Heygen AI Tutorial - How To Create an Instant AI Clone in 2 Minutes

AI Andy
24 Dec 202316:17

TLDRThis tutorial introduces 'Heygen AI,' a powerful tool for creating AI clones and avatars with ease. The video guides viewers through setting up an instant AI clone using just two minutes of footage, navigating potential pitfalls, and utilizing features like video translation for multilingual outputs. It showcases how to access over 120 avatars and 300+ voices to enhance video creation for various applications, from team collaborations to client projects. The platform is accessible with free initial credits, featuring tools for beginners and advanced users, promising to transform video production with AI-driven innovation.


  • 🎬 **Instant Avatar Creation**: The tutorial demonstrates how to quickly create an AI clone avatar using minimal footage.
  • 📹 **Video Setup and Customization**: Users can set up videos with various templates or AI script generation, and customize them with different voices and avatars.
  • 🗣️ **Voice and Language Options**: Heygen offers over 120 avatars and 300+ voices, including premium options for more realistic speech.
  • 🌐 **Multi-Language Support**: The platform can translate videos into multiple languages, with lip movements synchronized to the new language.
  • 🚀 **Real-Time Avatar Interaction**: A new feature allows for real-time, low-latency, lifelike AI avatar interactions with multilanguage support.
  • 💬 **Text and Voice Customization**: Users can input their own text or voice to drive the avatar's speech, making it more personalized.
  • 📈 **Professional Use Cases**: The technology is suitable for creating videos for sales, advertisements, educational content, and more.
  • 👥 **No Experience Required**: Beginners can utilize Heygen with ease, and most features are available for free.
  • 💡 **Tips for Best Results**: To achieve the best synchronization, it's recommended to keep the head steady and minimize excessive movement during recording.
  • 📊 **Pricing Plans**: Heygen offers different pricing plans, from a free tier with limited features to business and enterprise plans with advanced capabilities and higher credit allowances.
  • 📚 **Script Writing Tool**: An integrated script writer allows for easy text editing, similar to a chat interface for convenience.
  • 🔍 **API Integration**: For advanced users, Heygen provides API access, enabling the creation of avatars outside of the Heygen software.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the Heygen AI tutorial?

    -The main feature of the Heygen AI tutorial is teaching users how to create an instant AI clone and a voice clone, along with translating these into multiple languages. It demonstrates setting up avatars that can speak in various voices and languages.

  • How long does it take to set up an AI clone using Heygen?

    -According to the tutorial, setting up an AI clone using Heygen can be done with just 2 minutes of video footage.

  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating an AI avatar as mentioned in the tutorial?

    -The tutorial mentions that there are several common mistakes one can make when creating an AI avatar but does not specify them. Instead, it focuses on demonstrating the correct setup process.

  • What are the capabilities of the video translate feature in Heygen?

    -The video translate feature in Heygen allows users to convert their voice into a different language, syncing the lips in the video to match the translated audio. This feature supports over 25 languages.

  • What are the types of avatars available in Heygen?

    -Heygen offers several types of avatars, including instant avatars, photo avatars, studio avatars, and real-time avatars. These can be customized and used for various video creation purposes.

  • What does the real-time Avatar feature in Heygen do?

    -The real-time Avatar feature allows for the creation of lifelike AI avatars that can interact in real-time. This enables having multiple concurrent avatar sessions, unlimited session lengths, and multilanguage support.

  • How can one access premium voices in Heygen?

    -Premium voices in Heygen can be accessed by integrating APIs such as from 11 Labs, which provide realistic voice simulations. The tutorial explains how to import an API key for accessing these premium voices.

  • What are the benefits of using AI script generation in Heygen?

    -AI script generation in Heygen helps users quickly generate video scripts based on a topic or URL input. It supports multiple languages and tones, making it versatile for creating content for various purposes.

  • How does one fine-tune avatars in Heygen?

    -Fine-tuning avatars in Heygen involves selecting from various avatar options, customizing voices, and potentially using advanced features like face swap and outfit changes to enhance the avatar's appearance and functionality.

  • What are the key considerations when filming video for Heygen’s translate feature?

    -Key considerations include keeping your head steady and well-framed to ensure the translation algorithm accurately syncs lip movements with spoken words. Excessive movement can lead to poor synchronization and unnatural avatar behavior.



🎥 Introduction to Hay Gen AI Video Creation Tools

This segment introduces the Hay Gen platform, focusing on creating AI avatars and translating voice into multiple languages with realistic lip sync. The host explains the ease of setup, even for beginners, and the potential uses for teams and clients. Features like video templates, AI script generation, and AI-generated avatars are highlighted. The host walks through the platform's sign-in process and initial steps to create videos, emphasizing the user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.


