How to Save Time Reading Research Articles: How to use Resoomer AI Summarizer

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19 Apr 202306:56

TLDRResoomer AI Summarizer is a tool designed to streamline the process of reading research articles by compressing text to deliver main points efficiently. Unlike traditional summarizers that rewrite content, Resoomer reduces text volume without altering the author's words, ensuring accuracy. The user can input a PDF or full text, and the AI generates a summary, as demonstrated with a published paper. The tool also offers text analysis, highlighting key sentences for an 'automatic highlighter' effect. Summaries can be shared via URL or downloaded as PDF or DOC, though each page must be exported separately. Additionally, documents can be uploaded directly for summarization. For further research efficiency, the creator suggests a 30-day research jumpstart guide.


  • 📚 Resoomer is a new AI summarizer designed to help you save time when reading research articles.
  • 🔍 It compresses the text of articles to provide main points without rewriting the content.
  • 📄 Resoomer works best with actual PDF sources rather than URLs or plain text.
  • 👉 The summary process involves pasting a URL or uploading a PDF and clicking the 'resume' button.
  • 📈 The summary reduces the text significantly, allowing for faster reading and understanding.
  • 📝 The summary includes sections from the introduction, methods, results, and conclusion of the article.
  • 💡 Resoomer provides an 'automatic highlighter' feature to help identify important sections of the article.
  • 🔗 There are options to share the summary via a URL or download it as a PDF or DOC file.
  • 📋 The downloaded document retains the highlighted sections, making it easy to review key information.
  • 📑 Resoomer also allows for uploading documents directly, simplifying the summarization process.
  • 🧭 The video also mentions a 30-day research jumpstart guide for further research efficiency.

Q & A

  • What is Resoomer AI Summarizer and how does it help in reading research articles?

    -Resoomer AI Summarizer is a tool that compresses the text of research articles, reducing the amount of information you need to read while still conveying the main points. Unlike other summarizers that rewrite articles in plain language, Resoomer preserves the author's original words, which helps prevent the introduction of incorrect information.

  • How does Resoomer differ from other summarizing tools?

    -Resoomer differs by reducing the length of the text rather than rewriting it in plain language or extracting information to create a new paragraph. This method maintains the accuracy of the original content and uses the author's own words.

  • What is the recommended source format for using Resoomer?

    -Resoomer works best when provided with an actual PDF source rather than just a URL. This allows for a more accurate and comprehensive summary.

  • Can you use Resoomer if you don't have a URL for the PDF?

    -Yes, if you don't have a URL, you can simply paste the full text of the article into Resoomer to generate a summary.

  • How much time can Resoomer potentially save when reading research articles?

    -Resoomer can reduce the text to a fraction of the original size, potentially saving the reader about half the time it would take to read the entire article.

  • What features of a research article does Resoomer typically include in its summary?

    -Resoomer typically includes sections from the introduction, information from previous literature, methodology, results, and conclusions in its summary.

  • What is the text analysis feature in Resoomer and how does it help?

    -The text analysis feature in Resoomer highlights the sentences from the entire article that are useful and included in the summary. This acts as an automatic highlighter, allowing readers to focus on the most important information.

  • Can you share a summary generated by Resoomer with others?

    -Yes, you can share a summary by displaying the URL of the summary. Resoomer provides a way to generate a shareable link that includes the summary and text analysis.

  • In what formats can you download a summary generated by Resoomer?

    -You can download a summary generated by Resoomer as a PDF or as a DOC file. Both formats retain the highlighted sections from the original article.

  • Is there a limit to the number of pages that can be summarized at once in Resoomer?

    -Resoomer exports only the current page at a time. If an article spans multiple pages, you would need to generate and download a separate PDF for each page.

  • How can you upload a document directly to Resoomer instead of using a link or pasting text?

    -You can use the 'Import Document' feature in Resoomer to upload a PDF, document, or text file directly to the summarizer.



📚 Introducing the Resumer Summarizer Tool

The speaker introduces a new summarizing tool called 'resumer' designed to condense research articles while preserving the main points. Unlike other summarizers that rewrite content, resumer reduces text length without altering the original meaning, potentially saving readers significant time. The speaker demonstrates using resumer on their first published paper, highlighting how it extracts key sections from the introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion. The tool is shown to be most effective with PDF sources and offers a text analysis feature that highlights important sentences for easy reference.


