How I Make Viral MONETIZABLE Faceless Youtube Videos ($900/Day)

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14 Mar 202419:06

TLDRThis video tutorial reveals a method to create monetizable faceless YouTube videos that can generate up to $900/day. The host, known as 'AI Guy', shares a step-by-step guide on setting up a YouTube channel, crafting logos with AI, writing scripts with Dub Dub's AI voiceover, and producing videos with Leonardo AI's image generation. He emphasizes the importance of SEO and provides tips for monetization, including YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing. The video promises to turn viewers into YouTube automation experts with the potential to earn significant income.


  • 😀 Start your own YouTube automation channel with motivational videos.
  • 🎯 The channel showcased earned over $15,000 and gained 4 million views in six months.
  • 🛠️ Use AI tools like Chat GPT for channel naming and Leonardo AI for logo design.
  • 📝 Dub Dub is an all-in-one AI tool for script generation and voiceovers.
  • 📖 Scripts can be created from scratch or by paraphrasing successful ones.
  • 🎨 Utilize AI image generators to create visuals for your videos.
  • 🔍 Use Pixa Bay for royalty-free music tracks to avoid copyright issues.
  • 🎞️ Edit your videos with software like CapCut, ensuring to remove pauses in the voiceover.
  • 🎨 Add transitions, effects, and color grading to enhance video quality.
  • 🔄 Loop visuals to match the length of the voiceover for a seamless video.
  • 💰 Monetize your channel through YouTube's Partner Program, merchandise, and affiliate marketing.

Q & A

  • How much money has the faceless YouTube channel mentioned in the video earned in the last few months?

    -The faceless YouTube channel has earned over $15,000 from uploading motivational videos in the last few months.

  • What is the view count of the second video uploaded on the mentioned channel?

    -The second video uploaded on the channel has over 1.5 million views.

  • What is the total number of views the channel has accumulated?

    -The channel has accumulated over 4 million views in total.

  • What will the video tutorial cover in terms of starting a YouTube automation channel?

    -The video tutorial will cover everything from creating the channel, designing logos, writing scripts, to creating the first video together.

  • What is the creator's nickname and why is he called that?

    -The creator is nicknamed 'AI Guy', likely because of his extensive use and knowledge of AI tools in creating content.

  • How long does it take to create a video using the method described in the video?

    -A video can be created in as little as 15 minutes using the method described.

  • What are the five parts to creating the actual video as mentioned in the video?

    -The video does not explicitly list the five parts to creating the actual video, but it implies steps like channel creation, logo design, script writing, video creation, and monetization.

  • What tool does the creator suggest for generating a stoic-related channel name?

    -The creator suggests using Chat GPT to generate stoic-related channel name ideas.

  • How does the creator plan to help viewers make money from running a faceless YouTube channel?

    -The creator plans to reveal a tip learned from running multiple faceless YouTube channels that will help viewers make money, and provides this information for free.

  • What AI image generator does the creator use to create the channel logo?

    -The creator uses Leonardo AI to create the channel logo.

  • What is the recommended image dimension for YouTube logos according to the video?

    -The recommended image dimension for YouTube logos is 800 by 800.

  • What AI tool does the creator use for generating scripts and voiceovers?

    -The creator uses Dub Dub, an all-in-one AI tool, for generating scripts and voiceovers.

  • What is the name of the AI voiceover that the creator finds suitable for the stoic-themed videos?

    -The creator finds the AI voiceover named 'Alby' suitable for the stoic-themed videos.

  • What feature of Dub Dub allows you to clone your own voice?

    -The 'voice cloning' feature on Dub Dub allows you to clone your own voice.

  • What AI image generator is used to create visuals for the video?

    -Leonardo AI is used to create visuals for the video.

  • What is the recommended method to make images look super realistic in Leonardo AI?

    -Adding 'hyper realistic' to the image prompts in Leonardo AI is recommended to make images look super realistic.

