How To ACCURATELY Transcribe YouTube Videos To Text (QUICK & EASY)

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8 Feb 202206:56

TLDRThis tutorial outlines the most efficient methods for transcribing YouTube videos into text with high accuracy. The video demonstrates how to utilize YouTube's automatic transcription feature, which requires manual adjustments for better accuracy. Two alternative approaches are presented: manually editing the transcription in a text editor or downloading the subtitles (SRT file) for editing. The creator strongly recommends using an automated transcription service like Rev for cost-effectiveness and convenience, which provides an 80% accurate transcription that can be fine-tuned with minimal effort. The video also covers how to upload the final transcript back to YouTube as subtitles and how to repurpose the transcript for blog posts, offering a seamless workflow for content creators.


  • 😀 Choose the YouTube video you want to transcribe by clicking on 'Content' and selecting the video.
  • 🔍 Access the video details and navigate to 'Subtitles' to find the automatic transcription provided by YouTube, but be aware it may not be 100% accurate.
  • ✂️ Duplicate and edit the automatic transcription to correct any inaccuracies.
  • 📋 Copy the transcription to a text editor like Notepad for further editing and organization.
  • 🖥️ For those with time, manually edit each line of the transcription to ensure accuracy.
  • 📥 Download the subtitles as an SRT file for offline editing if preferred.
  • 🛠️ Use a transcription tool like Rev for a more efficient process, offering both automated and human transcription services.
  • 💰 Save money by opting for automated transcription with slightly lower accuracy, then making minor tweaks for perfection.
  • 🔗 Paste the video URL into the transcription tool to get an estimate of the cost.
  • ✅ Review the transcription provided by the tool and remove any filler words or inaccuracies.
  • 🎯 Ensure keywords are correctly placed in the transcription for better search engine optimization on YouTube.
  • 🔄 Download the corrected SRT file and upload it back to YouTube as subtitles for accessibility.
  • 📝 Utilize the transcription for creating blog posts or other written content by downloading it as a Word document and making necessary adjustments.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The video is about the best way to transcribe YouTube videos to text accurately and efficiently.

  • What is the first step mentioned in the video for transcribing a YouTube video?

    -The first step is to choose the video you want to transcribe by going to 'content' and selecting the video.

  • How does YouTube's automatic transcription feature compare to a perfect transcription?

    -YouTube's automatic transcription is not 100% accurate, and it requires manual adjustments for a perfect transcription.

  • What are the two different ways mentioned in the video to transcribe a YouTube video?

    -The two ways are manually editing the transcriptions by duplicating and editing, and using an automated transcription tool like Rev for a quicker process.

  • What is the advantage of using the 'duplicate and edit' method?

    -The advantage is that it allows you to go through and set everything up manually, which can be beneficial for those who have the time and want full control over the transcription.

  • What is Rev and how does it help in transcribing YouTube videos?

    -Rev is a transcription tool that offers automated transcription services. It can transcribe videos with 80% accuracy and allows users to make minor tweaks to the transcription, which saves time and money.

  • How much does it cost to transcribe a five-minute video using Rev's automated transcription service?

    -It costs one dollar for a five-minute video using Rev's automated transcription service, which is significantly cheaper than the human transcription service.

  • What is the process of uploading the transcribed text back to YouTube as subtitles?

    -After transcribing and editing the text, you download the SRT file, go to YouTube, click on 'Add' under subtitles, upload the file, and then publish it.

  • How can the transcribed text be used for creating blog posts?

    -The transcribed text can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document, tweaked as needed, and then used as the content for blog posts, which can be linked back to the video.

  • What is the importance of removing filler words and ensuring proper keywords in the transcription?

    -Removing filler words and ensuring proper keywords in the transcription helps in making the content more readable and valuable. It also helps YouTube and Google understand the video's content better, which can improve video ranking.

  • How does the video suggest using the transcription for SEO purposes?

    -The video suggests making sure that the keywords are properly placed in the transcription so that YouTube and Google can familiarize themselves with the video's content, which can help in ranking the videos higher.



