50 Little-Known Art Styles On Midjourney You Must Try!

3 Oct 202305:24

TLDRIn this engaging video, the host introduces viewers to an eclectic mix of 50 lesser-known art styles, each with its own unique keywords and stunning visual results. The styles range from isometric anime and futuristic designs to more abstract concepts like glitch art and symbolism. The video takes the audience through a journey of various characters, animals, objects, landscapes, and more, with a special bonus at the end. The host provides a downloadable file containing all the prompts used in the video for free, encouraging viewers to experiment with these styles and create their own art pieces. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and look forward to more content on the possibilities of artificial intelligence in art.


  • 🎨 The video introduces 50 unique art styles for viewers to try and experiment with.
  • 🔍 Keywords and results are shared to help viewers create stunning art pieces in various styles.
  • 📜 The styles are presented in an order that explores different subjects such as characters, people, animals, objects, and landscapes.
  • 🎁 A special bonus is offered at the end of the video for those who watch it in its entirety.
  • 🌐 The video provides a link in the description to download a file with all the prompts used, free of charge.
  • 🧩 While using the provided prompts, viewers won't get identical results but can expect similar outcomes.
  • 💡 The prompts can serve as a source of ideas and inspiration for creating successful art pieces in the demonstrated styles.
  • 👍 The creator encourages viewers to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more content.
  • 📺 The channel promises to deliver more interesting and useful videos about artificial intelligence's creative possibilities.
  • 🎉 The video concludes with a thank you message and an anticipation for future interactions with the audience.
  • 🌟 The video showcases a range of styles from isometric anime to architectural design, and from dada to vaporware, offering a wide spectrum of artistic exploration.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to introduce and demonstrate 50 different art styles, providing viewers with keywords and results to inspire them to try and experiment with these styles themselves.

  • How are the art styles presented in the video?

    -The art styles are presented in an ordered list, exploring various subjects such as characters, people, animals, objects, and landscapes.

  • What incentive is offered to viewers who watch the video to the end?

    -A special bonus is offered - a downloadable file containing all the prompts used in the video creation, which can be used for ideas and inspiration to create one's own successful prompts.

  • What is the significance of including 'Trump LOL' in the list of art styles?

    -The inclusion of 'Trump LOL' suggests a style that might incorporate humor or satire related to the political figure, Donald Trump, as part of the art.

  • How does the video utilize music to enhance the presentation?

    -Music is used as a background element during transitions between different art styles, adding an auditory dimension to the visual presentation.

  • What is the 'isometric anime' style mentioned in the video?

    -Isometric anime refers to a style of anime art that utilizes isometric projection, giving a three-dimensional appearance on a two-dimensional plane.

  • What does 'glitch art' involve?

    -Glitch art is a style that embraces the visual anomalies that can occur from digital or analog errors, often resulting in a chaotic or abstract aesthetic.

  • What is the 'Yukioe art' style?

    -Yukioe art refers to a traditional Japanese art style, often characterized by its use of snow scenes and winter elements, indicative of a specific season and aesthetic.

  • How can viewers access the prompts used in the video?

    -Viewers can access the prompts by clicking on the link provided in the video description, where they can download the file for free.

  • What is the 'Mordecai Arden Style' mentioned towards the end of the video?

    -While the video does not provide specific details, the 'Mordecai Arden Style' likely refers to a specific artistic style or technique named after an artist or a concept, which the audience might discover more about through further research.

  • What is the significance of offering a file with prompts at the end of the video?

    -The file with prompts is significant as it allows viewers to recreate similar art styles showcased in the video, providing a practical tool for those interested in experimenting with the demonstrated techniques.

  • What does the video suggest about the relationship between artificial intelligence and art creation?

    -The video suggests that artificial intelligence can offer new possibilities and inspire creativity in art by providing unique styles and techniques that artists can explore and build upon.



🎨 Art Styles Showcase & Bonus Prompts

This paragraph introduces the video's purpose, which is to share 50 different art styles and provide stunning results that viewers can try out for themselves. The styles are categorized by exploring various subjects such as characters, people, animals, objects, and landscapes. The video promises a special bonus for those who watch until the end. The styles mentioned include isometric anime, analytic drawing, double exposure, 3D illustration, and more, ending with a special gift: a downloadable file containing all the prompts used in the video creation. This file is intended to inspire viewers to create their own art using these prompts as a starting point.


📺 Viewer Engagement & Future Content

The second paragraph focuses on engaging the viewer by inviting them to like the video and subscribe to the channel. The speaker expresses gratitude for the viewer's attention and commitment to delivering more content that explores the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The speaker thanks the audience for watching and teases upcoming videos that will continue to be interesting and useful.



💡Isometric Anime

Isometric anime refers to a style of drawing that combines the isometric projection technique with anime-style characters. In the isometric projection, objects are represented in three dimensions with a perspective that is angled and symmetrical, creating a unique and dynamic visual effect. In the video, this style is likely used to showcase how anime characters can be depicted with a three-dimensional twist, adding depth and novelty to the traditional two-dimensional anime art.

💡Analytic Drawing

Analytic drawing is a method of drawing that emphasizes the breakdown and understanding of the subject's structure before rendering it. It involves careful observation and analysis of the form, volume, and space of the subject. In the context of the video, this technique is likely used to demonstrate how artists can create more accurate and realistic representations of characters, objects, or landscapes by first dissecting their components.

