How to summarize a PDF in ChatGPT

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15 Dec 202304:49

TLDRThe video script introduces three plugins for summarizing content: Link Reader, which extracts summaries from various links, including articles and PDFs; and two additional plugins for summarizing PDFs when direct links fail. The first plugin requires a free-to-read article to work, while the second plugin, 'ask your PDF,' allows uploading the document for summarization if the link doesn't work. The demonstration shows the process of using these tools to summarize a five-page paper on artificial intelligence in medicine, emphasizing the ease of understanding complex topics through simplified summaries.


  • 🔍 **Link Reader Plugin**: A tool that reads and summarizes content from various links including websites, PDFs, and other documents.
  • 📄 **Article Summarization**: The plugin can summarize articles, providing key points in a simplified manner, suitable for a 5-year-old's understanding.
  • 💰 **Job Market Insight**: The script mentions prompt engineering jobs that can pay up to $375,000, highlighting the salary aspect.
  • 🚫 **Paywall Limitation**: If an article is behind a paywall, the plugin may not work, requiring free access to the content for summarization.
  • 🔗 **Link Dependency**: Sometimes summarization depends on the link provided; if it doesn't work, an alternative plugin is suggested.
  • 📑 **PDF Summarization**: The plugin can also summarize PDF documents, which can be useful for understanding complex texts.
  • 🔧 **Alternative Plugins**: If the link doesn't work for summarization, another plugin called 'Ask Your PDF' is available for use.
  • ⏫ **Manual Upload Option**: When the link doesn't work, 'Ask Your PDF' allows manual document upload to generate a summary.
  • 🆔 **Document ID**: After uploading a document, a unique ID is provided which is used to request the summary.
  • 🔄 **Summary Process**: The process of summarizing a PDF involves uploading the document, obtaining an ID, and then requesting the summary.
  • ⚙️ **Technical Glitches**: There might be technical issues that prevent the upload button from appearing, but the option to upload should generally be available.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the 'Link Reader' plugin mentioned in the transcript?

    -The 'Link Reader' plugin is designed to read and summarize the content of various types of links, including websites, articles, PDFs, images, and other documents.

  • How does the 'Link Reader' plugin summarize content for users?

    -The plugin asks users to copy the link of the content they wish to summarize and then paste it into the plugin, specifying the level of simplicity they want, such as summarizing the content as if explaining to a 5-year-old.

  • What is a potential limitation of the 'Link Reader' plugin when summarizing articles?

    -A potential limitation is that if the article is behind a paywall and not freely accessible, the plugin will not be able to summarize it.

  • What is the alternative plugin to 'Link Reader' mentioned in the transcript?

    -The alternative plugin mentioned is 'Ask Your PDF', which provides another option for summarizing content when the link does not work.

  • How does 'Ask Your PDF' differ from 'Link Reader' in terms of functionality?

    -Unlike 'Link Reader', 'Ask Your PDF' allows users to manually upload a PDF file to its servers for summarization, providing an alternative when the link-based summarization fails.

  • What is the process if 'Ask Your PDF' cannot access the content through the provided link?

    -If 'Ask Your PDF' cannot access the content through the link, users can manually upload the document. After uploading, they receive a document ID which they can paste into the conversation to get the summary.

  • What kind of content can be summarized using the 'Link Reader' plugin?

    -The 'Link Reader' plugin can summarize content from a variety of sources including websites, articles, PDFs, images, Word documents, and other types of documents.

  • Can the 'Link Reader' plugin summarize content that uses complex language or terminology?

    -Yes, but it can simplify the language by summarizing the content in simple words, making it easier to understand for users who are not familiar with complex terminology.

  • What is the benefit of summarizing a document using the 'Link Reader' or 'Ask Your PDF' plugins?

    -The benefit is that users can quickly grasp the key points of a document without having to read through the entire content, especially when dealing with lengthy or complex documents.

  • Is there a specific format or structure that the summary generated by the plugins should follow?

    -The transcript does not specify a particular format or structure for the summaries, but it implies that the summaries should be concise and easy to understand, possibly using simple language.

  • What happens if the 'Link Reader' plugin encounters an issue when trying to summarize a PDF?

    -If the 'Link Reader' encounters an issue, users can try the 'Ask Your PDF' plugin, which offers the option to upload the PDF directly for summarization.



