Benny Hinn is in full on damage control mode. Don’t believe him.

Mike Winger
10 May 202417:11

TLDRThe video discusses Benny Hinn's recent attempts at damage control amidst allegations of false prophecy and misuse of Christian forgiveness. The speaker criticizes Hinn for exploiting the Christian desire for redemption, rather than genuinely repenting. Hinn's interview with Steven Strang is highlighted, where he admits to false prophecies but dismisses them as part of being human, misapplying a Bible verse to justify his actions. The speaker also addresses Hinn's Prosperity preaching and lack of sincere repentance, urging viewers to discern true repentance from public relations tactics. The summary calls for vigilance within the Christian community to protect against manipulative tactics and to seek authentic Christianity.


  • 🚨 Benny Hinn is in damage control mode, but the speaker believes he is not genuinely repenting for his actions.
  • 🕊️ Hinn is accused of exploiting Christians' desire for redemption and forgiveness to cover up his misdeeds.
  • 📜 Hinn has been involved in false prophecy and misapplication of biblical scriptures, such as 1 Corinthians 14.
  • 📢 The speaker made a video about Benny Hinn that gained significant attention, prompting Hinn to respond.
  • 🛡️ Benny Hinn attempted to have the critical video removed from the internet, but was unsuccessful.
  • 📽️ Hinn participated in an interview with Steven Strang, where he discussed his critics and his approach to damage control.
  • 💸 The issue of prosperity preaching is addressed, with Hinn admitting to returning to it even after a previous damage control effort in 2019.
  • 🤔 The speaker is skeptical of Hinn's sincerity and believes his actions are more about damage control than true repentance.
  • 🙏 The speaker expresses a willingness to forgive Hinn if his repentance is genuine but emphasizes the need for public accountability.
  • 👥 The situation is described as sad for the body of Christ, for misled churches, and for pastors who may have based their ministries on Hinn's model.
  • 🛂 The speaker discusses the concept of a 'religious spirit' as used by Hinn to discredit critics and the importance of discernment in such matters.

Q & A

  • What is Benny Hinn's current situation as described in the transcript?

    -Benny Hinn is in damage control mode, attempting to address allegations of false prophecy and other misconduct without showing genuine repentance.

  • What does the speaker accuse Benny Hinn of exploiting?

    -The speaker accuses Benny Hinn of exploiting Christians' love of redemption, forgiveness, and the desire to restore people.

  • How does Benny Hinn allegedly misuse 1 Corinthians 14 to justify his actions?

    -Benny Hinn misquotes or misapplies 1 Corinthians 14, suggesting that because it says 'we prophesy in part,' it's acceptable for him to make false prophecies.

  • What is the speaker's view on the concept of 'nobody's perfect' in relation to false prophecy?

    -The speaker argues that false prophecy does not fit the 'nobody's perfect' category, as it is a serious issue and not a simple mistake like taking a wrong turn while driving.

  • What is the speaker's stance on Benny Hinn's attempts to remove the video from the internet?

    -The speaker is critical of Benny Hinn's attempts to remove the video, viewing it as a part of his damage control strategy rather than a genuine effort to address the issues raised.

  • How does the speaker describe the impact of Benny Hinn's actions on the body of Christ?

    -The speaker describes the impact as negative, likening Benny Hinn's influence to leaven that leavens the whole lump, causing harm to real people and victims.

  • What does the speaker suggest is Benny Hinn's approach to dealing with critics?

    -The speaker suggests that Benny Hinn dismisses critics, does not seem to be affected by their comments, and attempts to portray himself as a sincere and God-loving man.

  • What does the speaker believe is Benny Hinn's attitude towards repentance?

    -The speaker believes that Benny Hinn is not genuinely seeking repentance but is instead engaged in a low-effort damage control that lacks heart and sincerity.

  • How does the speaker feel about the possibility of meeting with Benny Hinn to discuss the issues?

    -The speaker is open to the idea but has low expectations, doubting that such a meeting would lead to any real or meaningful change.

  • What does the speaker suggest is the role of Christians in responding to Benny Hinn's actions?

    -The speaker suggests that Christians should be gentle as doves but also wise as serpents, willing to forgive but not if the repentance is insincere or deceptive.

  • What is the speaker's goal in creating content about Benny Hinn?

    -The speaker's goal is to equip the church to recognize and protect itself from manipulative tactics and to promote authentic Christianity based on the true teachings of the Bible.



😤 Benny Hinn's Damage Control and False Prophecy

The speaker criticizes Benny Hinn for being in damage control mode without genuine repentance. Hinn is accused of exploiting Christians' willingness to forgive and using it as a cover-up for his actions. The speaker mentions Hinn's interview with Steven Strang, where Hinn admits to committing false prophecy but dismisses it as a common human mistake, misapplying a Bible verse to justify his actions. The speaker also discusses how Hinn's actions have negatively impacted the Christian community and individuals, causing disillusionment and skepticism. They also detail Hinn's attempts to remove critical videos from the internet and his lack of sincere repentance, instead focusing on public perception.


🤔 Benny Hinn's Insincere Repentance and Prosperity Preaching

The speaker addresses Benny Hinn's recent statements, suggesting that Hinn is not truly repentant but rather engaging in low-effort damage control. Hinn is said to have rejected gimmicky prosperity preaching but has returned to it. The speaker expresses hope for Hinn's real repentance but emphasizes that true repentance involves admitting specific errors and seeking restitution for those harmed. The speaker also discusses Hinn's reluctance to provide genuine answers to critics and his continuation of old behaviors, questioning why Hinn's past videos featuring false teachings are still available online.


