Create Cinematic 3D Animation AI Videos💥for Ultimate Free| 🚀Haiper AI Video Tutorial

14 Apr 202408:49

TLDRThis tutorial introduces 'Hyper', a free AI software that generates cinematic 3D animations from text or images. Viewers learn how to sign up, use prompts and seeds for customization, and explore features like video creation, text-to-video, and image animation. The host also explains how to dissect and understand prompt segments for better results and encourages viewers to like, comment, and subscribe for more content.


  • 🚀 The tutorial showcases how to use the free software 'Hyper' to create AI-generated videos.
  • 🔗 'Hyper' is a competitor to 'Soda' and 'Lumere', offering unlimited free video creation.
  • 📝 Users can sign up and access the dashboard by clicking 'try for free' on the 'Hyper' website.
  • 🎥 The software allows users to create videos from prompts provided by other creators or by using their own.
  • 📑 Copying a 'seed number' helps the algorithm generate a similar video to the reference provided.
  • ⏱ Duration options for videos are 2 seconds or 4 seconds, with the latter taking longer to process.
  • 🎨 Users can customize the video's visual style, such as color and lighting, to match their preferences.
  • 🖌️ 'Hyper' enables text-to-video creation with various animation styles and can generate videos from generic prompts.
  • 🖼️ The feature to animate HD images allows users to upload an image and create a video based on a given prompt.
  • 🔄 The 'repaint a video' feature lets users restyle existing videos with different visual effects.
  • 📈 The tutorial encourages viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to support the channel and its content creation.
  • 🌐 For those interested in learning about different AI tools, the tutorial suggests visiting '' for a comprehensive course.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the software discussed in the tutorial?

    -The name of the software discussed in the tutorial is 'Hyper AI'.

  • How can one access the 'Hyper AI' software?

    -To access 'Hyper AI', one can go to the website and click on the 'try for free' option which leads to the dashboard. Users will have to sign up the first time they use it.

  • What is the purpose of the 'seed number' in the 'Hyper AI' software?

    -The 'seed number' gives a reference to the algorithm for a particular video, allowing it to create a similar kind of video but not exactly the same.

  • What are the two duration options available for creating videos in 'Hyper AI'?

    -The two duration options available for creating videos in 'Hyper AI' are 2 seconds and 4 seconds.

  • Why would someone choose the 2-second duration option over the 4-second one?

    -The 2-second duration option is chosen for faster video creation, taking around 2 minutes or less, which is suitable for tutorials or when quick results are needed.

  • How can users explore different video styles in 'Hyper AI'?

    -Users can explore different video styles in 'Hyper AI' by selecting different formats such as neon color, cyberpunk, or other visual styles available in the software.

  • What is the significance of understanding the segments of a prompt in 'Hyper AI'?

    -Understanding the segments of a prompt helps the user to break down the elements of the video they want to create, such as setting, plot, visual style, and technical specifications, which the algorithm uses to generate the video.

  • Can users animate their own images using 'Hyper AI'?

    -Yes, users can animate their own HD images by uploading the image and providing a prompt, then using the 'create' option to generate the animation.

  • What is the 'repaint a video' feature in 'Hyper AI'?

    -The 'repaint a video' feature allows users to restyle a video with different settings or visual styles, giving it a new look without changing the original content.

  • What is the creator of the tutorial asking for in terms of viewer engagement?

    -The creator of the tutorial is asking viewers to like the video, leave comments, and subscribe to the channel to support the content creation.

  • Where can viewers find more information about different AI tools?

    -Viewers can find more information about different AI tools by visiting the website '', which offers a comprehensive course with an early bird offer.



🎥 Introduction to AI Video Creation Software

The video tutorial begins with an introduction to a free, unlimited AI video creation software called 'Hyper', which is a competitor to Soda or Lumere. The presenter guides viewers through the software's features, starting with the 'Limitless Videos' section where users can find prompts from other creators. They can copy prompts and seed numbers to generate similar videos or download existing ones. The tutorial then demonstrates the video creation process by copying and pasting prompts, choosing video duration, and customizing the video's visual style before creating it. The presenter also requests likes and comments from the audience to support their channel.


