Anime Junction with Ilahi featuring Appupen & Laurent Daudet | Dream Machine - AI & the real world

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17 Mar 202406:39

TLDRIn this episode of Anime Junction on 94.3 Radio 1, host Elahi interviews physics professor Laurent Daudet and writer-artist Appupen about their new book, 'Dream Machine: AI & the Real World.' The duo discusses their collaboration, blending complex physics concepts with comic artistry to explore AI's impact on society, jobs, and the environment. Appupen shares insights on surviving as a comic artist and recommends his top five favorite comics. The episode highlights the growing respect for the anime and comic community in India, encouraging listeners to check out the book.


  • 📚 The title of the book discussed is 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World', which is a unique blend of comic art and complex scientific concepts.
  • 🤝 The collaboration between the physicist and the artist started by chance on the streets of Paris, where they found common ground in their interest in AI and comics.
  • 👨‍🏫 Mr. Daudet, a physics professor, found in Apupen not just an illustrator but a translator who could simplify and visualize complex scientific ideas for a wider audience.
  • 🎨 Apupen, with 20 years of experience in making comics, brought his artistic skills to make the scientific content accessible and engaging through visual storytelling.
  • 🤖 The book aims to address the impact of AI on our lives, including challenges such as environmental issues, job impacts, and copyright concerns.
  • 🌐 The authors wanted to change the narrative around AI, making it more relatable and understandable to the general public.
  • 🎭 The experience of working together was enriching for both, with the physicist appreciating the visual representation of his teachings and the artist enjoying the creative challenge.
  • 💡 The book serves as an example of how art and science can intersect to create educational and entertaining content.
  • 🎨 Apupen suggests that one should not rely solely on comic book sales to make a living but should pursue their passion and find ways to make it work with other income sources.
  • 📚 The authors recommend several influential comics, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and the combination of writing and drawing in the comic creation process.
  • 📖 The book 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World' is available on Amazon and in bookstores, offering a unique perspective on AI for both comic enthusiasts and those curious about technology.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the book discussed in the interview?

    -The title of the book is 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World'.

  • Who are the two guests in the studio for the interview?

    -The two guests are Apupen, an illustrator and writer, and Laurent Daudet, a physics professor.

  • How did Apupen and Laurent Daudet meet?

    -Aupupen met Laurent Daudet in France during a comic residency. They encountered each other in Paris while Daudet was discussing physics, leading to their collaboration.

  • What was the motivation behind creating a comic about AI?

    -They wanted to address the impact of AI on our lives, including challenges such as environmental issues, job impacts, and copyright concerns, and to change the narrative around these topics.

  • Why did Elahi, the host, feel a personal connection to the book?

    -Elahi felt a personal connection because he is an anime enthusiast and represents the anime community in India. The comic style of the book was a unique and appealing aspect for him.

  • How does Laurent Daudet describe his experience working with Apupen?

    -Daudet describes it as having a translator, where he would pass on complex ideas to Apupen, who would then create drawings based on the teaching material, making it a wonderful way to explain AI.

  • What advice does Apupen give to those who want to make a living from creating comics?

    -Aupupen advises not to expect comics to pay the bills immediately. He suggests doing what you love and making it work with other things, like advertising or selling art, if you're good at it.

  • What is the significance of the book being available in a comic style?

    -The comic style makes the complex subject of AI more accessible and engaging, allowing for a broader audience to understand and appreciate the content.

  • How does Apupen view the role of a comic artist in the industry?

    -Aupupen believes that comic artists often have to make their work happen through various means, such as advertising or selling art, because waiting for comics to pay the bills can be limiting.

  • What are some of the comic books that Apupen recommends?

    -Aupupen recommends works by Osamu Tezuka, Non Non Ba, Sharu Mizuki, Will Eisner, and the book 'Beautiful Darkness', as well as 'Essex County' by Jeff Lemire.

  • How can interested readers find the book 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World'?

    -The book can be found on Amazon and at the nearest bookstore.



🎙️ Anime Junction: A Fusion of AI and Comics

The script introduces 'Anime Junction', a radio show hosted by Elahi, which features a unique collaboration between a physics professor and an illustrator. The professor, known for his work in Lounge Piranas, and the illustrator, Apu Pen, discuss their new comic book 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World'. The book is a creative blend of complex AI concepts simplified through comic illustrations, appealing to anime enthusiasts and representing the growing intersection of technology and art. The conversation delves into how this collaboration came about, the challenges of explaining AI through comics, and the personal significance of the project to the host.


