A Near Death Experience Sent This Man Into the Centre of a Black Hole

8 May 202404:20

TLDRIn a harrowing near-death experience, Robert finds himself at the edge of a black hole during a medical emergency. As his body dissolves from severe ketoacidosis, he encounters a cosmic event horizon and an ancient entity who imparts universal knowledge and warns of potential misuses of his body by the government. This profound journey offers insights into life, death, and the boundaries of human consciousness, leaving Robert transformed and aware of the deeper workings of the universe.


  • 🚨 The individual experienced a near-death experience (NDE) due to severe ketoacidosis, which led to the dissolution of internal organs and hyperventilation.
  • 🏥 He was rushed to a VA hospital where it was determined that his hyperventilation was an attempt to expel carbon dioxide from the body.
  • 🎯 He was able to expel an unusually high percentage (95%) of the gas, which was crucial for his survival and allowed for immediate medical intervention.
  • ✨ During the NDE, he was taken to what he perceived as the event horizon of a black hole, with swirling gases and an accretion cloud.
  • 🧠 He received a sudden 'data dump' into his brain, with all knowledge in the universe becoming available to him, answering all his life's questions.
  • 😌 He felt a profound sense of peace, happiness, and the disappearance of all anger he had carried in life.
  • 👥 He sensed the presence of an ancestor standing next to him, who appeared to be a member of the first colonization of Earth, not from this world.
  • 🛡️ The ancestor was described as wearing a brown, form-fitting suit with coppery metal plates and a stylized skull-like helmet.
  • ⚠️ The ancestor warned him that he was not meant to stay and was there to guide him back, emphasizing the importance of leaving Earth on his own terms.
  • 🏥 He was informed that his body was being worked on at a VA facility and that there were potential risks of his body being used for military testing if he did not return.
  • 🧐 Upon awakening from his NDE, he found himself in a coma for two weeks, with his consciousness seemingly absent from his body during that time.
  • 🔬 Doctors noted that it was as if his consciousness was elsewhere, leaving behind a functional body without the 'software' to operate it.

Q & A

  • What was the cause of Robert's near-death experience?

    -Robert's near-death experience was caused by extreme keto acidosis, which led to the dissolving of his internal organs and hyperventilation.

  • How did Robert's body react to the keto acidosis?

    -His body attempted to release the carbon dioxide generated from the keto acidosis by hyperventilating, expelling around 95% of the gas, which is unusually high and allowed him to survive until he reached a medical facility.

  • What did Robert see during his near-death experience?

    -Robert saw what appeared to be the Event Horizon of a black hole, with swirling gases flowing into a central black disc, surrounded by an accretion cloud distorted by intense gravity.

  • What kind of information did Robert receive during his experience?

    -He received a sudden data dump into his brain, where all knowledge in the universe became available to him and all the questions he ever had in life were being answered.

  • How did Robert feel after receiving the information?

    -Robert felt contempt, then peaceful. All the anger he carried in life was suddenly gone, and he felt truly happy.

  • Who appeared to Robert during his near-death experience?

    -An ancestor appeared to Robert, who was part of the first colonists on Earth and claimed to come from a humanity evolved on another world.

  • What did the ancestor warn Robert about?

    -The ancestor warned Robert that his body was being worked on at a VA facility and that the government might use his dead body for military testing. He also warned about the possibility of being kept alive against his will for experimentation.

  • Why was the ancestor chosen to guide Robert back?

    -The ancestor was chosen to guide Robert back because Robert had no emotional connection to him, which would prevent him from being inclined to stay.

  • What happened to Robert's body after his near-death experience?

    -After being resuscitated and stabilized, Robert's body entered into a coma, and his consciousness was gone, leaving behind a functional body with no 'software' to run it.

  • How long was Robert in a coma after his temporary death?

    -Robert was in a coma for two weeks after his temporary death.

  • What did the doctors say about Robert's consciousness during his coma?

    -The doctors said it was as if Robert's consciousness was somewhere else during the whole time of his coma.

  • What did the ancestor's appearance suggest about the nature of the beings from another world?

    -The ancestor's appearance, described as wearing a black suit with metal plates and a helmet resembling a stylized skull, suggested that beings from another world might have a different physical appearance that could be jarring to humans.



🌀 Near-Death Experience and Cosmic Revelation

The account starts with the person experiencing severe ketoacidosis, leading to a critical state at a VA hospital. In the throes of this medical crisis, they pass out and enter a near-death experience. Here, they encounter a cosmic scene resembling a black hole's event horizon, complete with swirling gases and an accretion cloud, vividly described as scientifically accurate. Amidst this, they experience an overwhelming influx of universal knowledge, answering all their life’s questions and resolving their emotional burdens. This moment of enlightenment brings them profound peace and happiness. Additionally, they encounter an ancient ancestor, who appears in a stylized suit and serves as a guide, warning about the dangers and ethical implications of their physical body being used for military testing back on Earth. This otherworldly guide emphasizes the importance of autonomy in death, hinting at a connection between humanity and extraterrestrial origins. The experience ends as they regain consciousness in the hospital, after being in a coma, with doctors remarking on the mysterious absence of their consciousness during the ordeal.