🛠 Understanding Prompts and Exploring Styles

This paragraph delves into the importance of understanding the segments of a prompt and how to break it down for the AI to generate the desired video. The presenter explains the technical specifications that can be added to the prompt to guide the algorithm, such as visual style, camera shot, and resolution. They then demonstrate creating a video using a generic prompt and different styles like neon and cyberpunk. The tutorial also covers animating an HD image by uploading it and providing a simple prompt. Additionally, the presenter shows how to restyle a video using the 'Gely' option. The video concludes with another call to action for likes, comments, and shares, and a mention of a comprehensive course on AI tools available on their website.



💡Cinematic 3D Animation

Cinematic 3D Animation refers to the process of creating the illusion of motion in a three-dimensional environment using computer graphics. It is a technique widely used in the film and video game industries to produce visually engaging content. In the context of the video, it is the main theme, showcasing how to generate such animations using AI software without any cost.

💡AI Videos

AI Videos are videos generated by artificial intelligence algorithms that can interpret and utilize input data to create content. In the video script, AI Videos are the end product of using the software 'Hyper,' which takes text prompts or images to generate unique video content.

💡Unlimited Free Software

Unlimited Free Software denotes a software application that is available for use without any cost or limitations on the number of uses. The script introduces 'Hyper' as such a software, allowing users to create an unlimited number of AI-generated videos for free.

💡Text Prompts

Text Prompts are the textual inputs given to AI software to guide the generation of content. In the video, text prompts are essential for the AI to understand what kind of video to create, as seen when the user copies and pastes prompts into the software.

💡Seed Number

A Seed Number in the context of AI video generation is a unique identifier for a specific video or set of parameters. It helps the algorithm recreate a similar video or style. The script mentions the importance of the seed number for referencing when creating similar videos.

💡Creation Mode

Creation Mode is a feature within the 'Hyper' software that allows users to generate videos based on text prompts or other inputs. The script describes using creation mode to input text and generate videos with different styles and settings.

💡Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications, or 'TS' in the script, refer to the detailed settings that define the quality and style of the video output. Examples include resolution (8K, HD), camera shot type (close-up, 35 mm), and lighting style. These are used to guide the AI in creating the video according to the user's expectations.

💡Visual Style

Visual Style pertains to the aesthetic choices made in the creation of visual content. The script discusses various visual styles such as neon color, pixel 3D, and natural lighting, which users can select to influence the look of their AI-generated videos.

💡Animate HD Image

Animate HD Image is a feature that allows users to upload a high-definition image and generate a video from it. The script describes this process, where the user uploads an image and provides a prompt for the AI to create an animated video.

💡Repainting a Video

Repainting a Video is the process of changing the visual style or elements of an existing video. In the script, the user selects a video and chooses a style like 'geely' to restyle it, demonstrating the software's ability to modify and customize video content.


Unlimited free software for creating AI-generated videos.

Introduction to the software 'Hyper', a competitor to 'Soda' or 'Lumere'.

Accessing the 'Try for Free' option on the Hyper dashboard.

Viewing limitless videos created from prompts by other creators.

Copying prompts and seed numbers to create similar videos.

Choosing video duration options: 2 seconds or 4 seconds.

Customizing video color and creating the first attempt.

Accessing creations and downloading or sharing videos.

Request for likes and comments to support the channel.

Exploring the creation mode with text for AI-generated videos.

Understanding prompt segments to enhance video creation.

Using different animation styles and technical specifications.

Creating videos with different styles like neon or cyberpunk.

Animating HD images with custom prompts.

Repainting a video to restyle it with different themes.

Invitation for feedback on the Hyper software experience.

Promotion of a comprehensive AI tools course on

Encouragement to subscribe, like, and share the content for more tutorials.