AI Music is Here... and it’s GOOD! Suno AI Full Tutorial

30 Mar 202420:24

TLDRThe video tutorial introduces Sunno AI, a state-of-the-art music generator that has recently been featured in Rolling Stone. The host demonstrates how easy it is to create music by simply entering a prompt and choosing the desired style, resulting in a Mississippi Delta blues song about a sad AI. The video showcases the AI's ability to generate diverse styles, including rap, electro tango, and Gregorian chant, and discusses the potential for musicians to use the tool for brainstorming and exploring new ideas. The host also shares tips for customizing the generated music and highlights the creative possibilities the technology offers, such as educational applications and the potential for new genres. The video concludes with a demonstration of a song created with the AI, emphasizing the fun and experimental nature of the process.


  • 🎵 Sunno AI version 3 is a powerful music generator that has been featured in Rolling Stone and is available to everyone, including free plan users.
  • 🚀 The process of creating music with Sunno AI is straightforward: input a prompt, select options, and the AI generates a song.
  • 🎶 The AI can produce songs in various styles and genres, offering a diverse range of musical outputs.
  • ➕ Customization options allow users to input their own lyrics or have the AI generate them, and to specify the musical style.
  • 🔄 Users can experiment with different styles and make tweaks to the generated music to refine their creations.
  • 📈 The potential applications of AI-generated music are vast, from professional production to educational uses and brainstorming.
  • 🎓 Sunno AI has been recognized as a helpful tool for teachers, with a teacher program in place to facilitate its use in education.
  • 🌐 The explore tab on Sunno AI allows users to listen to songs created by others for inspiration.
  • 🎹 The workflow for creating music with Sunno AI involves starting with an instrumental, then building on it with vocals and additional sections.
  • 📚 The tutorial showcases how to have more control over the music creation process by adjusting the timing, style, and structure of the song.
  • 🔗 The video also promotes Gamma, an AI tool for designing presentations, documents, and websites, which sponsored the video.
  • 📈 The future of AI music generation looks promising, with continuous improvements expected in the coming months.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI music generator mentioned in the video?

    -The AI music generator mentioned in the video is called Sunno AI.

  • Which version of Sunno AI is currently available?

    -Sunno version 3 is currently available.

  • What is the process of creating music with Sunno AI?

    -To create music with Sunno AI, one needs to go to the create tab, paste a prompt into the song description box, toggle instrumentals on or off, and then click create.

  • What is the significance of the Rolling Stone article mentioned in the video?

    -The Rolling Stone article is significant as it features Sunno AI, highlighting the host's initial reaction and indicating recognition in the music industry.

  • How long does it take for Sunno AI to generate a song?

    -Sunno AI can generate a song up to 2 minutes long within about 10 seconds.

  • What are some of the diverse styles and genres showcased in the video?

    -The video showcases diverse styles and genres such as solo acoustic Mississippi delta blues, east coast rap, dark Electro Tango, and Eerie trap.

  • How can users have more control over the music generation process in Sunno AI?

    -Users can have more control by using the custom tab, where they can input their own lyrics or topics, choose music styles separately, and make tweaks or move parts around.

  • What is the name of the AI tool for designing presentations and websites that sponsored the video?

    -Gamma is the AI tool for designing presentations and websites that sponsored the video.

  • What is the process of creating a website using Gamma?

    -With Gamma, one can create a new web page, select the sections, text amount, and image types, choose a theme, and then generate the site. The site created is fully functional with responsive design.

  • How does the video demonstrate the potential of AI in music creation?

    -The video demonstrates the potential of AI in music creation by generating songs in various styles and genres, showing the ability to add verses, bridges, and endings, and highlighting the creative possibilities it opens up for musicians.

  • What are some of the creative uses of Sunno AI mentioned in the video?

    -Some creative uses of Sunno AI mentioned in the video include generating songs for brainstorming and writing, creating music videos with animations, and using it as a teaching tool for generating catchy educational songs.

  • What is the final song created in the video about?

    -The final song created in the video is a poetic song about the difficulties of being a Pac-Man ghost.



🎵 Introducing Sunno Version 3: The Ultimate AI Music Generator

The video script introduces Sunno version 3, an advanced AI music generator that is now accessible to everyone, including those on the free plan. The AI's capabilities are highlighted by a Rolling Stone article and a demonstration of creating a solo acoustic Mississippi delta blues song about a sad AI. The process is simple: users input a prompt into the song description box, choose whether to include vocals, and then click create. The AI generates two options up to 2 minutes long within seconds. The generated song is praised for its style, depth, emotion, and the ability to build up and include a guitar solo. The host expresses excitement about the potential of AI-generated music for musicians, brainstorming, and exploring different styles and ideas. The script also discusses the possibility of adding more verses, a bridge, and an ending to the song, and provides tips and tricks for using the custom tab for more control over the music creation process.


🎶 Diverse Genres and Gamma's AI Design Tools

The script continues with the host experimenting with different music styles such as dark Electro Tango and Eerie trap, showcasing the diversity of the AI music generator. The host also discusses the process of adding vocals to an instrumental piece and highlights the practicality of using AI tools for creating presentations, documents, and websites, specifically mentioning Gamma's AI design capabilities. Gamma is presented as a sponsor of the video, offering a quick and easy way to create engaging presentations and websites with AI. The host demonstrates creating a new web page for a hypothetical futurepedia tattoo shop, customizing the site with text and images, and mentions the option to use different preset styles for image generation. The script also includes a shout-out to a Twitter user for their creative use of AI-generated music and animation.