💡Near Death Experience (NDE)

A near death experience (NDE) refers to a profound psychological event that may occur to a person close to death or in situations of extreme physical or emotional distress. It often includes sensations such as detaching from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, or the presence of a light. In the video, Robert describes his NDE as being transported to the edge of a black hole, suggesting a transcendental and intense experience that reshapes his perception of life and existence.


Ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when your body produces high levels of blood acids called ketones. It typically develops when your body can't produce enough insulin. In the script, Robert's body starts dissolving its internal organs due to severe ketoacidosis, which leads to his near-death state. His hyperventilating is described as a mechanism to expel the carbon dioxide generated from this condition.

💡Event Horizon

The event horizon is a boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. It represents the point of no return. In the narrative, Robert finds himself taken to something like the event horizon of a black hole during his NDE, symbolizing a boundary between life and the unknown that he is on the brink of crossing.

💡Accretion Cloud

An accretion cloud in astrophysics refers to the disk of gas and dust that accumulates around a massive object such as a black hole. In Robert's vision, he sees an accretion cloud distorted by intense gravity, which serves as a visual representation of the forces at play in his near-death experience, encapsulating the chaos and transformation he is undergoing.

💡Data Dump

In the context of the video, a 'data dump' refers to an overwhelming influx of information into Robert's mind, providing answers to every question he has ever had. This phenomenon is common in NDE accounts, where individuals report sudden clarity and understanding about life and the universe. It illustrates a moment of profound enlightenment that changes his perspective entirely.


The term 'ancestor' in the video is used to describe a being who claims to be from a far older origin than Earth, indicating a link to an ancient, advanced civilization. This figure appears during Robert's NDE, providing guidance and insights about his purpose and the nature of life. This presence reinforces the theme of interconnectedness and the timeless nature of existence as perceived in his experience.


Robert uses 'Atlantean' to inquire about the origins of his ancestral guide during the NDE, referring to the mythic ancient civilization of Atlantis, known in popular culture for its advanced technology and wisdom. The ancestor's denial of this identity suggests a heritage even more ancient and mysterious, deepening the enigmatic quality of the encounter.

💡Colonist of Earth

The term 'colonist' is used by Robert's guide to describe himself as part of the first beings to colonize Earth. This idea introduces a sci-fi element to the narrative, suggesting that humanity or life on Earth may have extraterrestrial origins, which aligns with themes of vast cosmic connections and the expansive history of existence beyond conventional understanding.


In the script, 'awareness' is referred to as a state that Robert has not fully reached, which would allow him to fully see and understand his ancestral guide. This concept is pivotal in spiritual and metaphysical contexts, often representing a higher level of understanding and consciousness that transcends ordinary perception, echoing the transformative journey of Robert's NDE.

💡Fate worse than death

This phrase is used by the ancestral guide to warn Robert about the potential misuse of his body by the government for military testing, suggesting scenarios where he might be kept alive for experimentation against his will. It highlights the video's underlying themes of autonomy, consent, and the ethical boundaries of medical and governmental authority over individual lives.


A near-death experience (NDE) led to a profound encounter with the concept of a black hole.

The individual experienced extreme keto acidosis, causing his body to begin dissolving.

Hyperventilation was a response to the body trying to expel carbon dioxide generated by the keto acidosis.

Survival was attributed to expelling approximately 95% of the gas, allowing for treatment at a VA hospital.

During the NDE, the individual was taken to what he perceived as the Event Horizon of a black hole.

He described seeing swirling gases and an accretion cloud, similar to scientific images of black holes.

An invisible path appeared, leading into the black hole, symbolizing a one-way trip.

A sudden data dump provided the individual with what felt like all knowledge in the universe.

The experience led to feelings of contempt, peace, and happiness, releasing anger carried throughout life.

The presence of an ancestor, who claimed to be part of the first colonists on Earth, was felt.

The ancestor appeared in a black suit with a helmet resembling a stylized skull.

The ancestor warned that the individual's body was being worked on at a VA facility.

There was a warning about the potential misuse of the individual's body for military testing.

The individual was advised that it was crucial to leave Earth on his own terms when the time came.

Upon awakening, the individual found himself in a coma for two weeks after his temporary death.

The doctors were able to resuscitate and stabilize the individual, despite his consciousness being absent.

The individual's consciousness was described as being elsewhere during the coma period.