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26 Aug 202227:09

TLDRThe video script narrates a whimsical fantasy story created with the aid of an AI writing tool called NovelAI. The story revolves around a wizard named Joe who lives a simple life in the woods, cultivating peppers. His tranquility is disrupted when goblins steal his peppers, prompting Joe to seek revenge. Along the way, he encounters a ranger named Luke and his pet duck, Dark, who join him on his quest. Together, they battle goblins, with Joe using his magic to become invisible and Dark proving surprisingly adept in combat. The narrative takes several unexpected turns, including a confrontation with the Goblin King and a twist where Dark betrays Luke. The story concludes with Joe and Luke's heroic efforts to save their city from a monster invasion, culminating in a poignant scene where Joe loses Luke but continues to live peacefully, with a memorial to Luke marked by pepper plants. The tale is a testament to the creative possibilities of AI in storytelling, filled with humor, adventure, and an unexpected blend of characters.


  • 🌟 The story is about a wizard named Joe who lives alone in the woods and has a fondness for growing peppers.
  • 🔥 Joe's peppers are stolen by goblins, prompting him to seek revenge and leading to various adventures.
  • 🤠 Joe is joined by a ranger named Luke and his pet duck, Dark, who assist him in his quest against the goblins.
  • 🏰 They battle goblins, with Joe using magic and Luke showcasing his ranger skills, including hunting.
  • 👑 The narrative introduces Emperor Shiro, who is mentioned as the emperor of the east, adding a layer of political intrigue.
  • 🐉 A black dragon appears, accusing the characters of breaking an ancient oath and warning of an impending attack from the armies of the east.
  • ⚔️ The group of heroes, including Joe, Luke, and Dark, fight through dungeons to close a portal that is allowing monsters to invade.
  • 🏆 Joe uses his magic to defeat Dark, who had betrayed Luke, and closes the portal, saving the city from the monster invasion.
  • 🏵️ Luke is mortally wounded in the process, and Joe carries him, hoping for a miracle, showing the depth of their friendship.
  • 🌱 In a touching end, peppers grow from Luke's gravesite, symbolizing his lasting impact and the continuation of Joe's love for gardening.
  • 👼 Luke's spirit is said to watch over Joe from above, suggesting a sense of peace and closure to their adventure.

Q & A

  • What is the main character's name in the story?

    -The main character's name is Joe, who is a wizard living in the woods.

  • What is the conflict that starts the story?

    -The conflict starts when goblins steal Joe the wizard's peppers, prompting Joe to seek revenge.

  • Who helps Joe in his quest against the goblins?

    -Luke, a ranger from the nearby town of Zostrill, and his pet duck named Dark help Joe in his quest.

  • What is the significance of the city of Celisia in the story?

    -Celisia is the city that Joe reaches after the traveler tells him it's under attack by monsters, which leads to further adventures.

  • What is the role of Emperor Shiro in the story?

    -Emperor Shiro is mentioned as the emperor of the east, and Joe decides to visit him to understand what to do next after the dragon's warning.

  • What is the nature of the 'portal' mentioned in the story?

    -The portal is a gateway below the city that monsters are using to invade. It is compared to an 'Ender portal' from the game Minecraft.

  • How does the story describe the character of Dark, the duck?

    -Dark is initially a helpful pet duck to Luke but shockingly betrays Luke by stabbing him in the back under the influence of the goblin king.

  • What is the outcome of the final battle between Joe and Dark?

    -Joe uses his magic to defeat Dark in the final showdown, and Dark 'quacks his last breath', symbolizing his defeat.

  • What happens to Luke after he is stabbed by Dark?

    -Luke is mortally wounded but remains conscious long enough to speak with Joe, who carries him out of the dungeon.

  • How does the story end for Joe and the kingdom?

    -After the battle, Joe recovers from the trauma of losing Luke, and life returns to a peaceful state. Peppers grow from Luke's gravesite, which are the best Joe ever tasted.

  • What is the underlying theme of the story?

    -The story explores themes of friendship, betrayal, heroism, and the cycle of life and death, all set in a whimsical and fantastical world.



🌟 Wizard Joe's Adventure Begins

The video script introduces the concept of creating a new story, starting with an empty canvas for imagination. The story revolves around a wizard named Joe who lives alone in the woods, leading a modest and healthy lifestyle. He enjoys growing peppers but dislikes picking them due to their heat. The narrative takes a turn when goblins steal his peppers, prompting Joe to seek revenge. With the help of an AI, the story unfolds, introducing characters like Luke, a ranger from Zostrill, and his pet duck, Dark. Together, they battle goblins and share a meal, showcasing a blend of fantasy and humor.


🗡️ Luke's Ambush and the Dragon's Warning

The second paragraph continues the adventure with Luke going hunting and improving his skills with Joe and Dark's help. However, he is ambushed by the king of the goblins, leading to a fierce battle. Luke and Dark manage to defeat the goblin king, but not without injuries. Upon returning home, Joe tends to Luke's wounds. During the night, a dragon appears, warning them of an impending attack from the armies of the east on the kingdom of Archea. The paragraph ends with Joe deciding to visit the capital to assist, highlighting themes of bravery, camaraderie, and the looming threat of war.


🛤️ Journey to the Capital and Unexpected Encounters

In the third paragraph, Joe sets off for the capital, Silisia, where he meets a fellow traveler and shares a story about an encounter with a rabbit and a squirrel. Upon reaching Celisia, they find the city under attack by monsters. An old man, who is revealed to be Emperor Erasmile, the ruler of the west, calls for help. Joe and the newly introduced characters, including Skelf, an elf knight, and others, join forces to defend the city. The paragraph is filled with action, unexpected alliances, and a growing sense of urgency as they prepare to face the invading monsters.