  • What tool is used to upscale images and make them crisp?

    -Leonardo AI's built-in 'Alchemy Crisp Upscale' tool is used to upscale images and make them crisp.

  • What website is suggested for finding royalty-free music tracks for YouTube videos?

    -Pixa Bay is suggested for finding royalty-free music tracks.

  • What editing software does the creator use to put everything together?

    -The creator uses CapCut as the editing software to put everything together.

  • How can the creator ensure that the video is engaging and doesn't have unnecessary pauses?

    -The creator removes all the pauses from the voiceover by splitting and deleting empty bits of audio.

  • What is the recommended aspect ratio for the editing software when creating a new project file?

    -The recommended aspect ratio is 16 by 9.

  • How does the creator suggest to deal with the situation when the audio is much longer than the visuals?

    -The creator suggests looping the visuals to match the length of the audio.

  • What tool does the creator recommend for SEO and research on YouTube?

    -The creator recommends using vidIQ as the tool for SEO and research on YouTube.

  • What are some of the ways to monetize a faceless YouTube channel as mentioned in the video?

    -Some ways to monetize a faceless YouTube channel include YouTube monetization after reaching 1K subs and 4K watch hours, selling merchandise, and affiliate marketing.

  • What is the estimated monthly income from a monetized channel with a high RPM and watch hours?

    -The estimated monthly income from a monetized channel with a high RPM and watch hours is a couple of thousand dollars.



🚀 Starting a YouTube Automation Channel

The speaker introduces a method to start a YouTube automation channel by analyzing a successful faceless YouTube channel that earned significant revenue from motivational videos. They promise to guide viewers step by step, from channel creation to the first video, emphasizing transparency and practicality over generic advice. The video offers a free alternative to expensive courses, providing a blueprint and links for further guidance.


🎨 Creating Channel Branding and Logo with AI

The speaker details the process of creating a YouTube channel's branding, including choosing a name with the help of Chat GPT and crafting a channel description. They demonstrate how to use Leonardo AI and Canva to design a logo, suggesting the use of AI image generators for a black and white stoic philosopher theme. The focus is on leveraging AI tools to streamline the creation of professional-looking channel assets.


📝 Script Writing and Voice Over with Dub Dub

The paragraph explains how to use Dub Dub for generating viral video scripts and voice overs. It contrasts Dub Dub's capabilities with Chat GPT's limitations in scriptwriting and suggests two methods: writing an original script or repurposing a successful one from another channel. The speaker also highlights additional features of Dub Dub, such as voice cloning and talking avatars, and mentions the availability of support through Dub Dub's Discord server.


🎬 Video Creation with Animated Visuals and Music

The speaker outlines the process of creating animated visuals for the video using Leonardo AI's image generation and animation tools. They describe how to generate a series of images with consistent themes and styles, and how to animate them for a dynamic video effect. The paragraph also covers finding royalty-free music on Pixa Bay and assembling the video with the voice over, visuals, and music using editing software like CapCut.

💰 Monetizing the YouTube Channel and Final Steps

The final paragraph discusses strategies for monetizing the YouTube channel, including YouTube's partner program, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing. The speaker provides tips for meeting YouTube's monetization requirements quickly due to the long video format and adult audience. They also guide viewers on video publishing, SEO optimization with vidIQ, and creating an engaging thumbnail with Canva. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to follow along with the provided Google DOC and subscribe for more AI education.



💡Viral Videos

Viral videos are those that spread rapidly across the internet, gaining a large number of views in a short period. In the context of the video, the creator discusses how to produce motivational videos that can become viral on YouTube, without showing a face, which is a strategy to attract viewers and potentially earn significant revenue.


Monetizable content refers to media that can be used to generate income. The script explains how to create YouTube videos that not only attract viewers but also can be turned into a source of income through various monetization strategies such as YouTube's partner program, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing.