😠 Benny Hinn's Manipulative Tactics and Public Deception

The speaker condemns Benny Hinn's tactics, accusing him of manipulating the term 'religious spirit' to discredit critics. Hinn is said to use this term to dismiss anyone who challenges his teachings, which the speaker argues is a form of name-calling and not a valid defense. The speaker also discusses the importance of being both gentle and wise in dealing with such situations, advocating for a discerning approach to forgiveness. They express skepticism about private discussions with Hinn, preferring public accountability and a genuine change in behavior.


🙏 A Call for Authentic Christianity and Protection from Manipulation

The speaker shares their intentions behind criticizing Benny Hinn, aiming to equip the church to recognize and resist manipulative tactics. They emphasize the importance of genuine fellowship, discipleship, and authentic teaching in the Christian community. The speaker encourages the audience not to be swayed by gimmicks or false teachings and to seek real healing and faith. They express a desire for the church to become discerning enough to reject future manipulators like Hinn, advocating for a shift towards a more authentic expression of Christianity.



💡Damage Control

Damage control refers to the efforts made to minimize or mitigate the negative impact of a crisis or scandal. In the context of the video, it is suggested that Benny Hinn is engaging in damage control to manage the fallout from accusations of false prophecy and financial misconduct. The video criticizes Hinn for not showing genuine repentance but instead using the situation to his advantage.


Repentance is the act of feeling regret or remorse for one's actions and seeking forgiveness. The video discusses the concept of repentance in relation to Benny Hinn's alleged false prophecies, arguing that his public statements do not demonstrate true repentance but rather a superficial attempt to regain public favor.

💡False Prophecy

False prophecy involves making predictions or declarations about the future that do not come true and are often associated with religious contexts. The video script accuses Benny Hinn of committing false prophecies and using Scripture to justify his actions, which the speaker argues is a misinterpretation and misuse of religious texts.

💡Prosperity Preaching

Prosperity preaching is a religious doctrine that suggests material wealth is a sign of God's favor and can be obtained through faith, often associated with televangelism. The video criticizes Benny Hinn for his involvement in prosperity preaching, suggesting that it has led to manipulation and exploitation of followers for financial gain.


Redemption is the process of making up for faults or mistakes, often with a religious connotation of being saved or delivered from sin. The video discusses how Benny Hinn may be attempting to capitalize on the Christian value of redemption to restore his image, despite allegations of wrongdoing.


Forgiveness is the act of pardoning someone for their wrongdoings. The video emphasizes the Christian value of forgiveness but also warns against the misuse of this concept to absolve those who do not show genuine remorse or change in behavior.

💡Scriptural Misapplication

Scriptural misapplication refers to the incorrect or inappropriate use of religious texts to support one's claims or actions. The video accuses Benny Hinn of misapplying 1 Corinthians 14 to excuse his false prophecies, indicating a deeper issue of misinterpretation and manipulation of religious teachings.


A televangelist is a religious evangelist who uses television to disseminate their messages. Benny Hinn is mentioned as a televangelist in the video, with the speaker expressing concerns about the potential for televangelism to be exploited for financial or personal gain, rather than genuine religious outreach.

💡Religious Spirit

In the context of the video, 'religious spirit' is used as a term to criticize or dismiss those who question or challenge certain religious practices or teachings. The video suggests that Benny Hinn and his followers may label critics as having a 'religious spirit' to discredit their concerns and protect their image.


Deception refers to the act of deceiving or misleading others, often for personal gain or advantage. The video accuses Benny Hinn of engaging in deception through his actions and teachings, causing harm to the Christian community and undermining trust in religious leadership.

💡Public Figure

A public figure is a person who is widely known by the public, often due to their work or achievements. The video acknowledges the speaker's status as a public figure and the scrutiny that comes with it, while also emphasizing the responsibility that public figures like Benny Hinn have to uphold certain standards of conduct.


Benny Hinn is in full-on damage control mode, attempting to address allegations without genuine repentance.

Hinn is accused of exploiting Christians' love of redemption and forgiveness to cover up his actions.

In an interview with Steven Strang, Hinn admits to committing false prophecy but dismisses it as a common human mistake.

Critics argue that false prophecy is not a minor mistake that can be categorized under 'nobody's perfect'.

The speaker emphasizes the negative impact of Hinn's actions on real victims and the broader Christian community.

Hinn's behavior is compared to leaven that negatively affects the whole lump in the body of Christ.

The speaker's video on Benny Hinn gained more attention than expected, prompting Hinn's response.

Benny Hinn's attempt to get the speaker's video removed from YouTube was unsuccessful.

Hinn's interview with Charisma magazine is mentioned as a scheduled event.

The speaker is open to meeting with Benny Hinn for an honest discussion but has low expectations.

Dr. Michael Brown's increased criticism of Benny Hinn is noted, and the speaker appreciates the stronger stance.

The speaker is accused of having a 'religious spirit,' a term often used to discredit critics.

Benny Hinn is criticized for creating a video on avoiding a religious spirit that actually rebukes his own ministry.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of not letting manipulative tactics shame or deceive the church.

The ultimate hope is for the church to desire and demand authentic Christianity, unmarred by gimmickry and false teachings.

The speaker calls for a change in the church that would prevent future manipulations by figures like Benny Hinn.