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12 May 202421:53

TLDRIn this video, the gamer explores the underestimated power of the golden Tech X in the game Binding of Isaac. Starting with Brimstone and Mom's Knife, the player experiences an incredible run, acquiring a moon card and a chest early on. The commentary discusses the item's strength and the player's strategy, including the decision to prioritize damage over shot speed. The player encounters various challenges and opportunities, such as the D6 for rerolls, health upgrades, and the choice between different items. The summary of the gameplay highlights the player's successful use of Tech X, the acquisition of powerful items like the magic mushroom, and the strategic use of keys and cards. The video concludes with the player's impressive defeat of the final boss, showcasing the effectiveness of a golden Tech X start and the importance of luck and strategy in achieving a perfect run.


  • 🎮 The video discusses the game 'Binding of Isaac' and the player's strategy with the character Tech X.
  • 🔥 The player starts with a powerful item, Golden Tech X, which is considered underrated and strong for starting the game.
  • 🌕 The player receives a Moon Card early in the game, which is seen as a positive start.
  • 🗡️ Tech X's power is highlighted as the player can defeat bosses with just a few shots.
  • 💊 The player discusses the use of pills in the game, such as Health Up and Magic Mushroom, which significantly boost the character's abilities.
  • 🛒 The importance of managing inventory and making wise item choices is emphasized, especially when using Tech X.
  • 🎰 The player's strategy involves rerolling unwanted items and making the most out of deals in the game.
  • 💣 The player successfully acquires powerful items like Jesus Juice, Guppy's Eyes, and the Book of Bile, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • 🧛 The player contemplates entering the curse room despite the risks, showcasing the trade-offs between risk and reward in the game.
  • 🎶 The player appreciates the game's music, even pausing to enjoy it, indicating the immersive quality of the game's audio design.
  • 📈 The player's progress in the game is swift, with mentions of potential challenges like the Boss Rush and the character Delirium.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a gameplay session of the game 'Binding of Isaac', focusing on the use of the golden Tech X item and its impact on the game.

  • What does the player start with in the game?

    -The player starts with Brimstone and Mom's Knife, and later acquires a moon card and golden Tech X.

  • Why does the player think Mom's Knife is boring?

    -The player finds Mom's Knife boring because it is very effective in terms of offense but lacks the excitement or variety that other items might provide.

  • What is the significance of the Magic Mushroom item in the game?

    -The Magic Mushroom is significant because it provides a substantial boost to the player's starting power, allowing them to defeat enemies more quickly.

  • What is the player's strategy regarding shot speed upgrades with Tech X?

    -The player usually avoids shot speed upgrades with Tech X because they come with a damage downgrade, which is not desirable.

  • What is the player's opinion on the flooded caves theme music?

    -The player enjoys the flooded caves theme music so much that they sometimes pause the game to let it play for a while.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the boss challenge room?

    -The player feels confident about entering the boss challenge room due to the powerful combination of items they have acquired, including golden Tech X and a damage multiplier.

  • What is the player's reaction to getting the Red Kittens' Curse item?

    -The player is excited about the Red Kittens' Curse item because it allows all enemies of the same type to take damage when attacking, which can be very powerful.

  • Why does the player decide to take the risk with Red Kittens' Curse despite it reducing their health to 1 HP?

    -The player decides to take the risk because they are confident in their gameplay and the powerful items they have, believing the trade-off for the item's benefits is worth it.

  • What is the player's strategy for the secret room with the experimental pill?

    -The player is cautious about the secret room with the experimental pill, considering their low health. They decide to avoid taking any shot speed upgrades to maintain their damage potential.

  • What is the player's final assessment of golden Tech X as they end the game?

    -The player concludes that golden Tech X is an extremely powerful item, even considering it might be the 'winner' among other items for its ability to significantly enhance the gameplay experience.



🎮 Starting Strong with Golden Tech X

The video begins with the gamer expressing excitement about using the underappreciated Golden Tech X in the game. They start with Brimstone and Mom's Knife, and after obtaining Tech X, they notice its impressive power. The player also discusses community feedback on Mom's Knife and shares their opinion that it's offensively strong but boring. They proceed to defeat enemies, including the Duke of Flies, with remarkable ease, highlighting the item's strength. The player also contemplates the value of shot speed upgrades with Tech X and ends the paragraph by securing powerful items and expressing a growing preference for Tech X over other items like Golden Brimstone or Golden Mom's Knife.


🔑 Exploring Flooded Caves and Strategic Item Choices

The player continues their run through the Flooded Caves, discussing the theme and music of the level. They make strategic decisions about item choices, such as avoiding shot speed upgrades that could decrease damage output with Tech X. The player encounters various items, including a Golden Key and a Magic Mushroom, which significantly boosts their power. They also discuss the potential of the game's items and their effects on gameplay, like the Red Kite's Curse and its ability to damage all enemies of the same type when attacking. The paragraph ends with the player successfully navigating the level and preparing for the next stage.


