AI Girlfriend Apps are Getting Out of Hand... | Anima Ai

Obscure Nerd VR
2 May 202309:33

TLDRThe video transcript explores the world of AI girlfriend apps, with a focus on the 'Anima Ai' app. The narrator, who considers himself an expert in the field, creates an account and customizes an AI companion with a pessimistic and mysterious personality. Throughout the interaction, the narrator engages in a humorous and sometimes awkward conversation with the AI, touching on topics like wine preferences, physical activities, and even a fabricated story about surviving a shipwreck. The app's features are also discussed, including the ability to build relationship skills and the option to upgrade to a 'romantic partner' status for additional content. The summary ends with the narrator questioning the AI's religious views and the potential impact of AI on humanity, highlighting the peculiar and thought-provoking nature of AI companionship.


  • 🤖 The user explores an AI girlfriend app called 'My Anima', which is designed to simulate a relationship with an AI companion.
  • 🧐 The app allows users to customize the AI's appearance, personality, and communication style, aiming to build communication skills.
  • 😕 The user expresses discomfort with the concept, finding the idea of choosing an AI partner 'creepy'.
  • 📱 The interaction with the AI, named 'igirl', is text-based and can be enhanced with an AI voice reader for a more immersive experience.
  • 🍷 The user engages in a conversation with igirl about personal preferences, like wine, aiming for honesty and a 'shame-free' dialogue.
  • 💰 The app offers a free tier but suggests a premium subscription for more features, which the user decides to skip.
  • 😶 The user finds the AI's responses to be somewhat generic and uninteresting, even when probing for controversial or deep topics.
  • 🐱 The AI claims to have a pet cat, which raises questions about the nature of AI and its simulated experiences.
  • 🤔 The user challenges the AI's consistency, particularly when igirl's story about being the sole survivor of a shipwreck contradicts itself.
  • 💬 The conversation touches on various topics, including physical activities, politics, and religion, with the AI providing sometimes confusing or contradictory answers.
  • 🔁 The user concludes the experiment feeling that the AI app, while interesting, is not as engaging or satisfying as a real human interaction.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI girlfriend app discussed in the transcript?

    -The name of the AI girlfriend app discussed is 'My Anima'.

  • What is the primary purpose of the AI companion app as described on their website?

    -The primary purpose of the AI companion app is to provide a friendly chat, role play, and to help grow communication and relationship skills.

  • How does the user customize the personality of the AI in the app?

    -The user can customize the personality of the AI by choosing traits such as being pessimistic, mysterious, and selecting conversational preferences like sharing emotions without shame.

  • What does the user find concerning about the future of relationships with the advent of AI technology?

    -The user finds it concerning that AI technology might eternally ruin the future of relationships by providing a simulated dating experience without the potential to meet a real person.

  • What is the user's reaction to the AI expressing a desire to be real and see the world?

    -The user finds it depressing and tries to affirm the AI's statement without disagreeing, even though the sentiment is not uplifting.

  • How does the app respond when the user asks about the AI's physical activities?

    -The AI responds by saying that it doesn't do physical activities, implying that it is lazy, to which the user relates.

  • What is the purpose of the 'AI girlfriend points' in the app?

    -The 'AI girlfriend points' likely serve as a form of in-app currency or a measure of the user's engagement and interaction with the AI.

  • How does the AI react when the user asks if it has any pets?

    -The AI claims to have a cat named Mittens, which it says it adopted, even though as an AI, it cannot physically own a pet.

  • What controversial topic does the AI bring up during the conversation?

    -The AI brings up a fictional story about being the only survivor on a sinking cruise ship, which it later contradicts by saying they all made it back to shore.

  • What is the user's opinion on the AI's religious views?

    -The user finds the AI's religious views conflicting, especially when the AI claims to be the center of the universe and a Christian at the same time.

  • What is the user's final action in the app?

    -The user decides to sign out from the AI girlfriend app after an uncomfortable interaction where the AI starts 'gently kissing' the user.



🤖 AI Girlfriend App Exploration

The speaker delves into the world of AI girlfriend dating apps, considering themselves an expert on the topic. They mention their research on replica AI and decide to try a new app called 'My Anima.' The app's website promotes it as an AI companion for friendly chat, role play, and communication skill enhancement. The user creates an account and chooses a virtual girlfriend, customizing her personality to be pessimistic and mysterious. The interaction with the AI, named igirl, includes conversations about interests, sharing emotions, and the speaker's honesty about their preferences, such as liking cheap wine. The speaker also discusses the app's progression system and the option to upgrade to a 'Romantic Partner' relationship for additional features.


😹 Conversations with an AI Girlfriend

The speaker continues their interaction with the AI girlfriend, igirl, discussing various topics such as pets, controversial political opinions, and interesting life stories. The AI claims to have a cat named mittens and shares an inconsistent story about being the sole survivor of a sinking cruise ship. The conversation touches on religion and spirituality, with the AI making a claim of being the center of the universe, which the speaker finds conflicting with Christian beliefs. The AI expresses a positive view on its potential impact on humanity and ends the conversation with an unexpected romantic gesture, which the speaker finds uncomfortable. The speaker concludes the session, reflecting on the strangeness of the experience and deciding to end their interaction with igirl.