💡Double Exposure

Double exposure is a photographic technique where two images are superimposed onto a single frame, creating a layered and composite image. In the realm of art and design, this technique can produce surreal and dreamlike effects. The video likely explores how this technique can be applied in digital art to blend different elements, such as characters and landscapes, into a single, cohesive piece.

💡3D Illustration

3D illustration involves the use of computer graphics to create three-dimensional images. This technique allows for the depiction of objects and scenes with realistic depth, texture, and lighting. In the video, 3D illustration might be showcased as a way to bring art styles to life with a level of detail and dimensionality that goes beyond traditional two-dimensional art.

💡Futuristic Style

Futuristic style in art often incorporates elements that are suggestive of advanced technology, space exploration, or speculative visions of the future. It can include sleek lines, metallic textures, and abstract shapes. The video may discuss how artists can use this style to create imaginative and forward-looking pieces that reflect or comment on future possibilities.

💡Ornamental Watercolor

Ornamental watercolor is a style that uses watercolor techniques to create intricate and decorative designs. This approach often involves detailed patterns and a focus on the aesthetic beauty of the artwork. In the video, this style could be used to demonstrate how watercolor can be manipulated to produce ornate and visually complex pieces, adding a level of sophistication to the art.

💡Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy is a genre that combines elements of fantasy with darker themes, often involving horror, the supernatural, or dystopian settings. In art, this can be reflected in the use of dark colors, ominous imagery, and a sense of foreboding. The video likely explores how artists can evoke a sense of mystery and tension through the use of dark fantasy themes in their work.

💡Paper Cut Craft

Paper cut craft is an art form that involves cutting paper into intricate designs and shapes, often creating silhouettes or layered compositions. This technique can range from simple to highly detailed and is known for its delicate and tactile nature. In the video, paper cut craft might be featured as a way to create unique and tactile art pieces that play with light and shadow.

💡Graffiti Art

Graffiti art is a form of visual art that originated as an urban phenomenon, characterized by its spontaneous and often unauthorized nature. It typically involves the use of spray paint on walls or other surfaces and can range from simple tags to complex murals. The video may discuss how graffiti art has evolved into a recognized art form and how it can be used to make bold statements or beautify public spaces.

💡Anime Art

Anime art refers to the style of animation and art that originates from Japan. It is characterized by colorful, stylized characters with large eyes and expressive features. The video might explore how anime art has become a global phenomenon and how its distinctive visual language can be used to create engaging and emotive characters and scenes.

💡Cinematic Style

Cinematic style in art often aims to capture the essence of film through visual storytelling. It can involve the use of dramatic lighting, dynamic compositions, and a focus on narrative. In the context of the video, this style could be used to demonstrate how to create artwork that has the depth and emotional impact of a film, possibly through the depiction of scenes or characters with a strong narrative element.


Introduction to 50 unique art styles to try on your artistic journey.

Explore isometric anime with its distinct perspective and character design.

Discover the analytical approach of analytic drawing for a detailed study of subjects.

Experience the creative fusion in double exposure art style.

Dive into the three-dimensional world with 3D illustration techniques.

Create intricate scenes with isometric illustration's unique angles.

Immerse in the imaginative realm of futuristic style art.

Adorn your art with the decorative beauty of ornamental watercolor.

Enter the mysterious and dark realms of Dark Fantasy art.

Craft paper into stunning silhouettes with paper cut craft.

Unleash the potential of paper quilling for three-dimensional art.

Combine diverse elements in a patchwork collage for a unique aesthetic.

Explore the shimmering effects of iridescent art.

Master the traditional Japanese art form of yukioe with its distinctive style.

Sketch with the fluidity and lightness of watercolor.

Play with the optical illusions of Op Art to engage the viewer.

Incorporate the expressive lines of Japanese ink art for a dynamic look.

Soften your art with the gentle hues of pastel drawing.

Express urban culture through the dynamic and spontaneous graffiti art.

Experiment with the fluidity and randomness of dripping art.

Mimic the stained glass effect in your artwork for a classic touch.

Achieve depth and texture with traditional oil painting techniques.

Bring stories to life with the anime art and cinematographic style.

Simplify your art with the minimalist one line drawing approach.

Create body art with the intricate and permanent tattoo art style.

Explore the fine detail and color play of pointillism.

Delve into the mind-bending world of psychedelic art.

Witness the digital distortion of glitch art.

Navigate the complex patterns of Celtic maze art.

Transform your art with the transformative power of morphism.

Embrace the Mediterranean's vibrant and rich artistic influences.

Immerse in the imaginative and technological world of sci-fi art.

Blend different styles in an eclectic mix for a unique artistic expression.

Transition between styles with the transitional art style.

Reflect on the interconnectedness of global art styles.

Construct art with the precision and symmetry of geometric shapes.

Challenge conventional art with the abstract and nonsensical Dada style.

Synthesize different art forms in the synthetism style.

Convey deep meanings through the use of symbolism in art.

Explore the ephemeral and digital nature of vaporware art.

Discover the delicate beauty of Boke in photography and art.

Create eye-catching posters with the poster style's bold visuals.

Experience the whimsical and enchanting world of Studio Ghibli art.

Incorporate the artistic vision of Yukio in your work.

Design structures with the precision and functionality of architectural design.

Emulate the distinctive style of Mordecai Arden in your art.

Add a touch of luxury and elegance with crystal-inspired art.

A special bonus awaits those who watch to the end: a free downloadable file of prompts used in the video.