Forget Midjourney : BlueWillow AI is FREE

26 Jun 202304:43

TLDRIntroducing BlueWillow AI, a free AI art generator that rivals the popular paid service, Midjourney. The speaker highlights the benefits of using BlueWillow AI, emphasizing its cost-free nature and its ability to produce stunning artwork suitable for wallpapers. The user interface is accessible through the official website and a Discord server, where users can also view and appreciate the creations of others. The speaker demonstrates the process of generating art, upscaling it for higher resolution, and suggests using additional tools like Photoshop or Firefly for further enhancement. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to join the community and explore the capabilities of BlueWillow AI for themselves.


  • 😀 Blue Willow AI is a new, free AI art generator positioned as an alternative to the paid service Midjourney.
  • 😃 It operates through Discord, similar to Midjourney, but offers its services at no cost.
  • 😄 Users can create high-quality AI-generated artwork suitable for use as wallpapers or other personal projects.
  • 😁 The website for accessing Blue Willow AI is, where users can join the beta via a Discord invitation.
  • 😆 The results from Blue Willow AI can be upscaled and enhanced for better resolution, making them ideal for high-quality uses.
  • 😅 Blue Willow supports image generation in multiple languages, expanding its accessibility.
  • 😉 Users can save their favorite generated images by opening them in full screen and right-clicking to 'save as' from their browser.
  • 😊 The platform allows users to see and be inspired by artworks created by others within the Blue Willow community.
  • 😍 Some users may need to enhance their generated images using additional tools like Photoshop's generative fill feature for optimal results.
  • 🥳 Overall, Blue Willow AI provides an impressive, free resource for anyone interested in AI art generation, encouraging experimentation and creativity.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the new AI art generator mentioned in the transcript?

    -The new AI art generator mentioned is called BlueWillow AI.

  • Why did the speaker not use Midjourney before?

    -The speaker never used Midjourney because it is a paid service and they do not need an AI art generator unless it is free.

  • What is the main advantage of BlueWillow AI over Midjourney according to the speaker?

    -The main advantage is that BlueWillow AI is completely free to use, unlike Midjourney which is a paid service.

  • How does the speaker describe the quality of the AI-generated art from BlueWillow AI?

    -The speaker describes the AI-generated art from BlueWillow AI as amazing and of high quality, suitable for use as wallpapers.

  • How does BlueWillow AI work in terms of platform?

    -BlueWillow AI works through Discord, similar to Midjourney, and allows users to view and generate AI art within a Discord server.

  • What does the speaker suggest doing to use the AI-generated images at a higher resolution?

    -The speaker suggests upscaling the images and possibly using a generative fill tool in Photoshop or Firefly to increase the resolution and improve the image quality.

  • How can users access and join the BlueWillow AI Discord server?

    -Users can access BlueWillow AI by going to the official website bluewillow.AI, clicking on join the beta, and accepting the invitation to the Discord server.

  • What does the speaker mention about the performance of BlueWillow AI?

    -The speaker mentions that, based on their tests, BlueWillow AI works flawlessly and is comparable to Midjourney in terms of image generation quality.

  • Does BlueWillow AI support multiple languages?

    -The speaker implies that BlueWillow AI might support multiple languages as they mention the ability to use other languages without specifying a limitation.

  • What does the speaker plan to do with the AI-generated wallpaper?

    -The speaker plans to upscale the chosen AI-generated image further and possibly use a generative fill tool to expand it, then save it as a wallpaper.

  • How does the speaker engage with the community aspect of BlueWillow AI?

    -The speaker appreciates the community aspect, mentioning the ability to view other people's work and even seeing someone else upscale one of their generated images.

  • What is the final recommendation the speaker gives to the audience?

    -The speaker recommends that the audience should go and have fun with BlueWillow AI, emphasizing that it is an amazing tool that is free to use.



