🔥 StealthWriter Review: Can This Beat Turnitin?

12 Apr 202405:00

TLDRStealthWriter is reviewed as a top rewriting tool with generous pricing plans. The AI detector feature is tested alongside the Ghost and Ninja models. The video compares different settings' impact on grammar, readability, and AI detection, showing that the most human setting achieves the best results in bypassing Turnitin and Winston, with a 0% AI score and high human-likeness.


  • 💰 StealthWriter offers generous pricing with three tiers, starting at $20 for the Ghost model and $35 for the Ninja model.
  • 🔍 The tool includes an AI detector that claims similarity to Turnitin, which was tested in the review.
  • 📈 The review tested StealthWriter's Ghost model at three different levels (1, 5, and 10) focusing on grammar, readability, and originality.
  • 📉 At level 1, the essay's correctness score improved from 2 to 4 and Turnitin's originality score was 23%, which might be considered a false positive.
  • 📚 The AI detector identified the text as 100% AI, even when using the Ghost model at a human setting of 1.
  • 📈 At level 5, grammar correctness improved to 9, readability to postgraduate level, and Turnitin's AI score remained at 23%.
  • 🎓 The most human setting provided a grammar correctness of around 12 and readability at a postgraduate level, with Turnitin showing 0% AI.
  • 📊 Originality 2.0 showed 96% originality, and 3.0 showed 0% AI, indicating a high level of uniqueness in the text.
  • 🤖 The built-in AI detector was found to be inaccurate, with significant variance in its readings.
  • 📝 The built-in essay generator, while passing Winstone, had lower scores against originality and contained spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • 🔑 In conclusion, StealthWriter is a good option for bypassing Turnitin, with the most human setting being effective against Originality 2.0.

Q & A

  • What is StealthWriter and what does it claim to do?

    -StealthWriter is a rewriting tool that claims to be one of the top tools for content rewriting. It is designed to help users bypass plagiarism detection systems like Turnitin.

  • What are the different pricing tiers for StealthWriter?

    -StealthWriter offers three pricing tiers: a monthly fee of $20, $35, and $50, with the limit based on the number of words that can be rewritten at a time and the total words across all tiers.

  • What models does StealthWriter provide for rewriting?

    -StealthWriter provides two models for rewriting: the Ghost model and the Ninja model. The Ghost model is the one tested in the review.

  • What additional features does StealthWriter offer?

    -Apart from the rewriting models, StealthWriter also offers an AI detector and a generator feature similar to stealth GBD, along with a humanizer.

  • How did the Ghost model perform at the lowest setting in terms of originality?

    -At the lowest setting (level 1), the Ghost model increased the originality score from 2% to 0% according to Originality 2.0, and the AI score was 0% according to Turnitin.

  • What was the outcome when testing the Ghost model at a higher setting?

    -At the higher setting (human five), the Ghost model achieved an originality score of 51% on Originality 2.0 and was rated 66% human by Turnitin.

  • How did the most human setting perform in terms of grammar and readability?

    -In the most human setting, the grammar correctness was around 12, and the readability was at a postgraduate level.

  • What was the result of the final test using the build generator?

    -The final test using the build generator resulted in an originality score of 66% on Originality 2.0, 13% on Originality 3.0, and a 99% human rating by Winston, with Turnitin showing 0% AI.

  • How accurate is StealthWriter's own AI detector?

    -The review suggests that StealthWriter's own AI detector may not be very accurate, with significant variance in its readings and a tendency to overstate AI content.

  • What are the limitations of StealthWriter's built-in AI detector?

    -The built-in AI detector has limitations in terms of accuracy and consistency. It may not be reliable when it shows a zero AI score, and there are many variants that could affect its readings.

  • What is the reviewer's final verdict on StealthWriter?

    -The reviewer concludes that StealthWriter is a good option for bypassing Turnitin, especially with its most human setting. However, it has difficulty beating Originality 3.0 decisively and generates spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • What additional advice does the reviewer provide for users interested in StealthWriter?

    -The reviewer advises users to check out 'trick.' for more articles, tips, and tricks on detection evasion, suggesting that further research and understanding of the tool can enhance its effectiveness.