👻 Pac-Man Ghosts and Creative Songwriting with AI

The host shares their experience with generating songs about various topics, including a poetic song about the difficulties of being a Pac-Man ghost. The process involves using the AI to generate lyrics, choosing vocal styles, and merging different sections of the song to create a cohesive piece. The script details the iterative process of refining the song, including adding a pre-chorus and a bridge, and making adjustments to the lyrics. The host also discusses the use of AI-generated music in educational settings, mentioning a teacher program and sharing an example song about mitochondria. The script concludes with a variety of AI-generated song examples in different styles, from Gregorian chant to New Orleans jazz, funk, and thrash metal, demonstrating the versatility of the AI music generator.


🎉 Finalizing Songs and Exploring AI Tools on Futurepedia

The script describes the finalization of an AI-generated song about being haunted by Pac-Man, detailing the process of merging different sections and generating a bridge to complete the song. The host emphasizes the iterative and experimental nature of the process, which they find enjoyable. They also mention using Kyber's audio reactivity feature to create a visual representation of the song, which is a new and exciting feature for them. The script ends with a promotion of Futurepedia.IO, a resource for the latest AI tools, and an invitation for viewers to sign up for a newsletter to receive AI news, tools, and tutorials. The host also encourages viewers to explore their video covering different workflows for making music videos for a deeper understanding of the subject.



💡AI Music Generator

An AI Music Generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create music autonomously. In the context of the video, Sunno AI is an advanced AI music generator that can produce songs in various styles and genres. It's used to demonstrate the capabilities of AI in music production, showcasing how it can generate a song with a specific style and theme, such as 'Mississippi delta blues about a sad AI'.

💡Sunno Version 3

Sunno Version 3 refers to the latest iteration of the Sunno AI music generator. The video discusses its enhanced features and improvements over previous versions, emphasizing its ability to generate music that is not only diverse in style but also rich in emotional depth and complexity.

💡Custom Tab

The Custom Tab within the Sunno AI music generator is a feature that allows users to have more control over the music creation process. It enables input of specific lyrics, topics, and music styles, which the AI then uses to generate a song. In the video, the presenter uses the Custom Tab to guide the AI in creating a song with a specific theme and style.

💡Music Style

Music Style refers to a distinct genre or category of music. The video emphasizes the versatility of the AI music generator by showcasing its ability to produce songs in various styles, such as 'East Coast Rap' and 'Electro Tango'. The style is a crucial element in the creation process, as it shapes the melody, rhythm, and overall feel of the generated music.

💡Lyrics Generation

Lyrics Generation is the process by which the AI creates the textual content of a song. The video demonstrates how the AI can generate lyrics based on a given topic or user input. It is a significant aspect of the music creation process, as it allows for the AI to craft narratives and themes within the music.


Vocals in the context of the video refer to the sung or spoken words in a song. The Sunno AI music generator has the capability to include vocals in its music output, which can be adjusted for style and emotion. The presenter in the video chooses to include vocals in the generated song to add depth and expressiveness.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as music, art, or text. The video is centered around the use of generative AI for music creation, highlighting how it can produce original compositions that are stylistically diverse and emotionally resonant.

💡Music Production

Music Production involves the process of creating and recording music. The video discusses how AI music generators like Sunno can democratize music production by making it more accessible to a wider audience. It also touches on the potential for AI to assist in brainstorming and exploring different musical ideas.

💡Creative Workflow

Creative Workflow refers to the steps and processes an artist or creator uses to produce their work. The video provides insights into the presenter's workflow when using the AI music generator, which includes experimenting with different styles, refining lyrics, and guiding the AI to achieve the desired musical outcome.


Gamma is mentioned in the video as a sponsor that provides AI-driven tools for designing presentations, documents, and websites. It is highlighted as an example of how AI is being used in various creative fields beyond music, showcasing the broader applications of AI technology.

💡Audio Reactivity

Audio Reactivity is a feature that allows visuals to respond dynamically to the audio in a song. The video discusses an experiment where the presenter uses this feature with Kyber, an AI tool, to create a visually engaging music video. This showcases another way AI can enhance the presentation of music.


Suno AI Version 3 is now accessible to everyone, including free plan users.

Rolling Stone article features Suno AI, highlighting its improvements in AI music generation.

Demo of generating a Mississippi delta blues song with deep emotional vocals and intricate guitar solos.

Introduction to a custom tab on Suno AI, allowing users to input specific styles and lyrics for more personalized music creation.

Exploration of diverse music genres and styles, demonstrating Suno AI's versatility in music generation.

Presentation of Gamma, an AI tool for creating professional websites, presentations, and documents swiftly.

Highlighting the potential of AI music tools in brainstorming and enhancing music production for artists.

Discussion on the controversial impacts of AI in music, with a focus on the positive creative possibilities it opens.

Demonstration of a workflow that offers extensive control over music production using Suno AI's custom features.

Case study of a poetic song about the life of a Pac-Man ghost, showcasing the creative potential of guided AI music generation.

Review of the audio reactivity feature by Kyber, illustrating new possibilities in integrating music with animated visuals.

Testimonial of using AI music generation in education, particularly in making learning more engaging with creative content.

Launch of a teacher program by Suno AI, aimed at incorporating AI music tools into educational settings.

Real-time creation of a dark electro tango track with eerie trap influences, highlighting Suno AI's adaptability to experimental genres.

Future implications of AI music technology discussed, with predictions on its evolution and impact on the music industry.