🔗 Link Reader Plugin Overview

The video script introduces the Link Reader plugin, a tool designed to summarize content from various types of links including websites, articles, PDFs, and other documents. The presenter demonstrates how to activate the plugin and use it to summarize an article about prompt engineering jobs. The plugin is instructed to provide a summary as if explaining to a 5-year-old, emphasizing simplicity. The video also mentions limitations, such as the plugin's inability to summarize content from articles behind a paywall. The presenter successfully tests the plugin on a website article and a PDF document, highlighting the plugin's utility in providing simple word summaries for complex content.

📄 PDF Summarization with Link Reader

This part of the script focuses on using the Link Reader plugin to summarize a five-page PDF document on artificial intelligence in medicine. The presenter shows the process of copying the link and requesting a summary, noting that the plugin may not always work, depending on the link's accessibility. When the plugin fails to summarize due to a link issue, the presenter introduces another plugin, 'Ask Your PDF,' as an alternative solution. The video demonstrates the process of manually uploading a document when the link does not work, obtaining a document ID, and using it to request a summary, which is successfully provided by the plugin.




A plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. In the context of the video, 'Link reader' is a plugin that reads and summarizes content from various types of links, including websites and PDFs. The script demonstrates how to use this plugin to summarize an article and a PDF document.

💡Link Reader

Link Reader is the name of the plugin discussed in the video. It is designed to read and summarize content from links, which can be websites, PDFs, or other document types. The video shows how to activate this plugin and use it to obtain a summary of an article and a PDF document.


To summarize means to condense a larger piece of text into a shorter version that retains the main points. In the video, the plugin is used to summarize an article and a PDF, making complex information more accessible and easier to understand, especially when the user asks for a summary 'like I'm five years old'.


An article is a piece of writing typically found in newspapers, magazines, or online publications. In the script, an article about 'prom engineering jobs' is summarized using the Link Reader plugin, highlighting how the plugin can distill key points from a longer text.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. The video script includes an example of summarizing a PDF document using the Link Reader plugin, demonstrating its capability to handle various document types.

💡Key Points

Key points are the most important or central ideas in a piece of information. The script mentions that the summary provided by the plugin includes key points about 'prompt engineering jobs that pay up to $375,000', showing how summaries can focus on the most relevant information.


A company is a legal entity made up of an association of people for a commercial, professional, or industrial enterprise. The video script refers to a 'company that is paying this salary', indicating that the summary provided by the plugin also identifies the source or context of the information.

💡Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine refers to the application of AI technologies in the healthcare sector to improve diagnosis, treatment, patient care, and other medical processes. The script describes summarizing a paper on this topic, illustrating the plugin's ability to handle and simplify complex subjects.

💡Ask Your PDF

Ask Your PDF is another plugin mentioned in the video, which provides an alternative method for summarizing PDF documents when the direct link method fails. It allows users to upload the PDF file directly to obtain a summary, offering flexibility in handling document summarization.


To upload means to transfer files or data from a local system to a remote computer, typically over a network. In the context of the video, uploading is used to describe the process of sending a PDF file to the Ask Your PDF plugin's servers to obtain a summary when the link-based method is not successful.

💡Document ID

A Document ID is a unique identifier assigned to a document, especially in digital systems. In the video script, after uploading a document to Ask Your PDF, a 'doc ID' is provided, which the user must then use to request a summary of the uploaded document.


Link reader is a plugin that can read content from various types of links, including websites, PDFs, and other documents.

The plugin can summarize articles on websites, such as one discussing prompt engineering jobs.

To use the plugin, you copy the link and request a summary, ideally explaining it as if you were 5 years old.

It's important to ensure the article is freely accessible, as the plugin may not work with paywalled content.

The summary provided by the plugin highlights key points, such as job positions and salaries in the example given.

Link reader can also summarize the content of a PDF document when provided with a link.

The plugin may not always work with links, and in such cases, another plugin can be used.

The second plugin, 'ask your PDF', offers an alternative option when the link to a PDF does not work.

With 'ask your PDF', you can manually upload a PDF file to receive a summary.

Uploading a PDF provides you with a document ID that you can use to request a summary.

The plugin can handle complex papers, such as one on artificial intelligence in medicine, and simplify the content.

The summary process aims to make complex papers more understandable for users.

There are instances where the plugin may not work immediately, requiring manual upload or using another plugin.

The plugin provides a summary in simple words, making it easier for users to grasp the content.

In the demonstration, the plugin successfully summarized a five-page paper on artificial intelligence in medicine.

The plugin can be a valuable tool for quickly understanding the content of lengthy documents without reading them in full.

Users are advised to try different plugins if one does not work as expected, ensuring they can still achieve their goal of summarizing content.