📝 Review of Stealth Rider: A Top Rewriting Tool

This paragraph introduces the Stealth Rider, a leading rewriting tool, and outlines the review's focus on its pricing, features, and performance. The pricing is described as generous, with a monthly plan starting at $20 and going up to $50 for more extensive usage. The review will cover the Ghost and Ninja models, the AI detector's effectiveness compared to Turnitin, and the tool's overall impact on grammar and readability at different levels. The test will involve a comparison with a database of humanizing tools.




StealthWriter is a rewriting tool being reviewed in the video. It is designed to help users paraphrase and rewrite content to avoid plagiarism. The tool offers different models, including the Ghost model and Ninja model, to cater to various rewriting needs. In the context of the video, StealthWriter is tested against Turnitin, a popular plagiarism detection service, to see if it can effectively bypass plagiarism checks.


Turnitin is a widely used plagiarism detection software that compares documents against a large database of academic papers, websites, and other sources to determine the originality of the content. In the video, the reviewer is assessing whether StealthWriter can outperform Turnitin in terms of rewriting content to pass as original.


The pricing of StealthWriter is mentioned as being generous, with different monthly plans available for users. The plans are differentiated by the number of words and the number of times a user can rewrite content. This is important as it directly affects the user's ability to utilize the tool effectively for their rewriting needs.

💡AI Detector

The AI Detector is a feature within StealthWriter that claims to be similar to Turnitin's ability to detect AI-generated content. The video tests this feature by checking if the rewritten content is identified as AI-generated, which is a concern for users wanting to pass off content as human-written.

💡Ghost Model

The Ghost Model is one of the rewriting models offered by StealthWriter. It is used in the video for testing purposes, with different settings (levels 1, 5, and 10) to see how it affects grammar, readability, and the ability to bypass plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin and Winston.


Humanizer is a feature in StealthWriter that aims to make the rewritten content sound more like it was written by a human. This is important for users who want to ensure that their content not only passes plagiarism checks but also reads naturally and convincingly to readers.

💡Correctness Score

The Correctness Score is a measure used by tools like Hemingway to evaluate the grammatical accuracy of written content. In the video, the Correctness Score is used as one of the metrics to assess the quality of the content rewritten by StealthWriter, with a higher score indicating better grammatical correctness.


Readability refers to how easily and comfortably a reader can understand the text. In the context of the video, readability is assessed using tools like Grammarly and is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of StealthWriter's rewriting models, as it affects the overall quality and appeal of the rewritten content.

💡Originality Score

The Originality Score is a percentage value that indicates the uniqueness of the content compared to a database of existing sources. In the video, the Originality Score is a critical metric for evaluating whether StealthWriter can successfully rewrite content to pass as original, especially when compared to services like Turnitin and Originality 2.0.

💡AI Score

The AI Score is a measure used by plagiarism detection tools to determine the likelihood that the content was generated by artificial intelligence. In the video, the reviewer is interested in how StealthWriter's AI Detector and other tools like Turnitin and Winston evaluate the AI Score of the rewritten content, as a low score would suggest that the content is likely human-written.

💡Generator Feature

The Generator Feature in StealthWriter is a tool that automatically generates content based on a given prompt. In the video, the reviewer tests this feature to see if it can produce high-quality, original content that could potentially bypass plagiarism detection tools and AI detectors.


StealthWriter is considered one of the top rewriting tools available.

The pricing for StealthWriter is generous, starting at $20 per month.

StealthWriter offers a Ghost model and a Ninja model across all pricing tiers.

The Ghost model is the one being tested in this review.

StealthWriter includes an AI detector, comparable to Turnitin's.

The dashboard features a generator and humanizer tools.

Testing will be done at three levels: 1, 5, and 10, focusing on grammar and readability.

The essay used for testing was AI-generated and failed current detectors.

At level one, the essay's correctness score improved from 2 to 4.

Originality 2.0 showed 0% AI, while Turnitin detected 23% AI.

StealthWriter's AI detector identified the level one text as 100% AI.

At level five, the essay scored a correctness of 9 and readability at a postgraduate level.

With level five, Turnitin showed 66% human, a significant improvement.

The most human setting in StealthWriter resulted in a 0% AI score.

Originality 2.0 rated the most human text at 96% original.

StealthWriter's built-in AI detector is not entirely reliable.

The built-in generator, even at its most aggressive setting, did not outperform the humanizer.

The generator produced essays with spelling and grammar mistakes.