💡YouTube Automation

YouTube automation involves using tools and strategies to create and manage YouTube content with minimal effort. The video script outlines a method for automating the process of creating motivational videos, from writing scripts to generating visuals and voiceovers, to efficiently produce content for a YouTube channel.


Stoicism is a school of philosophy that teaches the development of self-control and fortitude to overcome destructive emotions. In the script, the term is used to describe the theme of the motivational videos being created, which are centered around stoic principles and wisdom.

💡AI Guy

A nickname given to the video creator, indicating his expertise in using artificial intelligence tools for content creation. The script mentions this nickname to establish credibility and to highlight the use of AI in the video creation process.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model used in the script for generating ideas and text prompts. It is mentioned as a tool for creating channel names, descriptions, and text prompts for image generation, showcasing its utility in the content creation process.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI image generator used in the video to create logos and visuals for the YouTube channel. The script details how to use this tool to generate black and white images featuring stoic philosophers, which are then used in the video content.

💡Dub Dub

Dub Dub is an AI tool mentioned in the script for generating scripts and voiceovers. It is highlighted as a powerful resource for creating engaging and viral video scripts that sound human-written and can be easily edited to fit specific content needs.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is a feature within Dub Dub that allows users to create a synthetic voice that sounds like the user's own. The script describes this feature as a way to add a personalized touch to the video voiceovers without the need for actual voice recording.

💡Talking Avatars

Talking avatars is a feature of Dub Dub that enables the creation of animated characters that can speak the scripted lines. The script suggests using this feature to create videos without the need for a physical camera, offering a faceless presentation of content.


Pixabay is a website mentioned in the script as a source for royalty-free music tracks. It is used to find non-copyrighted music that can be used in YouTube videos without infringing on copyright laws, which is crucial for video creators to avoid penalties.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the visibility of a video in search results. The script discusses using tools like vidIQ to enhance video titles and descriptions with trending keywords to improve the video's ranking on YouTube.


Merchandise in the context of the video refers to physical or digital products that can be sold to generate income. The script suggests creating merchandise with AI-generated images related to the stoic theme of the channel as a way to monetize the content beyond YouTube's monetization program.

💡Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where creators earn a commission by promoting other people's products. The script mentions this as a potential income stream by recommending stoic and philosophical books from Amazon, allowing the creator to earn a percentage from each sale made through their referral link.


A faceless YouTube channel has earned over $15,000 in six months with simple motivational videos.

The channel started six months ago and the second video uploaded has over 1.5 million views.

The channel has accumulated over 4 million views in total.

This video will show you how to start your own YouTube automation channel.

The tutorial will be transparent and step by step, unlike other YouTube gurus.

You will learn everything from creating the channel to designing logos and writing scripts.

A quick clip demonstrates a video created in 15 minutes, outperforming a 1 million view video.

There are five parts to creating the actual video, plus an additional money-making tip.

A Google DOC with a step by step blueprint will be provided in the description.

Creating a channel involves choosing a name and a username on YouTube Studio.

Chat GPT can provide stoic-related name ideas and help with channel description.

Leonardo AI and Canva are used to create a logo with a stoic philosopher theme.

Dub Dub is an AI tool for generating viral scripts and voiceovers.

Chat GPT is not recommended for script writing, but can be used for other purposes.

A secret method involves using Chat GPT and Dub Dub to paraphrase scripts from successful videos.

Dub Dub offers voice cloning and talking avatars for personalized content creation.

Leonardo AI can generate black and white images of stoic writers as visuals for the video.

Animated images can be created and upscaled using Leonardo's built-in tools.

Free music tracks can be found on Pixa Bay for video background scores.

CapCut is used for editing the video, removing pauses, and adding transitions.

Video SEO is enhanced using Vid IQ's AI Coach for trending keywords and title optimization.

The channel can be monetized through YouTube's Partner Program, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing.

A free course on AI content creation is available on the creator's channel.