Bradley did it again

11 May 202415:44

TLDRThe video titled 'Bradley did it again' showcases a series of intense and dramatic military engagements. It features the Russian military's armored vehicles, including tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers), being targeted and destroyed by Ukrainian forces using a combination of artillery, Bradley fighting vehicles, kamikaze drones, and Javelin anti-tank guided missiles. The footage illustrates the use of advanced weaponry and tactics by the Ukrainian forces, resulting in significant damage to the Russian armored units. The video also highlights the effectiveness of Ukrainian countermeasures against Russian air defense systems and electronic warfare capabilities. The narrative emphasizes the strategic importance of these engagements in the ongoing conflict.


  • 🔥 The Russian tank attack on Chass ofar has resulted in significant losses due to Ukrainian countermeasures.
  • 🚨 Ukrainian artillery and drone attacks have been highly effective in disabling and destroying Russian armored vehicles.
  • 🛡 The use of a mine plow by the Russians was not enough to protect their tanks and APCs from the Ukrainian defense.
  • 💥 Direct hits from Bradley anti-tank missiles and kamikaze drones have led to the destruction of multiple Russian tanks and APCs.
  • 🚀 The Ukrainians have employed Javelin missiles to successfully disable and set Russian tanks on fire.
  • 🛤️ Russian armored personnel carriers attempting to evacuate wounded troops were also caught in minefields and destroyed.
  • 🤖 The Ukrainian use of ground drones to target Russian bunkers and command centers has proven to be a strategic advantage.
  • 🚨 The Russians' attempts to bring in air defense systems like the Buk M1 were met with failure as kamikaze drones targeted them.
  • 🎯 High Mars rockets were used by the Ukrainians to successfully destroy an important and expensive Russian radar system.
  • 🚧 The Ukrainian strategy of targeting logistics, such as supply trucks, has disrupted Russian military operations.
  • 🏆 The video concludes with a note on the availability of uncensored videos for sponsors, highlighting the selective nature of public disclosures.

Q & A

  • What type of military vehicle is referred to as 'Burning Russian' in the title?

    -The 'Burning Russian' refers to a Russian tank that was set on fire, as described in the transcript.

  • What was the initial action of the Ukrainian forces against the Russian Convoy?

    -The Ukrainian forces initiated an artillery attack on the Russian Convoy as it moved towards the city.

  • How did the Ukrainian Recon drone contribute to the conflict?

    -The Ukrainian Recon drone spotted the movement of the Russian forces, including a tank with a mine plow and APCs, leading to Ukrainian artillery fire.

  • What happened to the Russian tank that tried to cross the field covered by an APC?

    -The Russian tank, covered by an APC, fell into a mine trap and was unable to escape, leading to its retreat for evacuation.

  • What was the outcome of the Russians calling in two armored personnel carriers for evacuation?

    -The two armored personnel carriers exploded on the remaining mines during their evacuation attempt, resulting in the tank burning with ammunition detonating and the APCs being destroyed.

  • How did the situation unfold when the Russians encountered a Bradley?

    -A Russian APC carrying reinforcements was intercepted by a Bradley. The Bradley locked onto the target and opened fire, causing direct hits and destroying the APC.

  • What was the role of the kamikaz drone in the destruction of the Russian tank?

    -The kamikaz drone attacked the Russian tank by diving into its unprotected body, causing a powerful explosion that led to the tank's destruction.

  • How did the Ukrainians deal with a Russian tank that was pursuing a combat mission?

    -The Ukrainians used a kamikaz drone to make a precise hit on the T90M tank, causing it to lose control. They followed up with a second attack, further damaging the tank.

  • What was the significance of the radar system that the Ukrainians discovered?

    -The radar system was an important and expensive target used by the Russians for jamming and intercepting radio waves and communication, playing a crucial role on the front line.

  • What was the strategy used by the Ukrainians to destroy the Russian radar system?

    -The Ukrainians used a kamikaz drone to hit the enemy radar system, and later attacked it with high Mars rockets when the opportunity arose.

