These Websites Generate Online Courses in Minutes!

Aurelius Tjin
17 Jan 202413:09

TLDRThis video offers a comprehensive guide on how to rapidly create and sell online courses using artificial intelligence. It introduces three key tools: Courseau, which is ideal for repurposing existing content like YouTube videos into short online courses; LearningStudioAI, a newer tool that generates courses from a given subject and provides a detailed curriculum; and Mini Course, which allows for the creation of mini-courses with AI assistance. The video also discusses the importance of branding, customization, and the ability to edit and share the generated courses. It concludes with a recommendation to choose the tool that best aligns with individual goals and provides additional resources for selling online courses.


  • 🚀 **Courseau** is an online course creator that allows you to repurpose existing content like YouTube videos or podcasts into an online course.
  • 📚 With Courseau, you can start creating a course by signing up and using their online course tool, with options for free and pro accounts.
  • 🔗 You can upload various content types including YouTube links, audio files, PDFs, and Word documents to create your course material.
  • ⏱️ Course generation with Courseau is quick, taking about 2-3 minutes, and you can customize the course with branding elements.
  • 📈 Courseau provides a curriculum format with lessons, modules, key takeaways, and quizzes, automating much of the process for you.
  • 💰 To publish and share your Courseau course publicly, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan, starting at $39 per month for the mini+ plan.
  • 🔍 **LearningStudioAI** is another tool that creates online courses, allowing you to input a subject and automatically generating content around it.
  • 📝 LearningStudioAI presents course content in a logical step sequence, more like a blog article, and includes features like quizzes.
  • 📲 Students can sign up, view the course, and even download a PDF version if you choose to share the course with them.
  • 🎨 You can edit the course content, insert images or videos, and customize the theme color in LearningStudioAI's editing mode.
  • 📈 **Mini Course** is a more established tool that offers a basic plan for free, allowing you to create up to three mini courses.
  • 🔖 Mini Course uses a card system for structuring your course, where each card can contain a topic, introduction, and other elements like images and videos.
  • 📈 All three tools have their advantages and are designed to help you quickly and easily create online courses tailored to your needs and goals.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of the video?

    -The primary purpose of the video is to educate viewers on how to quickly and easily create online courses using AI-powered tools, which is particularly useful for coaches, entrepreneurs, or marketers looking to sell online courses.

  • Which tool is suggested for repurposing existing content like YouTube videos or podcasts into an online course?

    -The tool suggested for repurposing existing content is called Courseau, which is particularly useful for those who want to quickly convert their content into an online course format.

  • What are the limitations of the free account on Courseau?

    -With the free account on Courseau, users can only utilize the mini version of the GPT 3.5 model and are restricted to creating short length online courses, which consist of six to eight lessons.

  • What type of content can be uploaded to Courseau for course creation?

    -Users can upload various types of content to Courseau, including YouTube links, audio files, most webpages, PDFs, and Word documents up to 30 pages or 2 hours of talk time.

  • How long does it typically take for Courseau to generate an online course?

    -Based on the video, it typically takes about two to three minutes for Courseau to generate an online course.

  • What is the starting price for the Courseau mini+ plan?

    -The starting price for the Courseau mini+ plan is $39 per month, which allows the creation of up to 10 mini courses per month.

  • What is LearningStudioAI and how does it differ from Courseau?

    -LearningStudioAI is another online course creation tool that allows users to generate courses by entering a subject. Unlike Courseau, it creates content in a more blog article format with a logical step sequence and includes features like quizzes.

  • What are the benefits of using LearningStudioAI?

    -LearningStudioAI offers a seven-day trial, allows users to create and share courses, and provides the ability to download the course as a PDF version. It also provides an editing mode for customization and the option to include practical exercises for students.

  • What is Mini Course and what are its features?

    -Mini Course is an established tool for creating online courses. It allows users to create mini courses with individual cards, each containing a topic and content. Users can add images, videos, and lessons, and the tool provides an AI assistant to assist with course creation.

  • How many mini courses can be created on the basic plan of Mini Course?

    -On the basic plan of Mini Course, users can create up to three mini courses.

  • What are some of the limitations of the free plan on Mini Course?

    -While the video does not detail specific limitations, it is common for free plans to have restrictions such as limited course creation capabilities, reduced features, or a requirement to upgrade for more advanced functionalities.

  • How can users sell their online courses created with these tools?

    -After creating an online course, users can sell their courses through various online selling platforms such as Gumroad or Payhip. The video also suggests looking in the description box for a list of videos that share platforms where digital products, including online courses, can be sold.



📚 Introduction to Online Course Creation with AI

The video introduces viewers to the process of creating and selling online courses using AI technology. It targets coaches, entrepreneurs, and marketers interested in online course sales. The first tool presented is Courseau, which is ideal for repurposing existing content like YouTube videos or podcasts into online courses. The video demonstrates how to sign up, create a course, and use the AI to generate a course curriculum based on uploaded content. It also discusses the limitations of the free account and the option to upgrade for more features.


