Gamers React to a Figure Running Across The Hallway (JUMPSCARE) | Deppart (Prototype)

Game Reactions
24 May 202307:20

TLDRIn this video, gamers react with a mix of fear, excitement, and humor to a prototype game featuring a figure running across a hallway with jump scare elements. The immersive experience, combined with realistic sound effects, leaves players startled and questioning the game's design choices. The reactions range from applause to concern for the game's potential impact on players, highlighting the intense and engaging nature of the game.


  • 🎮 The gamers express a desire for a full game in the same style as the prototype.
  • 😱 There are moments of fear and surprise as the gamers react to jump scares in the game.
  • 🤔 Some players question the realism and the intense reactions to certain game elements.
  • 🎶 Music plays a significant role in setting the mood and enhancing the gaming experience.
  • 😂 One gamer humorously comments on the game's realism, mentioning a dog's painful sound.
  • 😤 Frustration is evident when the game lags or crashes, affecting the players' immersion.
  • 👻 The game seems to have a horror or thriller theme, with players reacting to creepy elements.
  • 😵 Some gamers experience physical discomfort from the intense gameplay.
  • 🏃 The game appears to have a first-person perspective, with players navigating through various scenarios.
  • 👍 There are positive remarks about the game's potential, despite some negative reactions.
  • 🍿 The script ends with a gamer thanking others, possibly for their feedback or reactions.

Q & A

  • What is the general reaction of the gamers to the events in the game 'Deppart'?

    -The gamers express a mix of excitement, fear, and surprise. They react strongly to the jumpscares, particularly when unexpected events occur such as a figure running across the hallway or loud, startling noises.

  • How do the gamers describe the sound effects in the game?

    -The gamers are puzzled and critical about some of the sound effects, specifically mentioning a scream that sounded unrealistic and questioning if a sound resembling a dog in pain was produced by harming an animal.

  • What aspect of the game 'Deppart' did the gamers find most realistic?

    -The gamers found the game's realism striking, mentioning how terrifying it felt. This realism seems to be enhanced by the game's audiovisual effects, making the scary elements more intense.

  • What difficulties do gamers face while playing 'Deppart'?

    -Gamers face technical issues such as the game lagging or crashing. Additionally, they struggle with game mechanics like shooting accuracy and unexpected gameplay pauses.

  • What kind of emotional responses are elicited from the gamers during the gameplay?

    -The gamers exhibit a range of emotional responses, from humor and frustration to anxiety and fear, often exacerbated by the game's sudden scares and intense scenes.

  • What specific event caused a physical reaction in one of the gamers?

    -One gamer experiences a severe cramp in his testicle, humorously described as being pinched like by a 'demon' or 'ghost,' indicating a very intense physical reaction to a scare in the game.

  • How do the gamers interact with the game environment?

    -The gamers interact with the game environment actively, commenting on objects like a cabinet and reacting to the game's features like the FPS style and realistic POV camera angles.

  • What are the gamers' opinions on the potential of 'Deppart' as a full game?

    -Initially, gamers express interest in seeing 'Deppart' developed into a full game due to its style and gameplay. However, their enthusiasm wanes as they encounter technical issues and some unrealistic elements.

  • How do gamers handle the challenges posed by the game?

    -Gamers handle challenges with a mix of strategy and humor, such as deciding not to run to avoid triggering game crashes, and making light of difficult situations.

  • What suggestion does one gamer make regarding their own involvement in game development?

    -One gamer, impressed by the game despite its challenges, half-jokingly suggests that the game developers should hire them, indicating they saw potential in the game's design and execution.



😱 Chaotic Gaming Experience

The paragraph describes a chaotic and intense gaming session from a first-person perspective. The player experiences various unexpected events, like being on the ceiling, hearing a disturbing scream, and the game's realism leading to terrifying moments. There's a blend of confusion, fear, and humor as the player reacts to in-game elements, like a dog's sound being misinterpreted as it being stepped on, and moments of game lagging. The player's commentary is filled with shock, confusion, and a bit of humor, as they navigate what appears to be a horror-themed VR game.


😖 Physical Discomfort and Gameplay Frustrations

This paragraph captures a player's continued struggle with both physical discomfort and gameplay mechanics. The player mentions the absence of their glasses and experiences a cramp, humorously described as being caused by a ghost or demon. The session is marked by the game crashing and then resuming, causing further frustration. There are attempts to adjust their play style, like avoiding sprinting, amidst ongoing difficulties and surprising game mechanics. The player also interacts briefly with their audience, asking about their snacks, reflecting a live streaming context.




