Apple Close to Putting ChatGPT on iPhone

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13 May 202404:16

TLDRThe transcript discusses the potential integration of ChatGPT technology into Apple's iPhone, which could excite investors but may not necessarily boost iPhone sales. There is a debate on whether the smartphone market is ready for a shift towards devices powered by Snapdragon processors. The speaker suggests that while a potential upgrade cycle could be beneficial for Apple, it is less significant than the 5G upgrade cycle. The overreliance on iPhone sales for revenue is a concern, and there is a call for Apple to improve its services and leverage AI more effectively. The discussion also touches on the challenges Apple faces in choosing between leveraging OpenAI or Google for AI capabilities, and the importance of Siri's role in this context. Lastly, the potential expansion of Apple's services to more countries and the impact of declining hardware sales on service revenue are mentioned.


  • 📱 Apple is considering integrating advanced AI, possibly ChatGPT, into the iPhone to boost sales and investor excitement.
  • 💼 Investors are eager to see Apple's strategy for leveraging AI, whether through partnerships with Google or OpenAI.
  • 📉 There are concerns that integrating AI might not significantly boost iPhone sales, which contribute to over half of Apple's revenue.
  • 🚗 Discussion about the smartphone market's focus on Android and Snapdragon processors, questioning if there will be an upgrade cycle similar to 5G.
  • 📈 Tom Anderegg suggests that if AI integration helps sell iPhones next year, it would be beneficial for Apple.
  • 📱 The reliance on iPhone sales is highlighted as a key issue for Apple, with services also being a significant driving force.
  • 🤖 There is skepticism about whether Apple can catch up in the AI race, especially for on-device applications.
  • 🚧 The transcript mentions a potential return to the automotive sector, where Apple could potentially excel based on opportunities seen by the speaker.
  • 📉 The challenge for Apple is managing its relationships with tech giants like Microsoft and Google while developing its own AI capabilities.
  • 🌐 The global expansion of Apple's services, such as the Evasion probe, is mentioned as a marginal positive for the company.
  • 📊 A decline in hardware sales could impact services sales, posing a challenge for Apple's stock performance.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of discussion in the transcript?

    -The main topic of discussion is the potential integration of advanced AI, such as ChatGPT, into Apple's iPhone and its implications for the company's strategy, sales, and competition with other tech giants.

  • Why are investors interested in Apple's strategy regarding AI?

    -Investors are interested because AI integration could potentially boost iPhone sales and excite the investor base, which is crucial given that iPhones contribute to a significant portion of Apple's revenue.

  • What is the current concern regarding iPhone sales?

    -The concern is that despite Apple's need for a sales boost, the current chip story for NVIDIA and cloud computing advancements for Azure and Google Cloud might not directly translate to increased iPhone sales.

  • What is Tom Anderegg's opinion on the potential impact of AI on iPhone sales?

    -Tom Anderegg believes that if AI integration helps sell iPhones next year, it would be a positive development for Apple.

  • How does the discussion frame the importance of 5G in the smartphone market?

    -The discussion suggests that the 5G upgrade cycle was a significant driver for the smartphone market, and any potential AI-driven upgrade cycle would be a distant second to it.

  • What is the speaker's view on Apple's overdependence on iPhone sales?

    -The speaker expresses concern over Apple's overdependence on the iPhone for revenue, emphasizing that Apple needs to diversify its revenue streams.

  • What is the potential long-term impact of AI on Apple's sales and profits?

    -AI could provide a tremendous boost to Apple's sales and profits over the long term, but the speaker advises investors to be realistic about near-term expectations.

  • Why does the speaker suggest that Apple might be behind the curve in terms of AI?

    -The speaker suggests that Apple's pivot away from cars and late entry into leveraging AI makes them potentially lag behind other big tech companies that are more advanced in AI integration.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Apple's Siri and its potential for improvement?

    -The speaker sees Siri as an opportunity for Apple to improve and suggests that Apple could do better in the AI assistant space compared to its current offering.

  • What does the term 'frenemy' refer to in the context of the discussion?

    -The term 'frenemy' refers to the complex relationship between Apple and other tech companies like Microsoft and Google, which are both competitors and potential partners in the realm of AI.

  • How does the expansion of Apple services to more countries potentially impact the company?

    -The expansion could help marginally, but the main challenge lies in the decline of hardware sales, which could eventually lead to lower service sales and impact the stock negatively.

  • What is the general sentiment towards the idea of Apple partnering with OpenAI for iPhone integration?

    -The sentiment is mixed, with some respondents on social media suggesting it could be good for Microsoft due to their involvement with OpenAI, while the discussion highlights the strategic challenges for Apple.



