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29 Jan 202403:12

TLDRDiscover how to perform face-swapping in videos using the free AI tool from Akool. The video demonstrates the process of creating a realistic AI avatar by swapping faces in videos or images. It guides viewers through creating an account to gain access to 50 free credits daily, which can be used to swap faces using the Deepfake tools. The tutorial covers uploading the target video, analyzing it, and then uploading the source image for face detection. Enhancement options are available to improve the quality of the final result. Once completed, viewers can download their face-swapped video, showcasing the power of AI in creating convincing and entertaining content.


  • 🔥 Use AOL's AI tool for free face swapping in videos.
  • 🌐 Search for aol.com to access the tool.
  • 👥 Create an account using Google or email.
  • 🎁 Receive 50 free credits daily upon account creation.
  • 💳 Option to purchase additional credits if needed.
  • 🎥 Upload the target video for face swapping.
  • 🔍 Video analysis will detect faces from different angles.
  • 🖼️ Upload a source image for the face swap.
  • 🎬 Adjust facial details globally for videos with multiple faces.
  • ✨ Improve quality with the face enhancement feature.
  • 🖱️ Click the high-quality face swap button to start the AI process.
  • 📂 Download the resulting video after the AI has finished processing.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool being discussed in the transcript?

    -The AI tool being discussed is called 'Akoul'.

  • What are some of the features provided by the Akoul AI tool?

    -Akoul offers features such as face swapping in videos or images, creating realistic AI avatars, generating text to images, and changing the background of images or videos.

  • How can one access the face swap tool on Akoul?

    -To access the face swap tool, you need to click on the 'tool' tab and then select 'face swap' from the options provided.

  • What is required to create an account on Akoul?

    -To create an account on Akoul, you can use your Google account or an email account. After creating the account, you will receive 50 free credits every day.

  • How does one upload a video for the face swap feature?

    -You can upload a video for face swapping by either dragging and dropping the video clip onto the platform or by clicking the upload button and selecting the video from your files.

  • What happens after uploading the video?

    -After uploading the video, it takes a few seconds to analyze. Once completed, a preview of the video will be visible on the left side of the interface.

  • How does the tool detect faces in the video?

    -The tool automatically detects faces in various angles within the video. The detection may vary depending on the amount of motion present in the video.

  • What is the source image in the context of face swapping?

    -The source image is the image of the face that you want to swap with the face in the target video. You can either use a sample image provided by the tool or upload an image from your files.

  • How can one enhance the facial details in the face swap video?

    -To enhance the facial details, you can turn on the 'face enhancement' checkbox within the tool's settings. This will improve the quality of the face swap.

  • What should one do to start the face swap process?

    -After uploading the source image and making any necessary adjustments, click on the 'high-quality face swap' button to start the AI's work on the face swap.

  • How can one view and download the result of the face swap?

    -Once the AI has finished processing, you can click on the 'result' button to view the face-swapped video. If you wish to download the video, there will be a 'download' option available.

  • Is there an option to purchase additional credits on Akoul?

    -Yes, if you require more than the daily 50 free credits, you have the option to buy additional credits from within the platform.



😀 Introduction to Face Swapping with AI Tools

The video begins with an introduction to the process of face swapping in videos using AI technology. The presenter mentions the availability of a free tool from aol.com that allows users to swap faces in videos and images, create AI avatars, generate text-to-image, and modify backgrounds. The focus then shifts to trying out Deepfake tools, starting with the creation of an account using Google or an email account. After account creation, users are given 50 free credits daily, with the option to purchase more. The process continues with uploading a target video for analysis and then uploading a source image for the face swap. The tool automatically detects faces and allows for adjustments and enhancements to improve the final video quality. Once completed, viewers can download the resulting video.




FaceSwap refers to the process of digitally replacing one person's face with another's in a video or image. In the video, it is the main feature of the AI tool being demonstrated, allowing users to swap faces in videos for free. It is a significant part of the video's theme as it is the core functionality of the tool being showcased.

💡AI Tool

An AI tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks. In this context, the AI tool is described as 'amazing and very unique', highlighting its ability to swap faces in videos or images, create AI avatars, and generate text to images. It is central to the video's narrative as it is the subject being explored and explained.


Deepfake is a term used to describe synthetic media in which a person's likeness is swapped with another's using AI algorithms. In the video, the presenter attempts to create a deepfake video by using the AI tool's face swap feature. It is a key concept as it represents the advanced application of the tool's capabilities.

💡Account Creation

Account creation is the process of setting up a user account with a service. The video instructs viewers to create an account with Google or an email account to use the AI tool. It is an essential step in utilizing the tool, as mentioned in the script, and is a prerequisite for accessing the face swap feature.

💡Free Credits

Free credits are a form of digital currency provided by the service to allow users to access certain features without cost. The video mentions that users receive 50 free credits every day, which can be used to perform face swaps. This concept is significant as it introduces the concept of limited free use, encouraging users to explore the tool's capabilities.

💡Uploading Video

Uploading a video refers to the action of transferring a video file from a local device to a server or online platform. In the script, the presenter instructs viewers to upload the target video for face swapping. This is a crucial step in the face swap process, as it is the video that will have its faces replaced.

💡Source Image

A source image is the original image from which data is taken or manipulated. In the context of the video, the source image is the face that will be swapped onto the target video. The presenter uploads a source image and uses it to replace the faces in the video, which is a fundamental part of the face swap process.

💡Detection Block

A detection block is a feature within the AI tool that identifies and isolates faces within an image or video. The script mentions selecting a detection block to choose images, which is a step in the process of preparing the source image for the face swap. It is an important technical aspect of the tool that facilitates accurate face replacement.

💡Face Enhancement

Face enhancement is a feature that improves the quality of the facial details in the output video. The video script describes turning on the face enhancement checkbox to improve the quality of the face swap. It is a key aspect of achieving a more realistic and higher-quality result in the final video.

💡High-Quality Face Swap

High-quality face swap refers to the process of performing a face swap with enhanced visual fidelity. The script instructs the viewer to click on the 'high-quality face swap' button to initiate the AI's work on the video. It is a pivotal moment in the video, indicating the start of the AI's face swapping process.


Downloading is the process of receiving data from a remote system, typically a server, and storing it locally. In the video, the presenter explains how to download the resulting face-swapped video. This is the final step in the process, allowing users to save and share their creations.


Swap faces in videos for free using Akool AI tool

Create realistic AI avatars with the tool

Generate text to images using the AI technology

Change image or video background with ease

Try the Deepfake tools for face swapping

Create an account to access the face swap tool

Receive 50 free credits every day with your account

Purchase additional credits if needed

Upload the target video for face swapping

The tool detects faces in the video at different angles

Upload the source image for face swapping

Select detection block for precise facial alignment

Adjust facial details globally for multiple faces

Improve the quality with face enhancement feature

Click on high-quality face swap button to start

View the result of the face swap

Download the swapped video for personal use