📚 Exploring the Impact of AI and Comic Artistry

In this segment, the discussion continues with the professor sharing his experience of translating complex physics and AI concepts into accessible comic form with the help of Apu Pen's illustrations. They explore the impact of AI on various aspects of life, including environmental challenges and job implications. The conversation also touches on the financial realities of being a comic artist, with Apu Pen candidly discussing the need to supplement income through other means due to the unpredictable nature of the comic market. The segment concludes with Apu Pen sharing his top five favorite comics, emphasizing the importance of personal passion in creating art and the role of community in supporting artists.



💡Anime Junction

Anime Junction is the title of the radio show being discussed in the transcript. It is a program that seems to focus on anime and related topics, hosted by Elahi. In the script, it is mentioned as the platform where the interview with Appupen and Laurent Daudet takes place, indicating its relevance to the theme of the video.


Elahi is the host of the Anime Junction radio show. He introduces the guests and facilitates the conversation in the script. His role is central to the video's narrative, as he guides the discussion and brings the audience's attention to the key points of the interview.


Appupen is one of the guests in the radio show, identified as an illustrator and a former drummer. He collaborated with Laurent Daudet on the book 'Dream Machine - AI and the real world,' which is the main topic of the interview. His background in illustration and music adds depth to the discussion about the intersection of art and technology.

💡Laurent Daudet

Laurent Daudet is a physics professor and the co-author of the book discussed in the video. His expertise in physics and AI provides a scientific perspective to the conversation, complementing Appupen's artistic viewpoint and enriching the dialogue on the impact of AI on society.

💡Dream Machine - AI and the real world

This is the title of the book co-created by Appupen and Laurent Daudet. It is a comic-style book that explores the relationship between AI and the real world. The book serves as the central theme of the video, with the discussion revolving around its content and the collaboration between the authors.


Physics is a branch of science that studies matter and its motion through space and time. In the script, Laurent Daudet's background as a physics professor is highlighted, indicating the scientific foundation of the book 'Dream Machine - AI and the real world' and the importance of understanding the physical world in the context of AI.


An illustrator is a person who provides pictures or drawings for a book, magazine, or other media. Appupen is referred to as an illustrator in the script, emphasizing his role in creating the visual elements of the comic book, which is a key aspect of the narrative and the artistic expression of the book's themes.


AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science that aims to create machines capable of intelligent behavior. The script discusses the impact of AI on various aspects of life, such as jobs and the environment, making it a central concept in the video and the book 'Dream Machine - AI and the real world.'


Comics are a medium used to express ideas through images and text. In the script, the book by Appupen and Laurent Daudet is described as a comic, indicating the use of this medium to explore complex topics like AI in an accessible and engaging way.


An artist is a person engaged in creating art, which can include drawing, painting, or other forms of visual expression. Appupen is described as an artist in the script, highlighting his creative contribution to the book and the broader discussion on the role of art in interpreting and commenting on technology and society.

💡Chennai ComiCon

Chennai ComiCon is a comic convention held in Chennai, India. It is mentioned in the script as an event where Appupen has participated, indicating the growing popularity and cultural significance of comic conventions in connecting artists, fans, and the broader public with the world of comics and related media.


Anime Junction features a discussion on the intersection of AI and the real world with guests Appupen and Laurent Daudet.

The book 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World' is a unique collaboration between a physicist and an artist.

El K, the host, expresses personal excitement about the book's comic style presentation.

Laurent Daudet, a physics professor, shares his experience of meeting Appupen in Paris and their decision to create a comic together.

Appupen's background as a drummer and his transition to an illustrator is highlighted.

The collaboration aimed to simplify complex AI concepts through the medium of comics.

The impact of AI on daily life and its challenges, such as environmental issues and job displacement, are discussed.

The importance of selecting a relevant topic for a comic that resonates with current societal issues is emphasized.

Appupen advises that passion for comics should come first, rather than expecting immediate financial success.

The discussion touches on the practicalities of making a living as a comic artist, including diversifying income sources.

The host, El K, acknowledges the growing respect and recognition for the anime and comic community in India.

Appupen shares his top five favorite comics, including works by Osamu Tezuka and others.

The value of comics as a medium that combines writing and drawing is celebrated.

The book 'Dream Machine: AI and the Real World' is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

The show concludes with a reminder of the importance of curiosity and invention, linking it to the book's theme.

El K signs off, highlighting the significance of the anime world and the show's music.