Gamers refer to individuals who play video games, often with a high level of enthusiasm and dedication. In the context of the video, gamers are the target audience whose reactions to the game's jump scares and immersive experiences are being captured and shared. The term highlights the community of players who are actively engaged in the gaming culture and are likely to provide insightful feedback or entertaining responses to the game's elements.

💡Figure Running

The term 'figure running' in the video script refers to a specific event where a character or entity is seen running across the hallway, creating a suspenseful moment. This is a common technique used in horror or thriller games to build tension and elicit a surprise reaction from the player. In the script, the figure running is a key element that contributes to the jump scare, a sudden and unexpected event designed to startle the player.

💡Jump Scare

A jump scare is a sudden and quick moment of shock or surprise intended to scare the player, often used in horror or suspense games. In the video, the jump scare is created by the unexpected appearance or action of a figure running across the hallway. The effectiveness of a jump scare can be gauged by the reactions of the gamers, which in this case, range from surprise and fear to amusement and critique.


A prototype in the context of video game development is an early version of the game that is used for testing and refinement before the final product is released. The script mentions a prototype, indicating that the game being played by the gamers is still in its development phase and may contain elements that could be improved or changed based on the feedback from the gamers. This keyword suggests that the game is not yet complete and is being showcased to gather reactions and suggestions for enhancement.

💡VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It is achieved through the use of technology to create a simulated environment, which can be experienced through the use of special headsets or suits. In the video script, the mention of VR implies that the game being played might be designed for a virtual reality platform, enhancing the immersion and realism for the players. The gamers' reactions to the VR experience can provide valuable insights into how well the game achieves its intended effects.


The term 'realistic' in the context of the video refers to the game's ability to closely mimic real-world scenarios or actions, making the gaming experience more immersive and believable. The gamers' comments about the realism of the game suggest that the graphics, sound effects, and gameplay mechanics are designed to create a lifelike experience, which can be both impressive and terrifying for the players. The level of realism can significantly impact the players' emotional responses and overall enjoyment of the game.

💡Game Lag

Game lag refers to a delay or stutter in the gameplay, often caused by technical issues such as slow internet connection or insufficient hardware capabilities. In the script, one of the gamers mentions that their game lagged, indicating a possible technical problem that interrupted the smooth flow of the game. This keyword highlights the importance of having adequate technical infrastructure to support the game's performance and the players' experience.

💡FPS (First-Person Shooter)

FPS stands for First-Person Shooter, a subgenre of video games where the player experiences the game from a first-person perspective, often with gun-wielding as the primary mode of interaction. The mention of FPS in the script suggests that the game being played has elements of this genre, focusing on the player's viewpoint and possibly involving combat scenarios. The gamers' reactions to the game's FPS style can provide insights into the effectiveness of the game mechanics and the level of engagement it offers.


In the context of the video, a cabinet refers to a piece of furniture that is mentioned in a moment of surprise or suspense. The gamers' reaction to the cabinet being associated with a frightening element illustrates the game's ability to create tension and anticipation in everyday objects, contributing to the overall atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. This keyword highlights the game's use of environmental storytelling and the psychological impact it has on the players.


A crash in the context of video games refers to an unexpected failure of the game or the system it is running on, causing the game to stop functioning properly or to shut down completely. The script mentions a game crash, which can be a source of frustration for the players as it interrupts the gameplay and may result in loss of progress. The keyword 'crash' underscores the importance of stability and reliability in game development, as well as the potential impact of technical issues on the player experience.


Sprinting in video games typically refers to a fast-running action that a player can perform, often to quickly cover distance or escape from danger. In the script, the mention of sprinting suggests that the game includes a mechanic where players can move at a faster pace, which can add to the intensity and excitement of the gameplay. The keyword 'sprint' is indicative of the dynamic nature of the game and the various actions available to the players to navigate the game world and respond to challenges.


Gamers react to a figure running across the hallway in a jump scare scenario.

A gamer expresses interest in a full game with the depicted style.

Second thoughts arise about the game's content.

A player questions the presence of a suspect and engages in conversation.

Unexpected ceiling view causes confusion and surprise.

A gamer reacts to a character's scream, questioning its intensity.

Applause is heard in response to a game's event.

A player is startled by the sudden appearance of a figure.

A gamer experiences a VR reaction, dismissing the experience as not for them.

A player questions the realism of a dog's distress sound in the game.

The game's realism is praised for its terrifying effect.

A gamer experiences lag in the game and questions its cause.

A player comments on the game's music increasing tension.

A gamer is surprised by an enemy appearing behind them.

A player discusses the game's FPS style.

A gamer reacts to a game crash and its subsequent recovery.

A player experiences physical discomfort from intense gameplay.

A gamer considers closing the game due to its intense content.

A player inquires about other gamers' snacks, indicating a shared experience.