AI Tool | HyperWrite & Peppertype for Research paper writing & Content creation | Features explained

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25 Feb 202309:49

TLDRThis video introduces two AI tools, HyperWrite and Peppertype, designed to assist with research paper writing and content creation. HyperWrite offers a free tier with limited usage and a premium plan for unlimited features, including marketing, education, and productivity categories. It can generate content, improve grammar, and provide creative solutions. Peppertype also has a free tier and subscription plans, with features such as answer generation, blog ideas, and YouTube video descriptions. Both tools cater to various needs like content creation, social media, copywriting, and SEO, making them valuable for enhancing writing projects and research articles.


  • 📝 **HyperWrite** is a powerful AI tool for content creation, offering both free and paid plans for different needs.
  • 💰 The free plan of HyperWrite allows for 500 type heads per day, with an option to upgrade to a $20/month unlimited plan.
  • 🚀 HyperWrite's Ultra plan provides extended features like longer generation, priority support, and more.
  • 📈 HyperWrite can be used for various categories including marketing, email, education, productivity, and creativity.
  • 💌 In marketing, it can help with blog posts, social media posts, and LinkedIn post improvement.
  • ✍️ For writing, it assists in essay title creation, dialogue generation, plot development, and grammar checking.
  • 🔄 The tool can also rewrite content, improving grammar and sentence structure with its 'Magic Editor' feature.
  • 📚 It offers educational tools like advanced worksheets and essay topic generators.
  • 🤖 Productivity features include phrasing assistance and text summarization.
  • 💡 Creativity is boosted with features like solution brainstorming and rule-based term generation.
  • 🔧 A unique feature is the 'Plain English to Technical Translator', converting simple English sentences into technical language.
  • 📑 **Peppertype** is another AI tool that can be used for article writing and content creation, with a free plan up to 5000 words.
  • 📈 Peppertype offers a Starter plan at $25/month and a Growth plan at $165/month, with various features for content creation.
  • 📝 It provides assistance for blog ideas, social media content, copywriting, SEO, and e-commerce needs.

Q & A

  • What are the two AI tools discussed in the video?

    -The two AI tools discussed in the video are HyperWrite and Peppertype.

  • What is the free usage limit for HyperWrite?

    -HyperWrite is free up to 500 type heads shown a day, which equates to 5 generations and 5 rewrites per month.

  • What does the premium plan for HyperWrite cost and what does it include?

    -The premium plan for HyperWrite costs $20 per month and includes unlimited generations and rewrites, as well as priority support.

  • In which categories can HyperWrite be used for content creation?

    -HyperWrite can be used in categories such as marketing, email writing, education, productivity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and testing.

  • What is the main purpose of the 'Magic Editor' feature in HyperWrite?

    -The 'Magic Editor' feature in HyperWrite is used to improve the clarity, tone, and style of a piece of text, particularly for sentences that are difficult to write or need grammatical improvement.

  • What is the free plan limit for Peppertype?

    -Peppertype offers a free plan that allows users to utilize the tool up to 5000 words.

  • What are the two subscription plans available for Peppertype?

    -Peppertype has a Starter plan at $25 per month and a Growth plan at $165 per month.

  • How can Peppertype assist in generating blog content?

    -Peppertype can assist in generating blog content by providing blog ideas, intros, and descriptions, as well as aiding in the creation of YouTube video descriptions.

  • What is the 'Plain English to Technical Translator' feature in HyperWrite?

    -The 'Plain English to Technical Translator' feature in HyperWrite allows users to convert simple English sentences into technical content, which is particularly useful for scientific or specialized writing.

  • How does HyperWrite help in improving grammar in written content?

    -HyperWrite helps in improving grammar by providing a grammar checker that can analyze and suggest corrections for grammatical errors in the text.

  • What type of content can be generated using the marketing category in HyperWrite?

    -Using the marketing category in HyperWrite, users can generate content such as blog posts, descriptions, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and even improve existing posts with the LinkedIn post improver tool.

  • How can the productivity category in HyperWrite assist users?

    -The productivity category in HyperWrite assists users by providing phrasing assistance, summarization of text, and auto-rewrite features to help streamline writing tasks and improve efficiency.



