Drawing Characters Exactly As Described by ChatGPT

Drawfee Show
23 Mar 202340:15

TLDRThe video transcript from the Drawfee YouTube channel features a humorous and chaotic drawing session where the hosts, including Jacob Drawfee, Willie, Nathan, and Julia, attempt to draw characters based on AI-generated instructions. They are participating in the MoCCA Fest in New York, selling various merchandise, and offering personalized doodles. The session is filled with laughter and friendly banter as they struggle with the AI's directions, leading to absurd and creative interpretations of characters like Squirtle from Pokémon, which ends up resembling a mix of Toad and a Koopa Troopa. The artists also draw a character that turns out to be Frieza from Dragon Ball, showcasing their unique drawing styles and the challenge of following AI instructions. Willie Muse promotes his YouTube channel and humorously pledges to leak nude photos if he reaches 100,000 subscribers by 2024, adding a bizarre incentive for viewers to support his content. The video is a light-hearted and entertaining look at the intersection of art, humor, and artificial intelligence.


  • {"📅":"Jacob Drawfee and team will be at MoCCA Fest in New York on April 1st and 2nd, selling various merchandise including sketch cards, books, and posters."}
  • {"🎨":"For purchases of $20 or more, customers can receive a personalized doodle from one of the team members."}
  • {"🤗":"The Drawfee team invites everyone to come and say hi at the event for a good time and some humor."}
  • {"👽":"The show introduces a segment where AI-generated instructions for drawing cartoon characters are followed with humorous results."}
  • {"😂":"The AI's description for drawing a character leads to a drawing that is a mix of a squirrel and a turtle, resembling a unique version of Squirtle from Pokémon."}
  • {"🎭":"Different team members draw characters based on AI instructions, resulting in amusing and sometimes unrecognizable versions of the intended characters."}
  • {"🐾":"One of the characters drawn, following AI instructions, is mistaken for various other characters, highlighting the challenge and fun in the process."}
  • {"🧐":"The team reflects on the potential of AI in content creation, discussing the idea of AI generating entire episodes of shows."}
  • {"🎉":"Willie Muse, one of the team members, sets a goal to reach 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel by the end of 2024 and humorously pledges to leak nude photos if the goal is met."}
  • {"📈":"Willie encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel and offers a unique incentive for hitting a subscriber milestone."}
  • {"🎁":"The team promotes their online store, Patreon, and Twitch streaming schedule, inviting viewers to engage with their content beyond the video."}

Q & A

  • What is the event that Jacob Drawfee and his team will be attending?

    -Jacob Drawfee and his team will be attending the MoCCA Fest in New York on April 1st and 2nd.

  • What items will be available for purchase at the MoCCA Fest?

    -At the MoCCA Fest, they will be selling sketch cards, books, notepads, posters, pens, and Jacob haul, which includes various sorts of stuff.

  • What special offer is being made for customers who spend a certain amount at the MoCCA Fest?

    -Customers who spend $20 worth of stuff at the MoCCA Fest will receive a personalized doodle from one of the team members.

  • What is the name of the artificial intelligence mentioned in the script that provides drawing instructions?

    -The artificial intelligence mentioned in the script is called ChatGPT.

  • What is the humorous twist in the drawing instructions for the character that is supposed to be Squirtle?

    -The humorous twist is that the instructions result in a drawing that is a mix between Squirtle and other characters, such as Toad and Annie Koopa, rather than an accurate representation of Squirtle.

  • What is the character that Willie is tasked to draw based on the AI's instructions?

    -Willie is tasked to draw a character that, following the AI's instructions, ends up resembling a combination of a squirrel and Garfield.

  • What is the character that Julia is instructed to draw, and what are its distinctive features?

    -Julia is instructed to draw a character that is revealed to be Frieza from Dragon Ball. The distinctive features include a round head, tall and slender proportions, long arms and legs, armor plates with distinctive shoulder pads and gauntlets, and a long, skinny tail.

  • What is the humorous pledge Willie makes in relation to his YouTube channel subscriber count?

    -Willie pledges that if he crosses the 100,000 subscriber mark by 2024, he will purposefully leak nude photos of himself.

