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20 Nov 202306:00

TLDRIn this video, the host guides viewers on how to utilize Civitai, an AI platform for generating images from text prompts. The process begins with logging into the platform using a Gmail account. Users can explore various AI-generated images and create their own by specifying prompts and negative prompts to guide the AI. The platform offers customization options such as image ratio, content scale, and the number of layers or variations desired. The video demonstrates creating an image of a man with black eyes and a child with a hairband, showcasing the AI's ability to interpret prompts and produce unique art pieces. Additionally, viewers are introduced to the platform's community features, where they can find inspiration from others' creations, explore different AI models, and engage with related articles and live streams. The host encourages viewers to subscribe for more informative content.


  • 🌐 Visit the Civitai website using any browser, such as Google Chrome, by searching for 'civii' or 'civi AI'.
  • 📝 To create an image, start by clicking on the pencil icon and then provide a detailed prompt describing the image you want to generate.
  • 🚫 Use the negative prompt to specify elements that you do not want to include in the generated image.
  • 🔞 Choose whether you want the content to be suitable for adults or not.
  • 📐 Select the aspect ratio for your image, such as square or mobile.
  • 'tune' Choose the CPS scale, which affects the balance between speed and quality of the generated image.
  • 🎨 Select the base or style you want for the image, and the number of layers or steps in the generation process.
  • 📈 Adjust the number of CLIP straps and variations to control the complexity and diversity of the output.
  • ⏱️ Understand that fewer selections will result in faster processing times.
  • 🖼️ Once generated, you can view the results and decide if you want to use them or modify the prompt for another attempt.
  • 📚 Explore the 'Models' section for inspiration and to see what others have created using the platform.
  • 📈 Review the 'Images' section to see social media posts and other creations by the community.
  • 📚 Read related articles for more information on different models and features of the platform.

Q & A

  • What is CVI AI?

    -CVI AI is an AI platform where users can generate images by providing prompts, essentially converting text descriptions into visual art pieces.

  • How do you access CVI AI?

    -You can access CVI AI by going to the browser of your choice, searching for 'civii' or 'civi AI', and then navigating to the website that appears in the search results.

  • What is the first step after landing on the CVI AI homepage?

    -The first step is to log in if you already have an account, or sign up using your Gmail account if you're a new user.

  • How do you create a new piece of AI art on CVI AI?

    -To create a new piece, click on the pencil icon on the homepage. Then, you can input your prompt in the prompt section, describe the kind of image you want, and specify any negative prompts.

  • What is a prompt in the context of CVI AI?

    -A prompt is a text description that guides the AI in generating an image. It tells the AI what kind of image the user is looking for, such as a man with black eyes or a specific scene.

  • What are negative prompts?

    -Negative prompts are descriptions of elements that you do not want to appear in the generated image, such as 'two heads', 'many fingers', or 'bad quality'.

  • How do you customize the settings for image generation on CVI AI?

    -You can customize settings such as the aspect ratio, whether the content should be adult or not, the CPS scale, base or back engineering options, the number of layers or steps, and the number of variations.

  • What does the CPS scale represent in CVI AI?

    -The CPS scale represents the complexity and scale of the image you need. Choosing a balanced scale will take less time compared to other options.

  • What are the options for the number of variations in the generated images?

    -You can choose between one and up to ten different variations for the generated images, depending on how many different outcomes you want to explore.

  • How long does it take for CVI AI to generate an image after submitting a prompt?

    -The time it takes for CVI AI to generate an image depends on the complexity of the prompt and the settings chosen. Simpler prompts and settings will generally result in faster generation times.

  • What can you do with the generated images on CVI AI?

    -You can use the generated images for your own projects, get inspiration from them, or share them on social media if you are satisfied with the results.

  • Are there any additional resources or features on CVI AI for users to explore?

    -Yes, CVI AI offers additional features such as a model section where users can create and share their own AI models, an images section to view and get inspired by creations from others, articles related to different models, and live streaming for further engagement.



🎨 Introduction to CVI AI: Creating AI Art Pieces

This paragraph introduces the viewer to CVI AI, an AI platform that allows users to generate images from text prompts. The video guide explains the process of accessing the platform via a web browser, signing up with a Gmail account, and navigating the homepage to view and create AI-generated images. It details the steps to create a new piece of art, which includes writing prompts for the desired image, specifying negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements, and choosing various settings like aspect ratio, content scale, and the number of variations desired. The guide also suggests starting with a balanced content scale for faster results and provides an example of creating an image of a child with a hairband.