🚀 Courseau and LearningStudioAI: Tools for Online Course Generation

The script discusses two AI-powered tools, Courseau and LearningStudioAI, for generating online courses. Courseau is praised for its ability to transform existing content into a structured course, with a focus on its ease of use and customization options. LearningStudioAI is introduced as a newer tool that allows users to input a subject and automatically generates a detailed course outline, including quizzes. The video provides a walkthrough of creating a course on both platforms, highlighting their unique features and the process for sharing and publishing the generated courses.


💰 Pricing and Features of Mini Course Tool

The video concludes with a discussion on the Mini Course tool, which offers a free basic plan for creating up to three mini courses. It outlines the differences between the basic, premium, and premium plus plans. The presenter demonstrates how to use the tool to create a mini-course from scratch, including adding content, images, and videos to individual cards. The tool's AI assistant is highlighted for its ability to help with grammar, summarization, and content creation. The video provides a preview of what the course will look like to students and emphasizes the flexibility and features of the Mini Course tool for online course creation.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to quickly generate online courses, automating the process of creating educational content.


Courseau is an online course creation tool mentioned in the video that allows users to convert existing content, such as YouTube videos or podcasts, into online courses. It utilizes AI to streamline the course creation process, making it accessible for coaches, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

💡Online Course

An online course is a series of educational lessons or modules delivered via the internet. They are designed to facilitate learning and can be interactive, with quizzes and other engagement tools. In the video, the creation of online courses is the central theme, with a focus on how AI can be used to develop these courses efficiently.

💡Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is the process of taking existing content and reformatting it for different platforms or audiences. In the video, Courseau is highlighted for its ability to repurpose content like YouTube videos into structured online courses, thereby maximizing the use of existing material.

💡GPT 3.5 Model

GPT stands for 'Generative Pre-trained Transformer', a type of AI language model that is capable of generating human-like text. The GPT 3.5 model is referenced as the AI tool within Courseau that assists in creating short online courses, indicating the level of technology integration in the course creation process.

💡Learning Outcome

A learning outcome is a clear statement of what a learner is expected to know, understand, or be able to do after completing a lesson or course. In the video, the learning outcome is mentioned as a feature that helps the AI provide better results when generating a course curriculum.

💡Pro Account

A Pro Account refers to a premium subscription level that offers additional features and capabilities beyond a basic or free account. The video discusses upgrading to a Pro account on Courseau to access more advanced features and longer course creation options.


LearningStudioAI is another AI-powered course creation tool featured in the video. It allows users to generate online courses by simply entering a subject. The tool then creates a comprehensive course outline, including modules and quizzes, showcasing the potential for AI in automated educational content development.


E-Learning refers to education that is delivered through electronic media, typically via the internet. The video emphasizes the suitability of the tools discussed for creating e-learning products, highlighting the convenience and accessibility of online courses for students.


In the context of the video, publishing refers to making the generated online course available to students. It involves finalizing the course content and making it accessible on a platform where students can enroll and participate.

💡Mini Course

A mini course is a short, focused educational program that covers a specific topic in less depth than a full-length course. The video introduces Mini Course as a tool for creating such condensed courses, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and AI assistance features.


Learn how to quickly and easily create online courses using AI technology.

Courseau is a tool that allows you to repurpose existing content like YouTube videos into online courses.

With Courseau, you can start creating a course for free and choose from various options including an online course tool.

The free account on Courseau limits you to using a mini GPT 3.5 model and creating short courses with 6 to 8 lessons.

Upload your own content such as YouTube links, audio files, PDFs, or word documents into Courseau to generate your course.

Customize the branding of your course including accent and background colors on Courseau.

Course generation on Courseau takes about 2 to 3 minutes, providing a ready-to-use curriculum with lessons and quizzes.

LearningStudioAI creates courses by entering a subject and automatically generates topics, subheadings, and quizzes.

LearningStudioAI offers a seven-day trial and allows you to share and download the generated course as a PDF.

With Mini Course, you can create up to three mini courses on the basic free plan.

Mini Course provides flexibility by allowing you to add lessons, images, videos, and even use AI assistance for content creation.

Each tool has its pros and cons, choose the one that best fits your goals for online course creation.

Courseau offers a mini+ plan starting at $39 per month for creating 10 mini courses.

For those looking to sell their online courses, platforms like Gumroad and Payhip can be used.

LearningStudioAI provides an editing mode that allows you to customize and edit the generated course content.

Mini Course's interface is card-based, where each card represents a topic or lesson in your course.

All three tools provide a way to generate online courses with varying levels of customization and features.