📈 Investor Interest in Apple's Strategic Partnerships

The paragraph discusses the investor community's interest in Apple's potential strategic partnerships, particularly with Google or OpenAI, to advance its technology strategy. It highlights concerns about the lack of a significant boost in iPhone sales, which still account for a substantial portion of Apple's revenue. The discussion also touches on the smartphone market's shift towards Android and Snapdragon processors, and whether a deal could stimulate an upgrade cycle. The speaker expresses skepticism about Apple's ability to regain a competitive edge in AI and suggests a return to the automotive sector as a potential opportunity.




Apple is a multinational technology company known for its consumer electronics, software, and services. In the context of the video, Apple is considering integrating advanced AI technology into its products, which could potentially boost iPhone sales and enhance its service offerings.


ChatGPT is a type of AI language model that can generate human-like text based on given prompts. The video discusses the possibility of Apple incorporating such technology into the iPhone, which could improve the user experience and differentiate Apple's products from competitors.


Investors are individuals or entities that provide capital for financial gain. In the video, it is mentioned that investors are eagerly awaiting Apple's strategic moves regarding AI integration, as this could impact the company's stock performance and overall market position.


Google is a technology company that provides a range of services including search engines, online advertising, and AI technologies. The video script refers to Google in the context of Apple's potential partnerships for AI technology, indicating a strategic decision that Apple needs to make.


OpenAI is a research lab that focuses on developing and promoting AI technologies. The video suggests that Apple might be considering using OpenAI's technology to advance its AI strategy, which could be a significant move for the company.

💡iPhone Sales

iPhone sales refer to the revenue generated from the sale of Apple's iPhone devices. The video highlights concerns that Apple may not see a significant boost in iPhone sales, despite the potential integration of AI technology, due to market saturation and other factors.


NVIDIA is a technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI computing solutions. The video mentions NVIDIA in the context of chip supply and its relevance to the tech industry, including Apple's potential reliance on such chips for advanced AI capabilities.

💡Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services, including storage and processing, over the internet. The video discusses the role of cloud computing platforms like Azure and Google Cloud in the broader tech landscape, which may have implications for how Apple leverages AI technology.

💡5G Upgrade Cycle

The 5G upgrade cycle refers to the period when mobile users transition from older, slower network technologies to the newer, faster 5G networks. The video suggests that the 5G upgrade cycle may have a more significant impact on smartphone sales than the integration of AI technology.


In the context of the video, 'services' likely refers to Apple's suite of subscription-based offerings like iCloud, Apple Music, and others. The discussion indicates that while hardware sales may be declining, services could be a key growth area for Apple.


Siri is Apple's voice-activated AI assistant. The video script mentions Siri as an area where Apple could potentially improve, suggesting that the integration of more advanced AI could enhance the capabilities of Siri and make it more competitive with other voice assistants.


The term 'frenemies' is used to describe a situation where companies are both friends and competitors. In the video, it is used to describe the complex relationships between tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, especially in the context of AI and its strategic importance.

💡Vision Pro

Vision Pro is not a recognized term in the context of the video or within the broader tech industry as of my knowledge cutoff in 2023. It could be a specific product or service mentioned in the video, but without further context, a detailed explanation cannot be provided. The video mentions it in the context of enterprise level discussions and pricing, which may suggest it's a product or service targeted at business customers.


Apple is considering integrating ChatGPT into iPhones, which could excite investors.

There is a debate over whether Apple will use Google or OpenAI for their strategy.

Investors are concerned about the lack of a boost in iPhone sales.

Apple's revenue is heavily dependent on iPhone sales, which accounted for half of their revenue last year.

Services are a key driving force for Apple, alongside hardware sales.

There is a perception that Apple may be lagging behind in the technology curve.

Tom Anderegg suggests that if integrating ChatGPT helps sell iPhones, it would be beneficial.

The smartphone market is discussing a shift towards Android and Snapdragon processors.

The potential for an upgrade cycle is seen as less significant than the 5G upgrade cycle.

Apple is in need of assistance to boost iPhone sales.

The discussion about Apple's potential return to the car industry is mentioned.

AI could significantly boost Apple's sales and profits in the long term.

Investors are advised to have realistic expectations about Apple's ability to leverage AI in the short term.

The comparison between Apple and other big tech companies in terms of leveraging AI is discussed.

Microsoft's involvement with OpenAI is seen as beneficial for them.

The term 'frenemy' is used to describe the complex relationships in the tech industry.

Apple faces a challenge in deciding whether to leverage OpenAI or Google for AI integration.

Siri is seen as an opportunity for Apple to improve its AI capabilities.

The potential impact of declining hardware sales on services revenue is a concern for Apple.