🔍 Exploring CVI AI: Features and Community Creations

The second paragraph delves into exploring the features of CVI AI after creating an initial piece of art. It discusses the option to revisit and edit prompts, and the viewer is shown how to generate different variations of an image based on their input. The paragraph also highlights the community aspect of the platform, where users can post their creations, explore others' work for inspiration, and find articles related to various models. Additionally, it mentions the availability of live streaming on the website for further engagement. The video concludes with an encouragement to subscribe for more informative content and thanks the viewers for watching.




CVI AI is an AI platform mentioned in the video that allows users to generate images from textual prompts. It is central to the video's theme as it is the main tool demonstrated for creating AI art pieces. The platform is used throughout the script to illustrate the process of generating images based on user input.

💡Text to Image

Text to image refers to the process of converting a textual description into a visual representation. This is a fundamental concept in the video, as it explains how CVI AI works by taking prompts and creating images accordingly. The script demonstrates this by showing how prompts like 'a guy with black eyes' are used to generate images.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a textual description or request given to the AI to guide the generation of an image. Prompts are essential as they directly influence the output of the AI, determining the subject, style, and composition of the generated images. For example, the script describes entering 'a man and a dog' as a prompt to generate a specific image.

💡Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is a feature within the AI platform that allows users to specify elements they do not want to appear in the generated image. It is used to refine the output by excluding unwanted features, such as 'two heads' or 'bad quality'. The script mentions using negative prompts to ensure the generated images meet the user's expectations.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and the height of an image. In the video, selecting the aspect ratio is part of the image generation process, allowing users to choose the shape and dimensions of the final image. The script mentions options like 'square' and 'mobile' as examples of aspect ratios available in CVI AI.

💡CPS Scale

CPS scale, which stands for 'clip guide posts scale', is a technical setting within the AI platform that affects the level of detail and processing time for image generation. The script suggests choosing a balanced CPS scale for faster results, indicating that it is a trade-off between quality and speed.

💡Base Model

A base model in the context of the video refers to the underlying AI model that is used to generate images. The choice of base model can influence the style and type of images produced. The script mentions selecting different base models for different styles of AI art, such as 'Anime' for a specific aesthetic.


Variations refer to the different versions or interpretations of an image that the AI can generate based on a single prompt. The script explains that users can choose the number of variations they want, allowing for a range of creative outputs. It is an important feature for exploring different creative possibilities.


In the video, a model refers to a specific AI configuration or style that users can select to generate images. Models are pre-defined AI settings that can be used to create images in a particular style, such as 'Anime'. The script demonstrates how to use a model by selecting it and then generating images based on that model.


To generate, in the context of the video, means to create or produce an image using the AI platform. It is the action taken after setting the prompt and other parameters, where the AI processes the input and creates the image. The script shows the process of generating images by clicking on the 'generate' option in CVI AI.

💡Social Media

Social media is mentioned in the video as a platform where users can share the AI-generated images they create. It is an extension of the creative process, allowing users to post their artwork and engage with a broader audience. The script refers to a section where users can post their images if they are pleased with the results.


CVI AI is an AI platform for generating images from text prompts.

To use CVI AI, visit the website using any browser, such as Google Chrome.

Sign up with a Gmail account to access the platform.

Explore existing AI-generated images for inspiration or to create your own.

Create a new piece by clicking the pencil icon and entering your prompt.

Describe the image you want to generate in the prompt section.

Specify unwanted elements in the negative prompt to refine the AI's output.

Choose whether to include adult content in the generated images.

Select the aspect ratio and other technical options based on your needs.

Adjust the CPS scale for balance between speed and detail.

Choose the base or background engineering for your image.

Determine the number of layers or steps in the image creation process.

Select the number of variations you want the AI to generate.

The AI will process your prompt and present the results.

Explore different models and AI-generated images for inspiration.

Edit the prompt and generate new images based on your changes.

View and share your creations on social media or the CVI AI platform.

Read articles and watch live streams for more information on using CVI AI.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more informative videos on CVI AI.