draw Underwater

8 Nov 202308:23

TLDRIn this entertaining video, Sona takes on the challenge of drawing underwater using a waterproof notebook and pen. She first demonstrates the difference between normal paper and waterproof paper when exposed to water. After successfully drawing a cute elf girl and a frog underwater without any smudging, she moves on to more complex subjects like a mermaid and a duck-fish, all while dealing with the unique challenges of underwater drawing, such as maintaining balance and dealing with chlorine-filled goggles. Sona also humorously attempts to draw a realistic horse underwater, resulting in a comical 'obes horse'. The video is a fun exploration of art in an unconventional environment, showcasing Sona's creativity and sense of humor.


  • 🎨 The video features Sona attempting to draw underwater using a waterproof notebook and pen.
  • 🧻 Sona demonstrates the difference between normal paper and waterproof paper by soaking a regular piece of paper which becomes soggy.
  • 📒 The waterproof notebook Sona uses has pages made of stone, which remain sturdy even when submerged in water.
  • 🖊 Sona uses a waterproof pen to create a drawing of an elf girl, which survives being submerged in water without any damage.
  • 🐸 Sona attempts to draw while underwater and finds it challenging due to the need to lift the wrist and maintain balance.
  • 😅 Despite the difficulty, Sona successfully draws an underwater frog, although it doesn't turn out as expected.
  • 🧵 Sona expresses satisfaction with the waterproof qualities of the pen and paper, even when drawing under water.
  • 🤿 Sona wears a snorkel and goggles to help with breathing while drawing underwater, but finds the snorkel uncomfortable and the goggles keep fogging up.
  • 🧜 Sona draws a mermaid underwater, aiming for a peaceful and majestic feel, but admits the mermaid looks like she's screaming for help.
  • 🦆 Inspired by rubber duckies, Sona creates a 'duck mermaid' drawing, which Sona considers one of the best creations.
  • ⏱ Sona challenges herself by timing how long she can draw underwater on one breath, managing to draw a simple jellyfish and a cat eating a fish.

Q & A

  • What type of paper does Sona use to demonstrate the difference between normal and waterproof paper?

    -Sona uses a regular notebook with normal paper to demonstrate the difference.

  • How does Sona describe the texture of the waterproof notebook pages?

    -Sona describes the waterproof notebook pages as feeling very smooth and made of a material that is apparently waterproof.

  • What kind of pen does Sona use for drawing on the waterproof paper?

    -Sona uses a waterproof pen for drawing on the waterproof paper.

  • What character does Sona draw on the waterproof paper before testing it in water?

    -Sona draws a cute elf girl with one pitch black eye, branches on her head, and describes her as a fairy.

  • How does the waterproof paper perform when Sona submerges the drawing in water?

    -The waterproof paper performs exceptionally well, with the drawing barely looking any different after being submerged in water.

  • What does Sona attempt to do with the waterproof pen while underwater?

    -Sona attempts to draw a frog underwater using the waterproof pen.

  • What does Sona think about the waterproof markers that she tests?

    -Sona is disappointed with the waterproof markers because they do not show up when she tries to draw with them underwater.

  • How does Sona describe the experience of drawing underwater?

    -Sona describes the experience as pretty crazy, with challenges such as balance and breathing, but also a lot of fun.

  • What does Sona wear to help her breathe while drawing underwater?

    -Sona wears a snorkel and goggles set from Amazon to help her breathe while drawing underwater.

  • What is the first creature that Sona draws underwater?

    -The first creature Sona draws underwater is a mermaid.

  • What does Sona conclude about the waterproof paper after testing it?

    -Sona concludes that the waterproof paper is of good quality and it did not let her down during the underwater drawing experiment.

  • What is the final drawing that Sona creates underwater?

    -The final drawing that Sona creates underwater is a duck made, which she describes as more powerful than King Triton himself.



🎨 Testing Waterproof Paper and Pen

In the first paragraph, the artist Sona introduces the video's theme of drawing underwater using a supposedly waterproof paper and pen. She begins by demonstrating the effect of water on regular paper, showing how it becomes soggy and unusable. Sona then presents the waterproof notebook, which she describes as feeling smooth and sturdy even when wet. She proceeds to draw a cute elf girl with a fairy-like appearance and tests the drawing's durability by submerging it in water. To her delight, the drawing remains intact, leading her to attempt drawing directly underwater. Despite the challenge of maintaining balance and the unique sensation of drawing with a pen underwater, she successfully creates a frog drawing and expresses her excitement about the experience. She also tests waterproof markers, which disappointingly do not work as advertised. The paragraph concludes with Sona preparing to draw in a pool, equipped with a snorkel to aid her breathing.


