ChatGPT Created An ENTIRE Online Course & Videos in a DAY

Jonathan Montoya
2 May 202327:12

TLDRIn this video, the host demonstrates how to create an entire online course using AI technology, specifically Chat GPT, to generate course content, including outlines, modules, and scripts. The process involves signing up for Chat GPT, requesting a course outline, and then scripts for each module. The AI can even add humor to the scripts upon request. Once the course material is ready, the host introduces, an AI software that can create videos from the scripts. The course is then uploaded to a platform like Udemy, where it can be marketed to attract students. The host also discusses strategies for driving traffic and making money from the course, including affiliate marketing and creating a compelling course landing page for SEO purposes. The video concludes with a step-by-step guide on how to upload the course to Udemy and optimize it for success.


  • 📈 The e-learning market surpassed $315 billion in 2021 and is predicted to hit over a trillion dollars by 2028, indicating the growth potential of online courses.
  • 🚀 Use Chat GPT to create an entire online course, including the course outline, modules, and scripts, without personally making any videos.
  • 🤖 Sign up for Chat GPT at to start creating content for your online course.
  • 📝 Ask Chat GPT to generate a course outline and scripts for each module, and make adjustments to personalize the content.
  • 🎬 Utilize AI software like HeyGen to transform your scripts into videos, eliminating the need to film videos yourself.
  • 💻 Create a professional-looking course using HeyGen's AI assistants and choose from various templates to match your course's style.
  • 🌐 Upload your AI-generated course to platforms like Udemy to start reaching students and generating income.
  • 📊 Udemy provides traffic to your course, and as students enroll, you get paid without needing to invest in advertising.
  • 📈 Enhance your course's visibility on Udemy by optimizing the course landing page with a strong title, subtitle, description, and thumbnail image.
  • 💰 Monetize your course further through affiliate marketing by promoting tools relevant to your course's subject matter.
  • 🔍 Use Chat GPT to assist in creating SEO-friendly titles and descriptions for your course to improve its ranking on platforms like Udemy.
  • ✅ Complete the course setup by filling out all necessary information on Udemy, including the curriculum, pricing, and promotional strategies.

Q & A

  • What is the potential market size for online courses according to the transcript?

    -The e-learning market has surpassed 315 billion dollars in 2021 and is predicted to hit over a trillion dollars in 2028.

  • How can one create an online course using AI technology?

    -One can create an online course using AI by first signing up for an account on a platform like OpenAI, asking the AI to generate a course outline, creating scripts for each module, and then using another AI software to generate the videos.

  • What is the role of chat GPT in creating an online course?

    -Chat GPT is used to generate a course outline, create scripts for each module, and even add elements like humor to the script based on the user's request.

  • How does one personalize the AI-generated course content?

    -One can personalize the AI-generated course content by asking Chat GPT to change the tone, add humor, or make other adjustments to the script to match the user's desired style.

  • What AI software is mentioned for creating videos from the course script? is mentioned as the AI software to create videos from the course script.

  • How does one publish the created online course to reach customers?

    -The course can be published on platforms like Udemy, which will bring in customers and generate revenue for the course creator.

  • What are the additional features that can be added to an online course on Udemy?

    -Additional features that can be added include workbooks, homework assignments, a Facebook community link, and affiliate marketing links for tools related to the course topic.

  • How does one make money from an online course on Udemy?

    -One makes money from an online course on Udemy by earning a payment for each person who joins the course. Additionally, affiliate marketing can be used to earn commissions for promoting related tools or services.

  • What is the importance of the course landing page for an online course?

    -The course landing page is crucial as it is what potential students see first. It includes the title, subtitle, description, and thumbnail, which are important for search engine optimization and attracting students.

  • How can one optimize their Udemy course for better visibility?

    -One can optimize their Udemy course by using a compelling title, subtitle, and description that include relevant keywords for SEO. Additionally, creating an attractive thumbnail and potentially a promotional video can enhance visibility.

  • What are some strategies to model successful online courses?

    -Strategies include analyzing top-rated courses on Udemy, paying attention to their titles, subtitles, descriptions, and thumbnails, and then creating similar elements for your own course while aiming to improve upon them.



🚀 Creating an Online Course with AI

The speaker introduces a method for creating an online course using artificial intelligence and chat GPT. They discuss the process of generating a course outline, modules, scripts, and even producing videos with AI technology. They highlight the growing e-learning market and guide viewers on how to sign up for chat GPT, create a course outline, and generate scripts for each module. The speaker also demonstrates how to personalize the script and add humor, emphasizing the importance of creating a course that reflects the creator's personality and style.


🎓 Using HeyGen to Create AI Videos

The speaker moves on to the third step of the process, which involves using HeyGen to create AI-generated videos for the online course. They guide viewers on signing up for HeyGen and using it to select an AI assistant that will present the course content. The speaker also covers how to create an introduction video for the course, emphasizing transparency about the use of AI. They discuss uploading the course to platforms like Udemy, which can drive traffic and generate revenue without the need for advertising.