🎨 Discovering Blue Willow AI Art Generator

The speaker introduces a new AI art generator called Blue Willow, which they were initially hesitant to use due to its paid nature. However, they mention that it's now free and express excitement about the possibility of creating cool AI art for wallpapers without any cost. They share their experience of generating art with Blue Willow and compare it to another popular AI, mid-journey, which they haven't personally used but have seen others' work from. The speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to access and use Blue Willow AI through their official website and Discord server, emphasizing its ease of use and the stunning quality of the generated images. They also discuss the potential need for upscaling the images for higher resolution use and mention the use of generative AI tools in Photoshop and Firefly for further enhancement.



💡Blue Willow AI

Blue Willow AI is a new AI art generator that is mentioned as being completely free to use. It is compared to Midjourney, another popular AI art generator, but the speaker prefers Blue Willow due to its lack of cost. In the video, the creator uses Blue Willow AI to generate art for personal use, such as wallpapers, and is impressed by the quality of the results.

💡AI Art Generator

An AI art generator is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the context of the video, the speaker discusses using Blue Willow AI as an AI art generator to produce wallpapers and other images. The speaker appreciates the ability to generate unique and interesting art without any cost.


Midjourney is referenced as the most popular AI art generator at the time of the video. However, the speaker has not used it because it is a paid service. The comparison is used to highlight the benefits of using Blue Willow AI, which offers similar capabilities for free.


Discord is a communication platform that the speaker mentions in relation to Blue Willow AI. It is used as a means to access the AI art generator service by joining a specific Discord server. The platform facilitates interaction with the AI and viewing other users' creations.


💡Wallpaper Art

Wallpaper art refers to the digital art that the speaker generates using Blue Willow AI for personal use as a desktop background. The speaker is particularly interested in creating and customizing wallpapers, which is one of the practical applications of the AI art generator.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image without losing quality. The speaker mentions upscaling the AI-generated images to make them suitable for use as higher-resolution wallpapers.

💡Generative Fill

Generative Fill is a feature in some image editing software like Photoshop and Firefly that can be used to expand or fill in areas of an image using AI. The speaker suggests using this feature to further enhance the AI-generated wallpapers.


The term 'beta' is used to describe a testing phase of a software or service before its official release. In the video, the speaker instructs viewers to join the beta of Blue Willow AI, indicating that it is still in a development stage but open for users to try out.


A prompt is a word or phrase that gives an idea or inspiration for the AI to generate art. The speaker uses simple prompts to direct the AI to create specific types of images, such as those suitable for wallpapers.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image, which determines its clarity and detail. The speaker discusses the need to increase the resolution of the AI-generated images to use them effectively as wallpapers.


The concept of 'free' is a recurring theme in the video, emphasizing that the use of Blue Willow AI does not incur any cost. This is a significant draw for the speaker and is highlighted as a key advantage over other paid AI art generator services.


A new AI called BlueWillow AI is introduced, which is completely free.

Mid-journey is a popular AI art generator, but it's paid and the user has not used it.

The user is interested in using a free AI art generator for personal use like wallpapers.

BlueWillow AI generates impressive art, as showcased in the transcript.

The AI works similarly to Mid-journey but is free to use.

Users can view and appreciate other people's work within the BlueWillow AI platform.

The generated images are of high quality and stunning.

The user plans to upscale the images for higher resolution use.

BlueWillow AI allows for image generation in other languages as well.

The user shares a positive experience with the AI's performance, comparing it to Mid-journey.

To use BlueWillow AI, one needs to visit their official website and join the beta through Discord.

Once in Discord, users can select the BlueWillow AI server to start generating art.

The user is excited about the potential of using BlueWillow AI for personal projects.

The user demonstrates how to upscale and enhance the generated art for wallpaper use.

There's a community aspect where users can view and appreciate each other's creations.

The user provides a simple prompt to generate art and selects a favorite piece.

The community has already upscaled and appreciated the user's generated art.

The user encourages others to try out BlueWillow AI and engage in the comment section for discussions.

The user concludes by expressing enthusiasm for the free AI art generation tool.