  • What is the name of Willie's YouTube channel, and how should viewers find it?

    -Willie's YouTube channel is likely called 'Willie Muse'. Viewers should type 'Willie Muse' into the search bar, and if an albino circus performer named William Muse appears first, they should scroll down until they find Willie's channel.

  • What is the current subscriber count of Willie's YouTube channel at the time of the script recording?

    -At the time of the script recording, Willie's YouTube channel has just under 60,000 subscribers.

  • What are the conditions Willie sets for the humorous pledge to take effect?

    -Willie sets the condition that he must maintain 100,000 subscribers for a month before the humorous pledge of leaking nudes will take effect.



🎨 MoCCA Fest Attendance and Promotions

Jacob Drawfee announces their presence at the MoCCA Fest in New York, taking place on April 1st and 2nd. They will have a table where they'll sell various merchandise including sketch cards, books, notepads, posters, pens, and more. As an incentive for spending $20, customers can receive a personalized doodle. The speaker expresses enthusiasm about the event and encourages people to visit, promising a fun time and a sense of humor.


🤣 The Drawfee Team's Creative Antics

The Drawfee team, consisting of Nathan, Willie, Jacob, and Julia, engage in a humorous and somewhat chaotic dialogue. They discuss their roles, an ongoing feud, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate drawing instructions for famous cartoon characters. The conversation is filled with laughter, banter, and a challenge to draw based on AI-generated instructions, highlighting the team's dynamic and humorous approach to creativity.


🦎 A Misguided Attempt at Drawing Squirtle

The paragraph details an attempt to draw a character, presumably Squirtle from Pokémon, following AI-generated instructions. The process results in a distorted version of Squirtle, with a mix-up of features that lead to a character resembling a combination of a turtle and a cat, complete with a shell on its head and cat ears. The team humorously critiques the drawing and the AI's instructions, suggesting that AI has not yet mastered the art of character drawing.


🎭 A Delightful Character Drawing Challenge

The team continues with a drawing challenge, where they follow AI-generated instructions to draw various characters. The results are a mix of recognizable and abstract figures, including a character that is a blend of a squirrel and a turtle, and another that is suggested to be Garfield. The process is filled with humor, with the artists playfully engaging with the AI's sometimes vague and confusing directions.


😂 The Hilarity of AI-Generated Drawing Instructions

The team reflects on their experience drawing according to AI instructions, expressing amusement at the unexpected and often humorous results. They discuss the potential for AI to generate content, such as a continuous episode of Seinfeld on Twitch, which was pulled due to negative content. The conversation touches on the unpredictable nature of AI and the team's collective enjoyment of the drawing challenge.


🎭 A Creative and Humorous Character Sketch

The paragraph involves the team drawing a character based on AI's instructions, which leads to a humorous outcome. The character drawn is speculated to be Frieza from Dragon Ball, but with a distinct lack of traditional Frieza features. The team jokes about the character's appearance, suggesting it could be Frieza in a more casual, at-home form. The conversation is light-hearted, focusing on the fun aspect of the drawing process rather than accuracy.


📈 Willie's Pledge for YouTube Growth

Willie Muse addresses the audience with a New Year's greeting and shares his goal to grow his YouTube channel to 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2023. He humorously pledges to leak nude photos of himself if he reaches the milestone, encouraging viewers to subscribe and watch his videos. Willie's appeal is delivered with a comedic tone, and he provides a brief overview of his channel's content, including a video essay on grief and a breakdown of an episode of Milk Manor.



💡MoCCA Fest

MoCCA Fest is an annual event in New York that celebrates independent comics, graphic novels, and art. It is a significant gathering for artists and fans alike, featuring exhibits, panels, and a marketplace. In the script, the speaker mentions attending MoCCA Fest to sell various merchandise such as sketch cards, books, and posters, indicating the event's role in the comic and art community.

💡Personalized doodle

A personalized doodle refers to a unique, informal drawing that is customized according to the recipient's preferences. In the context of the script, the artists offer a personalized doodle to customers who purchase a certain amount of goods, serving as an incentive and a personalized touch to the transaction.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the script, AI is humorously mentioned in relation to the movie 'AI' and the potential of AI to generate creative content, highlighting the evolving role of technology in creative processes.