📈 Uploading the Course to Udemy

The speaker explains how to upload the AI-generated course to Udemy, an online learning platform. They detail the process of creating an instructor account, uploading the course modules, and structuring the course curriculum. The speaker also covers additional features like adding assignments, creating workbooks, and setting up a Facebook community for the course. They discuss monetization strategies, including earning from Udemy course fees and affiliate marketing for tools relevant to the course content.


💰 Monetization and SEO for Course Success

The speaker delves into monetization strategies for the online course, focusing on earning from Udemy and affiliate marketing. They emphasize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for the course landing page, including the title, subtitle, description, and course image. The speaker demonstrates how to use Canva to create an attractive course thumbnail and advises on structuring the course description for SEO. They also discuss the importance of filling out the course details, such as the target audience and category, to increase the course's visibility and reach.


🌟 Finalizing the Course and Launching

The speaker wraps up the process by discussing the final steps of preparing the course landing page, setting the pricing, and submitting the course for review on Udemy. They mention the possibility of offering promotions, such as free courses for early enrollees. The speaker encourages viewers to complete the curriculum, submit for review, and get the course live on the platform. They conclude by inviting viewers to ask questions and express their enjoyment of the video, reiterating the channel's goal of helping viewers build a passive income business for financial and time freedom.



💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence technology that can generate human-like text based on given prompts. In the video, it is used to create an entire online course, including the course outline, modules, and scripts. It is central to the video's theme of leveraging AI to streamline content creation for online courses.

💡Online Course

An online course refers to educational content made available over the internet. The video script details how to create an online course from scratch using AI, specifically Chat GPT, and how to structure it into modules and scripts. Online courses are a significant part of the e-learning market, which the video mentions as a growing industry.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is harnessed to automate the creation of course content, scripts, and even video production, thereby reducing the manual effort required in course development.

💡Course Outline

A course outline is a structured plan that details the content and sequence of topics to be covered in a course. The video demonstrates the use of Chat GPT to generate a course outline for an Airbnb business, which serves as a blueprint for the subsequent modules and scripts to be created.


In the context of an online course, modules are self-contained units of study that cover specific topics or skills. The video script mentions that Chat GPT creates eight modules for the Airbnb business course, each of which is further developed into a script.


Scripts are written texts that serve as the dialogue or content for a video or play. In the video, Chat GPT is used to generate scripts for each module of the online course, which will later be used to create AI-generated videos.

💡AI Software

AI software refers to applications that use artificial intelligence to perform tasks. The video discusses using AI software, specifically '', to transform the course scripts into video content, showcasing the power of AI in content creation for online courses.

💡E-Learning Market

The e-learning market is the sector of the economy that focuses on digital education and training. The video script cites the growth of this market, having surpassed 315 billion dollars in 2021 and predicting it to hit over a trillion dollars by 2028, indicating the potential for creating profitable online courses.


Udemy is an online learning platform where individuals can take courses in a wide range of topics. In the video, the creator discusses uploading the AI-generated course to Udemy to reach a broad audience and monetize the course by leveraging the platform's traffic.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the visibility of a website or content in search engine results. The video emphasizes the importance of SEO in creating an appealing course landing page on Udemy, to increase the course's discoverability and enrollment.

💡Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an individual earns a commission for promoting another company's products or services. The video mentions using affiliate marketing as a way to earn additional income by recommending tools related to the Airbnb business course.


The e-learning market surpassed $315 billion in 2021, with predictions to hit over a trillion dollars by 2028.

Chat GPT can be used to create an entire online course, including the course outline, modules, and scripts.

AI technology can generate course content and even create videos without the need for manual video recording.

To start, sign up for a free account on and use the chat GPT feature to create course materials.

Chat GPT can provide a detailed course outline with modules when prompted.

Scripts for each module can be generated by chat GPT, which can then be personalized and adjusted as needed.

AI software can be used to add humor or personal touches to the course script to make it more engaging.

Once the course script and outline are complete, another AI software can be utilized to create the videos. is an example of a platform that can turn scripts into AI-generated videos for online courses.

After generating the videos, the course can be uploaded to a platform like Udemy to start reaching students.

Udemy provides a way to monetize the course by paying the instructor per student enrollment.

Affiliate marketing can be another revenue stream by recommending tools within the course and earning commissions.

SEO optimization is crucial for the course landing page on platforms like Udemy to increase visibility and enrollment.

Course images and promotional videos can be created using free tools like Canva to enhance the course's appeal.

Chat GPT can assist in generating titles, subtitles, and detailed course descriptions with SEO in mind.

The process of creating an online course using AI can be done in a day with the right tools and prompts.

Building an online course with AI can lead to passive income and financial freedom.

The channel aims to help viewers build a passive income business and achieve financial and time freedom.