🌟 Advanced Features of Hay Gen Video Creation

This section showcases advanced features of the Hay Gen platform, including the instant and fine-tuned avatars, real-time AI avatar interaction, and multilingual support. The host provides examples of rendered avatars to illustrate the quality and realism of the animations. Additionally, the video discusses user customization options such as importing personal images for avatars and using pre-designed video templates for various commercial purposes, enhancing the professional quality and personalization of content.


🔊 Demonstrating Audio and Translation Capabilities

The host demonstrates the platform's capabilities for creating and customizing video content using audio scripts and translation features. They discuss the video translation service that allows videos to be dubbed in multiple languages with accurate lip syncing, showcasing how different avatars can speak in various accents and tones. The segment also warns against excessive movement during recording, as it can confuse the syncing algorithm, and explains the platform's pricing structure, emphasizing the value provided at different subscription levels.


💼 Professional and Enterprise Plans Overview

In the concluding section, the focus shifts to Hay Gen's professional and enterprise offerings, detailing the benefits of API access, priority video processing, and 4K resolution options. The host compares the features and costs of different plans, encouraging potential users to consider how personalized videos can enhance training or YouTube content. The video ends with an invitation to try the platform for free, positioning Hay Gen as a valuable tool for creating faceless yet engaging video content.



💡Instant Avatar

An 'Instant Avatar' refers to a rapidly created digital representation of a person, often used in videos. In the context of the video, it's a feature that allows users to create AI-generated avatars that can mimic human expressions and speech. The script demonstrates how to set up and customize these avatars, emphasizing their ease of creation and potential for personalization in video content.

💡Video Translate

The 'Video Translate' feature is an advanced tool that converts spoken language in a video into another language, while synchronizing the lip movements of the avatar to match the new audio. This feature is highlighted in the script as a way to enhance international communication and make content accessible to a global audience, which is particularly useful for creators looking to expand their reach.

💡API Key

An 'API Key' is a code passed in by computer programs calling an API (Application Programming Interface) to identify the calling program. It's essential for accessing certain premium services like advanced AI voices. In the video, the API Key from '11 Labs' or 'Element' is used to integrate high-quality voices into the avatars, demonstrating the integration of external tools to enhance video production.


In the context of the video, 'credits' refer to a currency or unit used within the software to create videos. Each credit allows for a certain length of video to be produced. The script explains how these credits are consumed during video creation and how users can acquire more to continue producing content.

💡AI Script Generation

AI Script Generation is a feature that automatically creates textual content based on input parameters like topic or URL. In the script, this is shown as a way to streamline content creation, where users can generate scripts for videos, enhancing productivity and content variety.

💡Avatar Fine Tune

Avatar Fine Tune is a feature that allows users to make detailed adjustments to digital avatars, such as their appearance and animations. The script discusses this feature as part of creating highly personalized and realistic AI avatars, which is crucial for making engaging video content.

💡Voice Clone

Voice Clone technology enables the creation of digital replicas of a person's voice. The script illustrates its use in the video production software to maintain a consistent and personalized auditory element across various avatars, enhancing the user's brand identity in digital communications.


Templates in video creation software are pre-designed video layouts that include graphics, text formats, and sometimes animations. The script refers to using these templates to quickly create videos for specific occasions or marketing needs, simplifying the video production process.

💡Real Time Avatar

A 'Real Time Avatar' is an advanced feature that allows avatars to interact in real-time, mimicking live communication. The script highlights this as a revolutionary tool in digital interactions, allowing for real-time customer service, presentations, or any form of live broadcasting using AI avatars.

💡Video Export

Video Export is the process of saving created video content in various formats and resolutions, as mentioned in the script. This feature is crucial for distributing videos across different platforms, allowing creators to output their projects in high-definition formats like 1080p or even 4K, depending on their subscription plan.


Introduction to creating an AI clone avatar with only 2 minutes of footage.

Explanation of common mistakes in creating AI avatars and how to avoid them.

Overview of the video translate feature that converts voice into multiple languages with matching lip sync.

Access to over 120 avatars and 300 voice templates to enhance video creation.

Tutorial on signing up for Heygen AI and starting with a free credit.

How to use templates for quick video creation for various commercial needs.

Demonstration of AI script generation for creating video scripts.

Introduction to modifying voices using 11 Labs API for more realistic voice synthesis.

Showcase of real-time, low latency AI avatar for interactive sessions.

Exploration of different avatar styles including fine-tuned, vertical, and photo avatars.

Details on new real-time avatar feature for interactive AI communications.

Using Heygen AI's video editor to add personal touches to videos with custom elements.

Explanation of the video translate feature to create videos in different languages.

Introduction to the instant avatar feature allowing users to create avatars from personal images.

Detailed pricing plans for Heygen AI, including free, creator, business, and enterprise options.