🎰 Luck and Strategy in the Secret Room

The player discovers a secret room and expresses their apprehension about the risks involved in taking certain items, especially when at low health. They manage to obtain beneficial items like an 'Oh my God' pill and a Golden Heart, which boosts their confidence for taking on challenges like the Boss Rush. The player also contemplates the value of different items and rolls, deciding to save a roll for a Beggar they encountered earlier. The paragraph concludes with the player's successful navigation of the level and their anticipation for upcoming challenges.


🚀 Powering Up with Key Items and Transformations

The player focuses on increasing their power with key items, avoiding shot speed upgrades due to their awareness of Tech X's mechanics. They obtain Crack Jack's Lead Pencil, which synergizes well with their current build. The player also discusses their strategy for the boss fight against Hush, utilizing the lump of coal for massive damage. They express their satisfaction with the run's progress, obtaining a Soul Heart and preparing to face Mega Satan. The paragraph ends with the player's successful defeat of Mega Satan and their collection of powerful items, including Guppy's Tail and Holy Light, setting them up for an even more powerful run.


🌟 Pursuing Perfection and Confronting Delirium

The player continues to collect items and keys, aiming for a perfect run. They obtain the Angry Fly and complete the BeaB transformation, further enhancing their power. The player also contemplates their strategy for the boss fights ahead, particularly against Delirium. They express confidence in their ability to defeat Delirium in a single shot due to their powerful build. The paragraph concludes with the player's successful defeat of Delirium, achieving a perfect run and highlighting the effectiveness of their strategy and item choices.



💡Tech X

Tech X refers to a powerful item in the game 'Binding of Isaac'. It is a technology upgrade that significantly increases the player's damage output. In the video, the player starts with this item and discusses its impact on gameplay, noting that it allows for rapid damage dealing and is a strong choice for a starting item.

💡Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac is a popular indie video game known for its roguelike elements and dark themes. The game involves navigating through levels, collecting power-ups, and battling enemies. The script discusses the player's strategy and experiences while playing the game, highlighting the importance of item choices and their impact on the game's outcome.

💡Golden Brimstone

Golden Brimstone is a special item in 'Binding of Isaac' that provides the player with a powerful ranged attack. The term is used in the script to emphasize the strong start the player has, suggesting that it is a highly desirable item to have early in the game.

💡Mom's Knife

Mom's Knife is another item in 'Binding of Isaac' that serves as a close-range weapon. The player mentions starting with this item and contrasts it with Tech X, indicating a preference for the latter due to its offensive capabilities.

💡Shot Speed

Shot Speed in the context of 'Binding of Isaac' refers to the rate at which the player can fire projectiles. The script discusses the player's consideration of shot speed upgrades in relation to Tech X, noting that while they usually take such upgrades, they must reconsider due to Tech X's inherent damage trade-off with increased speed.


In 'Binding of Isaac', Luck is a stat that affects various random elements of the game, such as item drops and enemy spawns. The player discusses the importance of maintaining high Luck, as it can lead to more favorable outcomes in the game.

💡Boss Rush

Boss Rush is a challenge mode in 'Binding of Isaac' where the player faces a series of boss fights in succession. The script mentions the player's confidence in attempting Boss Rush due to their strong starting items and successful gameplay.

💡Secret Room

A Secret Room in 'Binding of Isaac' is a hidden area that contains valuable items or encounters. The player discusses finding and utilizing secret rooms to gain additional benefits, such as powerful items or opportunities to reroll for different items.

💡Holy Light

Holy Light is an item in 'Binding of Isaac' that provides a variety of benefits, including damage reduction and the ability to slow down enemies. The player acquires this item and discusses how it complements their strategy, enhancing their survivability in the game.

💡Guppy's Tail

Guppy's Tail is an item that increases the player's tear rate, which is the speed at which tears are fired. The player mentions this item in the context of enhancing their damage output, particularly when combined with other items that improve their gameplay.


Delirium is a challenging boss character in 'Binding of Isaac'. The player expresses a desire to fight Delirium, indicating a high level of confidence in their current build and the effectiveness of their strategy.


Starting with golden Tech X and Brimstone's knife for a powerful gameplay strategy.

Receiving a moon card and a chest early in the game for a lucky start.

The surprising strength of the item in the game as a start, despite being underrated.

The importance of reevaluating shot speed upgrades with Tech X due to its damage downside.

The discovery of a magic mushroom that significantly boosts the character's power.

The player's strategy to maximize the use of golden Brimstone and golden Mom's knife.

The acquisition of Red Kittens' Curse, an item that damages all enemies of the same type when attacking.

The player's successful attempt at obtaining every devil deal on top of a damage multiplier.

The use of the D6 to reroll unwanted items, adding an element of strategy to the game.

The player's realization about the potential downside of taking shot speed upgrades with Tech X.

The excitement of starting with a strong item like golden Tech X and the impact on gameplay.

The player's commentary on the game's music, especially the Flooded Caves theme.

The strategic decision to enter the curse room despite the risks for potential benefits.

The player's humorous take on the game's sound effects and their personal interpretations.

The player's successful use of the Bomb to defeat a challenging boss.

The player's commentary on the importance of maintaining high luck in the dark room.

The player's strategy of collecting items to increase the effectiveness of Guppy's Tail.

The player's encounter with Delirium and the potential for a one-shot victory with the current build.