  • How did the Ukrainians handle a situation where the Russians were firmly entrenched in positions?

    -The Ukrainians used a ground drone to approach the Russian positions and a tank to destroy a building that housed the command center for the enemy Army's UAV operators.



🚩 Russian Tank Assault and Demise

The video script begins with a dramatic scene of a Russian tank, the Burning Russian, which was previously advancing but is now aflame. The narrative describes a Russian tank attack on Chass ofar and the subsequent Ukrainian countermeasures. Ukrainian forces initiate an artillery barrage, leading to the destruction of the third Russian vehicle in the convoy. A reconnaissance drone spots the Russian advance, which includes a tank with a mine plow and an APC. The Russians fall into a mine trap, and the remaining forces are unable to escape. The Russians call for evacuation, but the rescue vehicles also detonate on mines. The tank's ammunition explodes, and the APCs attempting to break through the woods are met with similar fates. The video also shows a Russian APC carrying reinforcements being intercepted and destroyed by a Bradley, highlighting the effectiveness of American artillery. The Ukrainians continue to eliminate isolated and damaged Russian armored vehicles, including a kamikaze drone attack on an APC.


💥 Ukrainian Counterattacks and Destruction

The second paragraph details the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian armored forces. It describes powerful explosions that destroy an APC and the use of drones to drop grenades into Russian tanks, leading to fiery conflagrations. The Ukrainians inspect a damaged Russian tank, and a T90m tank is pursued by a kamikaze drone, which results in a loss of control and further damage. Ukrainian artillery targets an advancing Russian tank, which is then attacked by a kamikaze drone and a Javelin anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The tank is left in flames, an easy target for the drone. Another Ukrainian drone attack is successful against a damaged tank, and a perfect hit on an APC leads to its complete destruction. A fleeing Russian tank is also caught by a kamikaze drone, emphasizing the relentless pursuit and effectiveness of Ukrainian forces.


🏺 Ukrainian Ingenuity and Tactical Superiority

The third paragraph illustrates the Ukrainian tactical ingenuity and the destruction of Russian armored groups. An APC is shown making a fatal mistake by speeding across a field and detonating a mine. The evacuation group suffers a similar fate. The narrative then shifts to the shadow unit's handling of Russian tanks, with a grenade-ignited tank and a drone attack on a damaged tank leading to its destruction. A Russian armored recovery vehicle attempting to evacuate a T72 tank is disrupted by a kamikaze drone, and both the recovery vehicle and the tank are consumed by flames. The Russians deploy a Buk M1 air defense system, but a kamikaze drone targets and destroys it. The Ukrainians discover and destroy a crucial Russian radar system used for jamming and intercepting communications. High Mars rockets are used to destroy the radar, and a Russian self-propelled gun is targeted by a high Mars missile. The Ukrainians also use ground drones to attack Russian bunkers, and a Ukrainian tank destroys an enemy command center located in a building.


🎥 Unseen Warfare and Sponsorship Opportunities

The final paragraph of the script hints at the existence of uncensored videos of the conflict that are not allowed to be made public but are available to the video's sponsors. The paragraph suggests that these videos provide an unfiltered look at the warfare occurring, and it invites viewers to learn more through links provided in the video description. The script concludes with a farewell message, promising to see the audience soon and to take care.



💡Burning Russian

The term 'Burning Russian' refers to a Russian military vehicle, specifically a tank, that has been set on fire, likely as a result of an attack. In the context of the video, it signifies the destruction of Russian military assets during a conflict. The script mentions, 'this APC was storming ahead now it's on fire just, like this Russian, junk,' illustrating the use of the term.

💡Artillery Attack

An 'Artillery Attack' is a military operation that involves the use of large caliber guns or rocket systems to launch explosive projectiles at enemy targets. In the video's narrative, it is a key tactic employed by the Ukrainian forces, as seen when 'the ukrainians after waiting, begin an artillery attack a direct hit.'