🔥 The Battle for the City and the Ender Portal

The fourth paragraph describes a battle where an elf knight named Skelf leads the defense against goblins. Joe introduces himself as a wizard from the Kingdom of Lyricsia, a newly mentioned location. Skelf, a general, believes they can handle the situation with the help of allies. Joe learns of a portal in the city's dungeon that monsters are using to invade. The group sets out to close the portal, which is humorously referred to as an 'Ender portal,' a reference to the game Minecraft. The paragraph is filled with fantasy elements, battle strategies, and a touch of gaming culture.


🗡️ Betrayal and the Final Showdown

In the fifth paragraph, the story takes a dark turn when Dark, who was previously a duck and ally, betrays Luke and Joe by stabbing Luke. Joe is left to fight Dark alone, resulting in Dark's defeat. However, the victory is bittersweet as Luke is mortally wounded. The narrative introduces a surreal element when the Goblin King jumps into the portal just before Joe manages to close it, causing a shockwave throughout the land. Despite the chaos, Joe tries to save Luke, but he succumbs to his injuries. The paragraph explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the heavy cost of heroism.


🌱 A Peaceful Ending and Luke's Legacy

The final paragraph brings the story to a close, with Joe grieving the loss of Luke. He buries Luke in his garden, and life returns to a peaceful state. Dark the duck and Luke's spirit watch over Joe as he continues his days. A poignant touch is added when peppers grow from Luke's gravesite, which are described as the best Joe has ever tasted. The story concludes on a humorous and heartwarming note, with the spirit of adventure and friendship lingering on.




A wizard is a person who practices magic, often depicted as a figure in fantasy stories. In the script, the wizard named Joe is the main character who embarks on an adventure after his peppers are stolen by goblins. His magical abilities play a central role in the narrative, showcasing the common theme of a hero using their powers to overcome challenges.


Goblins are mythical creatures often portrayed as small, mischievous, and greedy beings in fantasy settings. In this story, they are the antagonists who steal Joe's peppers, initiating the conflict. Their actions set the stage for the ensuing adventure and the theme of good versus evil.


Peppers are a type of vegetable or spice, but in this story, they symbolize Joe's peaceful life and the catalyst for the adventure. The theft of the peppers by goblins disrupts Joe's tranquility, leading him to seek revenge and embark on a quest, which is a common narrative device in fantasy stories to propel the plot.

💡Invisibility Spell

An invisibility spell is a magical ability that allows a person to become unseen. In the script, Joe uses this spell to his advantage during combat with the goblins, illustrating the use of magic in problem-solving and the theme of clever tactics in overcoming obstacles.


A ranger is typically a skilled hunter or a guardian of the forest in fantasy narratives. Luke, the ranger in the story, is a helpful ally who assists Joe in his quest. His role emphasizes the importance of companionship and teamwork in achieving goals, a recurring theme in many adventure stories.


In this script, the duck named Dark is an unconventional pet belonging to the ranger Luke. Dark's inclusion adds a touch of humor and lightness to the story, showcasing the use of unexpected elements to enhance the narrative and provide comic relief.

💡Goblin King

The Goblin King is a powerful figure in the goblin hierarchy and is often portrayed as a formidable adversary. In the story, the king seeks revenge for the death of his goblins, which escalates the conflict and adds depth to the plot, highlighting the theme of retribution and the cycle of conflict.

💡Flaming Sword

A flaming sword is a weapon often depicted with magical properties, such as being on fire. The Goblin King's possession of a flaming sword signifies his power and the severity of the threat he poses. It is used to create tension and stakes in the story, emphasizing the theme of overcoming great odds.

💡Emperor Shiro

Emperor Shiro is a character mentioned as the ruler of a kingdom. The mention of an emperor introduces a political aspect to the story and suggests a larger world with its own power structures. This contributes to the theme of leadership and the responsibilities that come with authority.


Monsters in this context are the collective term for the various creatures causing havoc in the city. Their presence creates a sense of urgency and danger, driving the plot forward and emphasizing the theme of heroism and the fight against chaos.

💡Ender Portal

An Ender Portal is a concept from the game Minecraft, which is used in the script as a humorous reference to the game. Its inclusion in the story is a nod to pop culture and serves as a plot device to introduce a high-stakes mission, which is a common element in fantasy narratives where the heroes must prevent a catastrophe.


A wizard named Joe lives alone in the woods, cultivating a love for growing peppers.

Goblins steal Joe's peppers, prompting him to seek revenge.

Joe follows a trail left by the goblins to their campsite.

Joe casts a spell to become invisible and defeats the goblins.

A ranger named Luke and his pet duck, Dark, join Joe in his quest.

Together, they clear the goblin camp and Joe invites them for dinner.

Luke goes hunting and becomes quite adept at it with Joe's help.

Luke is ambushed by the Goblin King, who wields a flaming sword.

Despite being wounded, Luke and Dark manage to defeat the Goblin King.

Joe decides to visit the capital of the Kingdom of Archaea to help.

A mysterious old man named Irasmile asks for haste to reach the emperor.

An elf knight named Skelf appears, leading men into battle against the goblins.

Joe introduces himself as a wizard from the Kingdom of Lyricsia.

A portal in the dungeon below the city is discovered, which is a threat to the city.

The group of heroes, including Joe, Luke, and Dark, head to the dungeon to close the portal.

Dark, the duck, shockingly betrays Luke and joins the Goblin King.

Joe faces off against Dark in a final showdown and emerges victorious.

Joe removes an eye from the portal frame, closing it and saving the city.

Luke is mortally wounded but conscious, leading to an emotional moment with Joe.

In a twist, the story concludes with the revelation that it was all a dream.

Peppers grow from Luke's gravesite, symbolizing his enduring influence on Joe's life.