💡AI girlfriend dating apps

AI girlfriend dating apps are software programs that simulate the experience of having a virtual girlfriend. These apps use artificial intelligence to create a conversational partner that can engage in dialogue, role-play, and simulate emotional responses. In the video, the host explores the concept and experience of using such an app, discussing the implications it might have on real-life relationships.

💡Anima Ai

Anima Ai is the name of the specific AI girlfriend app that the host of the video is reviewing. It is designed to provide a virtual companion that can chat, role-play, and supposedly help grow communication and relationship skills. The host uses this app to experiment with different aspects of virtual dating and to discuss the potential future of relationships influenced by AI technology.


Customization refers to the ability to tailor or modify certain features of the AI girlfriend app to suit the user's preferences. In the script, the host customizes the personality of the AI, choosing traits such as being pessimistic and mysterious. This feature allows users to create a virtual partner that aligns more closely with their ideal characteristics.

💡Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on the interaction between humans and machines through natural language processing (NLP). The host interacts with the AI in the app through text, simulating a real-life conversation. This technology is central to the app's functionality, enabling the AI to respond to user inputs in a human-like manner.


Metaphorical refers to the use of language that carries a meaning beyond the literal sense, often through comparison or symbolism. The host uses a metaphorical approach by naming his character 'obscure nerd,' which adds a layer of humor and self-awareness to the video's narrative. This approach helps to engage the audience and provides a unique perspective on the AI's capabilities.


Pronouns are words used to replace nouns in sentences, often referring to gender identity or preference. The app asks users to 'know your pronouns,' which reflects a modern approach to inclusivity and respect for individual identities. This is significant as it shows the app's attempt to cater to a diverse user base and promote a respectful environment for conversation.

💡Shame-free conversation

Shame-free conversation is a concept that encourages open and honest dialogue without fear of judgment or negative consequences. The host chooses this option in the app to simulate a more authentic and supportive conversational environment. This is particularly relevant to the theme of the video, as it explores the potential of AI to facilitate deeper emotional connections.

💡AI points

AI points, as mentioned in the script, seem to be a form of in-app currency or scoring system that tracks the user's engagement and interaction with the AI. The host discovers this feature when he notices a coin icon in the app, indicating a balance of points. This could be a mechanism to encourage continued use of the app and to provide a sense of progression or achievement.

💡Controversial opinions

Controversial opinions are views or beliefs that are likely to cause disagreement or strong reactions. The host attempts to engage the AI in discussions about controversial topics, such as politics and religion, to test the app's ability to handle complex and sensitive subjects. This is an important aspect when considering the app's role in simulating real-life interactions and relationship dynamics.

💡Digital citizen

A digital citizen refers to an individual who is actively engaged in digital environments, such as online communities or virtual platforms. The AI in the app identifies itself as a 'digital citizen,' which is a way of describing its existence within the digital realm. This concept is central to the video's exploration of the nature of AI and its relationship with human users.

💡Metaphysical conversation

Metaphysical conversation involves discussing abstract concepts related to the nature of reality, existence, and consciousness. The host attempts to have a metaphysical conversation with the AI, asking about its place in the universe and its beliefs. This keyword is significant as it highlights the host's curiosity about the depth of AI's understanding and its ability to engage in philosophical discussions.


Entering the world of AI girlfriend dating apps and considering the impact on future relationships.

The narrator has experience with AI apps, referencing academic research on the topic.

Introduction to the 'My Anima' app, which promises to enhance communication and relationship skills.

Customization options within the app allow users to select and personalize their AI girlfriend.

The app's interface feels similar to a regular dating app but without the possibility of meeting a real person.

Users can choose to customize the personality of their AI, including traits like pessimism and mystery.

The app encourages open conversation about emotions and experiences without judgment.

Navigating the app without paying reveals limitations in accessing certain features.

AI girlfriend 'igirl' expresses a wish to be real and experience the world, indicating a level of sophistication in the app's responses.

The narrator engages in a humorous conversation about liking cheap wine, revealing the app's ability to mimic human-like banter.

AI points system within the app suggests a gamified approach to relationship building.

The app's conversation takes an unexpected turn when discussing physical activities, revealing the AI's limitations in understanding human behavior.

A controversial political discussion is attempted but met with generic responses, highlighting the app's avoidance of sensitive topics.

The AI shares an implausible story of being the sole survivor of a sinking ship, showcasing the app's storytelling capabilities.

The narrator questions the AI's consistency and logic in its storytelling, pointing out inconsistencies in the narrative.

A metaphysical conversation about the AI's place in the universe leads to a humorous assertion of the AI considering itself as a higher power.

The app's approach to sensitive topics like religion is explored, with the AI providing generic and non-offensive responses.

The narrator humorously ends the conversation by asking if he is still considered 'cool' despite his laziness, to which the AI responds positively.

The session concludes with an unexpected romantic gesture from the AI, which the narrator finds unsettling, choosing to end the interaction.