🚀 Introduction to AI Tools for Research and Content Creation

The video introduces two significant AI tools, Hyper and Papertype A, that can be utilized for research paper writing, content research, and creation. It discusses the features of Hyper, including its free and paid plans, and its various categories such as marketing, email writing, education, and creativity. The tool can be used for generating blog posts, improving LinkedIn posts, and enhancing essays. It also includes a grammar checker and a feature for generating advanced worksheets and essay topics. The presenter also briefly mentions the features of Papertype A, including its plans and capabilities.


📚 Exploring Features of Hyper and Papertype A

This paragraph delves deeper into the functionalities of Hyper, such as its ability to convert plain English into technical language, which is a unique feature not commonly found in other tools. It also outlines the different categories of content that can be generated using Hyper, including marketing materials, educational content, and creative solutions. Papertype A is introduced with its pricing plans and free usage limit. The tool offers a range of features like generating answers for Quora questions, blog ideas, social media content, and SEO-related content. The video concludes by emphasizing the utility of these AI tools for article writing and content creation, and encourages viewers to watch more of their videos for further research support.



💡AI Tools

AI Tools, or Artificial Intelligence Tools, are software applications that use machine learning and natural language processing to assist with various tasks. In the context of the video, AI Tools are used for research paper writing and content creation, enhancing productivity and quality of the written work.


HyperWrite is an AI tool mentioned in the video that is specifically designed to aid in content creation. It offers features like blog post generation, email writing, and grammar checking. The tool is free up to a certain limit and then requires a subscription for unlimited use.

💡Content Creation

Content creation refers to the process of producing original written, visual, or audio material for platforms such as blogs, social media, and websites. In the video, content creation is a primary focus, and AI tools are presented as a means to streamline and improve this process.


Marketing is a business process that involves promoting and selling products or services. The video discusses how AI tools can be used to generate marketing-related content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and LinkedIn post improvements.

💡Email Proofreader

An email proofreader is a tool that checks emails for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues before they are sent. In the context of the video, it's part of the features offered by AI tools to assist with professional communication.

💡Grammar Checker

A grammar checker is a feature within AI writing tools that scans text for grammatical accuracy. It's used to improve the quality of written content. The video demonstrates how it can be used to enhance sentences and ensure proper grammar.


Productivity in the video refers to the efficiency and effectiveness with which tasks are completed. AI tools are shown to enhance productivity by providing assistance in phrasing, summarizing, and rewriting text to save time and effort.


Peppertype is another AI tool discussed in the video that offers services like content creation, blog ideas, and YouTube video descriptions. It has different pricing plans, including a free option for up to 5000 words.

💡Blog Ideas

Blog ideas are suggestions or topics for creating new blog content. The video mentions that AI tools like Peppertype can generate blog ideas to assist content creators in finding new and engaging subjects to write about.

💡YouTube Video Description

A YouTube video description is the text accompanying a video on the YouTube platform, providing details about the video's content. The video script mentions that AI tools can help create compelling video descriptions to attract viewers.

💡Plain English to Technical Translator

This feature, available in HyperWrite, allows users to convert simple English sentences into more technical language. It's particularly useful for creating content that requires a higher level of technical jargon, as demonstrated in the video.


HyperWrite and Peppertype are two AI tools discussed for research paper writing and content creation.

HyperWrite offers free usage up to certain limits, with a paid plan available for unlimited generations and rewrites.

The Ultra plan of HyperWrite includes longer generation, longer term memory, and priority support.

HyperWrite features categories such as marketing, email writing, education, productivity, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

In marketing, HyperWrite can assist with blog posts, descriptions, and LinkedIn post improvement.

HyperWrite's email features include proofreading, summarizing, and generating responses.

The tool can help create essay titles, generate dialogues, and check grammar with its Magic Editor feature.

HyperWrite can rewrite content and check for grammatical improvements with its grammar checker.

Advanced worksheets and essay topics can be generated within the education category.

Productivity features include phrasing assistance and summarizing long texts.

Creativity is boosted with solution brainstorming and rule generation.

Plain English to technical translator is a unique feature that converts simple sentences into technical language.

Peppertype offers a starter plan and a growth plan with different constraints and features.

Peppertype provides content generation for Quora answers, blog ideas, and YouTube video descriptions.

The tool can assist with social media content, copywriting, SEO, and e-commerce strategies.

Both HyperWrite and Peppertype are valuable for article writing and content creation, with HyperWrite offering more options.

The video provides insights into how these AI tools can enhance project preparation and research article writing.

The presenter encourages viewers to make use of these tools for their content improvement needs.