🦆 Drawing Underwater: The Duck Mermaid and More

The second paragraph details Sona's continued exploration of underwater drawing. She shares her experience of drawing while in a pool, noting the challenges of balance and breathing. She draws a mermaid, aiming for a peaceful and majestic feel, but humorously acknowledges that the mermaid appears to be screaming for help instead. Sona also attempts to draw a handstand underwater but falls over. She then draws a duck-fish, inspired by rubber duckies, and gives it a muscular, chiseled look. She expresses satisfaction with her creations and contemplates using waterproof paint for future underwater art. The artist also conducts a breath-holding challenge to see how long she can draw underwater, producing various quick sketches, including a jellyfish, a cat eating a fish, and a front view of a horse, which she humorously refers to as an 'obes horse'. The video ends with Sona inviting viewers to request more such videos and promoting her shop for related merchandise.



💡Underwater Drawing

Underwater drawing refers to the act of creating artwork while submerged in water. In the video, the host Sona attempts to draw on waterproof paper using a waterproof pen, showcasing the unique challenges and results of this artistic endeavor. It is central to the video's theme as it explores the feasibility and aesthetics of creating art in an unconventional environment.

💡Waterproof Notebook

A waterproof notebook is a type of journal with pages made of a material that does not absorb water, allowing it to be used in wet conditions. In the script, Sona uses a waterproof notebook to test the durability and functionality of drawing on it underwater, which is a key element in demonstrating the practicality of such a product for aquatic artistic activities.

💡Soggy Paper

Soggy paper describes the condition of paper that has become wet and soft, losing its structural integrity. Sona demonstrates this by submerging regular paper in water, resulting in it becoming soggy. This serves as a contrast to the waterproof paper and highlights the differences in material properties when exposed to water.

💡Waterproof Pen

A waterproof pen is a writing instrument designed to function normally even when wet, with ink that remains visible and smudge-proof when exposed to water. Sona utilizes a waterproof pen for her underwater drawing experiment, emphasizing its importance for creating art in a liquid medium without losing the drawn lines.

💡Elf Girl

An elf girl is a fantasy character often depicted with pointed ears, magical abilities, and a connection to nature. Sona draws a cute elf girl as her first underwater drawing, which includes unique features like pitch-black eyes and branches on her head. This character serves as an artistic subject and showcases the host's creativity in an atypical drawing scenario.


A fairy is a mythical creature often associated with magic and enchantment. In the video, the elf girl drawing is described as also being a fairy, indicating a whimsical and otherworldly theme that aligns with the fantastical nature of underwater art creation.

💡Waterproof Markers

Waterproof markers are art supplies that are resistant to water, allowing artwork created with them to remain intact when exposed to water. Sona tests these markers for their advertised waterproof qualities, which is a significant part of the video as it explores different mediums for underwater drawing.


In the context of the video, cheese is used as a humorous and unconventional subject for an underwater drawing. Sona draws a slice of cheese, which is satisfying to her artistically, and the drawing remains intact when submerged in water, demonstrating the effectiveness of the waterproof materials used.


A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. Sona draws a mermaid while underwater, which is fitting given the aquatic setting of the activity. The mermaid drawing represents a thematic choice that resonates with the underwater environment and the video's exploration of artistic expression in water.


A snorkel is a breathing apparatus for swimming that allows the user to breathe fresh air without lifting their head above water. Sona uses a snorkel to facilitate her breathing while drawing underwater, which is crucial for the practical aspect of the video as it enables her to stay submerged for extended periods to create her artwork.

💡Duck Mermaid

The duck mermaid is a creative concept born from the presence of rubber duckies in the pool and represents a fusion of two distinct ideas. Sona draws a muscular duck mermaid, or 'Duck Chad', as a playful and imaginative addition to her underwater artwork, showcasing her ability to adapt and create art inspired by her surroundings.


Sona demonstrates how to draw underwater using a waterproof paper and pen.

A comparison between normal paper and waterproof paper is shown by submerging each in water.

The waterproof notebook's pages are made of stone and remain sturdy even when wet.

A cute elf girl drawing is created with a waterproof pen and survives being submerged in water.

Sona attempts to draw underwater with the waterproof pen, experiencing the challenge of balance.

The artist successfully draws a frog underwater, despite the unusual conditions.

A waterproof hoodie designed by Sona is showcased.

Waterproof markers fail to work underwater, contrary to their claims.

Drawing on waterproof paper with markers before submerging it in water is tested.

Sona draws a mermaid underwater, pushing the boundaries of traditional art techniques.

The snorkel and goggles setup from Amazon proves to be less effective than expected.

A humorous handstand attempt underwater ends with Sona falling over.

The artist creates a duck-fish character inspired by rubber duckies, adding a humorous twist to the video.

Sona challenges herself to draw underwater without coming up for air, testing her endurance.

A jellyfish drawing is completed in 45 seconds, reflecting Sona's underwater experience.

An attempt to draw a realistic horse underwater results in a humorous 'obese horse' sketch.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts on the unique art experiment.