🔍 Enhancing Research Efficiency with Resumer

The second paragraph delves into the practical applications of the resumer tool. It explains how users can share summaries via URL, download them as PDFs or DOCs for further use, and even import documents directly for summarization. The speaker also mentions the limitation that each page of a document must be processed separately for PDF export. Additionally, they promote a '30-day research jumpstart guide' for those looking to improve their research skills, and encourage viewers to explore other summarizing tools and subscribe to the channel for more research efficiency tips.



💡Resoomer AI Summarizer

Resoomer AI Summarizer is a tool designed to condense lengthy research articles into shorter, more digestible summaries without altering the original content. It differs from other summarization tools by not rewriting the text in plain language but rather compressing the original text to highlight key points. This approach helps maintain the accuracy of the information, as it avoids the potential for introducing errors that can occur with AI-generated summaries. In the video, the presenter introduces Resoomer and demonstrates its use on a research article, showing how it can reduce the amount of text to read while preserving the main ideas.

💡Research Articles

Research articles are scholarly writings that present original research results and are typically published in academic journals. They are a primary source of knowledge in various fields and are crucial for academic and professional development. In the context of the video, the presenter discusses the challenges of reading through numerous research articles and introduces Resoomer as a solution to save time and effort by summarizing these articles effectively.

💡Text Analysis

Text analysis in the video refers to the process by which Resoomer identifies and highlights the most relevant sentences within a research article to be included in the summary. This feature acts as an 'automatic highlighter,' enabling users to quickly identify and focus on the essential parts of the article. The script mentions that text analysis can be particularly helpful for maintaining the integrity of the original article while still streamlining the reading process.


Accuracy in this context refers to the faithful representation of the original content in the summary generated by Resoomer. The tool aims to ensure that the summary is a true reflection of the original article, without any distortion or misinterpretation. The video emphasizes the importance of accuracy to avoid the introduction of incorrect information, which can be a pitfall of some AI summarization tools.

💡PDF Source

A PDF source is the original document in Portable Document Format that the user inputs into Resoomer for summarization. The video suggests that Resoomer works best when provided with an actual PDF file rather than just a URL. This is because the tool can directly access and analyze the text within the PDF, ensuring a more accurate and comprehensive summary.


In the video, a summary is the condensed version of a research article produced by Resoomer. The summary includes key points and sections from the original article, such as the abstract, introduction, methods, results, and conclusion. The presenter demonstrates how the summary can significantly reduce the amount of text a reader needs to go through, thus saving time and effort.

💡Text Compression

Text compression, as discussed in the video, is the process by which Resoomer reduces the length of the original text while retaining its main points. This is achieved by selecting and condensing the most relevant sentences and information. The script provides an example where the text was reduced to 41% of its original size, illustrating the efficiency of text compression in summarizing research articles.

💡Shareable Link

A shareable link in the context of the video is a URL that users can generate and share with others to access the summarized version of a research article. The presenter explains that once a summary is generated, users can create a shareable link that includes the summary and the text analysis, allowing others to view the condensed content easily.


The term 'download' in the video refers to the option provided by Resoomer to download the summarized article in different formats, such as PDF or DOC. This feature allows users to save the summary for offline use, share it with others, or integrate it into their research or note-taking workflow. The script mentions that the download option is useful for storing the summary in platforms like Notion or Zotero.

💡Import Document

Import document is a feature of Resoomer that allows users to upload a document directly, such as a PDF or text file, for summarization. This is an alternative to providing a URL or pasting in the full text. The video suggests that this feature can be particularly useful for users who prefer to work with documents stored locally or who wish to avoid the need to find and input a URL each time.


Introduction to Resoomer AI Summarizer, a tool for reducing the amount of text in research articles.

Resoomer works best with an actual PDF source rather than just a URL.

The summarizer compresses text without rewriting it, maintaining the author's original words.

A demonstration using the speaker's first published paper to show Resoomer in action.

The summary reduces the text to 41% of the original, saving significant reading time.

The summary includes sections from the introduction, clinical research, and types of immobility.

Information from previous literature is included in the summary.

The method section is summarized, including solution preparation and experiment details.

Results are presented in a summarized form, highlighting key findings.

The summarizer can automatically set the summary or allow for text analysis.

Text analysis highlights useful sentences from the entire article.

The summary can be shared via a URL or downloaded as a PDF or doc.

Downloading the summary allows for storage and sharing in various formats.

The summary can be used as an automatic highlighter to focus on important information.

The speaker's 30-day research jumpstart guide is mentioned as a resource.

Other summarizers are also discussed in linked videos.

A call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and learn to be more efficient in research.