An 'APC' stands for Armored Personnel Carrier, which is a type of armored vehicle designed to transport soldiers and provide protection from enemy fire. The script describes various instances where APCs are involved in the conflict, such as 'the Russians call, in two armored personnel carriers, they need to collect the wounded and, pull, back.'

💡Kamikaze Drone

A 'Kamikaze Drone' is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is used as a guided missile, deliberately flown into a target to cause destruction. The script illustrates their use in the conflict with phrases like 'a kamikaze drone attacks the APC' and 'a kamikaze drone catches up with it,' highlighting their lethal effectiveness.


The 'Javelin' is an anti-tank guided missile system that provides soldiers with the ability to engage and destroy heavy armored targets. It is mentioned in the context of the video as a weapon used to disable and destroy Russian tanks, such as 'attacked from above by a Javelin 2.'


A 'Minefield' is an area on the ground that has been deliberately sown with landmines to impede the movement of enemy forces. The video describes several instances where Russian vehicles fall into minefields, as in 'the remnants of the second group can't escape the mine, trap.'


A 'Tank' is a heavily armored combat vehicle, equipped with a large-caliber main gun and often used as a symbol of military power. The video script describes the destruction of various tanks, emphasizing their vulnerability in the face of modern anti-tank weaponry, such as 'another Russian tank after the second grenade. Flames erupt inside, the fire intensifies it now covers the entire, tank.'

💡Electronic Warfare System

An 'Electronic Warfare System' refers to military technology used for jamming, intercepting, and disrupting enemy communications and radar systems. The script mentions the importance of such a system when it says 'the Russians use it for jamming, and intercepting radio, waves and communication on the front, plays a crucial role.'

💡High Mars Rockets

High Mars Rockets are a type of missile system used for long-range strikes against strategic targets. In the video, they are used to destroy a radar system, as indicated by 'the Ukrainians have been hunting, this radar for a long time and when the opportunity arose they immediately, attacked it with high Mars, Rockets.'

💡Ground Drone

A 'Ground Drone' is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) used for various military applications, including reconnaissance, surveillance, and direct combat engagement. The script describes a ground drone approaching a Russian bunker, as in 'a ground drone comes to the rescue it slowly approaches the Russian, positions taking position over the, Russian bunker.'

💡Command Center

A 'Command Center' is a location from which military operations are planned and directed. The video script refers to the destruction of an enemy command center, highlighting its strategic importance: 'the tank moves within firing range and begins taking apart the building every shot hits precisely its, Target the building is destroyed and, with it the command, center.'


Bradley's Burning Russian tank attack strategy showcased.

Russian APC caught on fire within 2 minutes of the assault.

Russian tank attack on Chass ofar met with fierce resistance.

Ukrainian artillery attack leads to direct hit on Russian Convoy.

Russian tank and APC fall into a Ukrainian mine trap.

Russian armored personnel carriers fail to evacuate due to mines.

Russian tank burns with ammunition detonating after hitting a mine.

Bradley locks onto a Russian APC and achieves direct hits.

Kamikaze drone attacks lead to the destruction of Russian APCs.

Russian tanks suffer from Ukrainian kamikaze drone precision hits.

Ukrainian Javelin missile disables a Russian tank at a critical moment.

Russian tank becomes an easy target after being hit by an ATGM.

Ukrainian drone successfully deals with a damaged Russian tank's armor.

Russian tank's fuel system is damaged, leading to a catastrophic detonation.

Russian tank fleeing the battlefield is caught by a kamikaze drone.

Russian armored group destroyed by Ukrainian drone attacks.

Russian Buk M1 air defense system fails against kamikaze drone attacks.

Ukrainians successfully destroy a Russian radar system with a kamikaze drone.

High Mars Rockets used to destroy a Russian electronic warfare system.

Ukrainian ground drone takes out a Russian bunker in a surprise attack.

Ukrainian tank dismantles a command center for enemy UAV operators.