📝 Transcribing YouTube Videos to Text

The speaker begins by explaining the process of transcribing YouTube videos to text. They start by selecting the video they wish to transcribe and accessing its details to find the subtitles. They mention that YouTube provides automatic transcriptions but these are not always accurate. The speaker then introduces two methods for transcribing videos: one for those who are very busy and another for those who have more time and want to manually edit the transcription. The first method involves duplicating and editing the automatic transcription, while the second involves downloading the subtitles and manually editing them. The speaker emphasizes their preference for a third method, which is not detailed in this paragraph.


🛠️ Using Rev for Automated Transcription

In this paragraph, the speaker discusses their preferred method for transcribing YouTube videos, which involves using a tool called Rev. They describe the process of placing a new order on Rev, choosing the automated transcription option, and uploading the video link. The speaker explains that automated transcription is more cost-effective, offering 80% accuracy for a lower price compared to human transcription. They also mention the process of reviewing and tweaking the transcription to remove filler words and ensure keywords are included for better search engine optimization. The speaker then demonstrates how to download the edited transcription and upload it back to YouTube as subtitles, as well as how to use the transcription for creating blog posts by downloading it as a Word document and making necessary adjustments.




Transcribe refers to the process of converting spoken language into written text. In the context of the video, it is the act of turning the audio from a YouTube video into a text format. The script shows that the creator uses YouTube's automatic transcription feature and then refines it for accuracy, which is crucial for creating accurate text versions of video content.


Subtitles are textual representations of the audio content of a video, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. The video script mentions subtitles as a feature within YouTube that can be used to provide a transcribed version of the video's audio. The creator navigates to the 'subtitles' section to access the automatic transcription provided by YouTube.


Accuracy in this video refers to the precision and correctness of the transcribed text in relation to the spoken words in the video. The script emphasizes that while YouTube provides an automatic transcription, it is not 100% accurate, and the creator demonstrates how to edit and refine the transcription for better accuracy.

💡Duplicate and Edit

The phrase 'Duplicate and Edit' is used in the script to describe a step in the transcription process where the creator makes a copy of the existing subtitles and then edits them to correct any inaccuracies. This is part of the method to ensure that the final transcription is as accurate as possible.


Automation in the context of the video refers to the use of automated tools or services to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. The creator mentions using an automated transcription service from a tool called Rev, which provides a transcription with 80% accuracy, reducing the amount of manual editing required.


Rev is a transcription service mentioned in the video that offers both automated and human transcription services. The script describes using Rev's automated transcription feature as a cost-effective way to transcribe videos, with the option to make minor tweaks for further refinement.


Fillers are words or phrases that are used in speech but do not contribute meaningful content to the written text. The video script discusses the removal of filler words from the transcription to clean up the text and make it more readable and useful for purposes like blog posts or SEO.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the visibility of a website or content in search engine results. The script mentions ensuring that keywords are properly included in the transcription to help with SEO, making it easier for search engines like Google to understand the content of the video.

💡SRT File

An SRT file is a SubRip Text file, which is a widely used format for video subtitles. The video script describes downloading the SRT file from YouTube after editing the subtitles, which can then be edited further or used to add subtitles back to the video.

💡Blog Post

A blog post is an individual written article or entry published on a blog. The script provides an example of how the transcribed text can be used to create a blog post, with the creator showing how they used the transcription from Rev to write a blog post and link it to their YouTube video.


The best way to transcribe YouTube videos to text accurately is introduced.

Select the video you want to transcribe from the content section.

Access the video details and navigate to subtitles for transcription options.

YouTube offers automatic transcription, but it's not 100% accurate.

Two methods are presented: manual editing and using automated tools.

Manual editing involves duplicating and editing the automatic transcription.

Use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the transcription for further editing.

An alternative method is downloading the subtitles as an SRT file for editing.

For a quick and easy solution, a tool called Rev is recommended.

Rev offers automated transcription with 80% accuracy at a lower cost.

Demonstration of placing a new order and using Rev's automated transcription service.

Comparing the cost of automated versus human transcription on Rev.

Receiving the transcription and making minor adjustments for accuracy.

Using the AI system to remove filler words and ensure keyword accuracy.

Importance of proper transcription for higher YouTube and Google rankings.

Instructions on uploading the edited subtitle back to YouTube.

How to publish the updated subtitles on YouTube.

Using transcriptions for blog posts and linking them to YouTube videos.

A demonstration of using Rev's transcription for a blog post.

Invitation to like, comment, and ask questions for further assistance.