ChatGPT is a term that refers to a specific AI model developed by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text based on given prompts. In the video script, ChatGPT is used to provide drawing instructions for cartoon characters, demonstrating the application of AI in creative tasks.


Squirtle is a fictional creature from the Pokémon series of video games. It is a Water-type Pokémon known for its turtle-like appearance. In the script, the character of Squirtle is discussed in a humorous context as the participants attempt to draw it based on AI-generated instructions, reflecting the video's theme of creative challenges.


Garfield is a famous comic strip character created by Jim Davis, known for his laziness and love of lasagna. In the script, one of the characters is instructed to draw Garfield, but with a twist that includes a 'Garfield logo' on a t-shirt, adding a layer of absurdity and humor to the drawing challenge.


Frieza is a well-known villain character from the Dragon Ball series, characterized by his tyrannical rule and multiple transformative forms. The script humorously describes an attempt to draw Frieza based on AI-generated instructions, which results in a distorted and comical representation, showcasing the video's playful approach to drawing and character design.

💡YouTube channel growth

YouTube channel growth refers to the process of increasing the number of subscribers to a YouTube channel. In the script, one of the speakers discusses their goal to grow their channel to 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year, using humor and the promise of a personal 'leak' as a promotional strategy.

💡Digital drawing techniques

Digital drawing techniques encompass the various methods and tools used to create artwork using digital tools such as tablets and software like Photoshop. The script references these techniques in the context of drawing characters based on AI instructions, emphasizing the role of technology in modern art creation.

💡Practice makes perfect

The phrase 'practice makes perfect' is a common adage that emphasizes the importance of repetition and continuous effort in achieving proficiency in a skill. In the script, this concept is mentioned as part of the AI's drawing instructions, encouraging viewers to keep practicing their drawing skills.

💡Streaming on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch refers to broadcasting live content, often related to gaming, on the Twitch platform. In the script, the speakers mention their schedule for streaming on Twitch, which is a way for them to engage with their audience and showcase their creative process in real-time.


Jacob Drawfee announces their attendance at MoCCA Fest in New York on April 1st and 2nd, selling various merchandise and offering personalized doodles for purchases over $20.

The Drawfee team plans to engage in a drawing challenge to overcome their differences and settle a long-standing feud.

AI, specifically ChatGPT, is used to generate instructions for drawing famous cartoon characters, leading to humorous and unexpected results.

Nathan struggles with drawing a character with an 'oblong head' and oversized eyes, showcasing the challenge of following AI-generated instructions.

The team humorously misinterprets the AI's instructions, resulting in a drawing that resembles a mix between a squirrel and a turtle, rather than the intended character.

Willie and the team engage in a playful banter about the AI's role in the future of art and whether it could replace human artists.

Jacob's character drawing turns out to be a humorous and unrecognizable version of a well-known character, adding to the comedic element of the show.

Julia receives drawing instructions that lead her to create an elaborate and detailed piece, which contrasts with the simpler drawings of her teammates.

The AI's instructions for drawing a character with a 'fluffy tail' and 'fur around the body' spark further laughter and creative liberty in the artists' interpretations.

Willie humorously pledges to leak 'nude photos' of himself if his YouTube channel reaches 100,000 subscribers by 2024, as a way to promote his content.

The team reflects on the potential of AI to generate content, discussing an AI-driven Seinfeld episode on Twitch that was pulled for negative humor.

Nathan's drawing, which starts with a simple circle, evolves into a complex and detailed character, highlighting the process's creative journey.

The show ends with a reminder for viewers to subscribe to Willie's YouTube channel for a chance to see his promised 'nudes' if the subscriber goal is met.

Throughout the episode, the team emphasizes the importance of practice and having fun while drawing, encouraging viewers to experiment with their art.

The AI's instructions are both a challenge and a source of comedy, as the artists struggle to interpret and apply them to create recognizable characters.

The episode showcases the Drawfee team's dynamic and their ability to turn a simple drawing exercise into an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers.