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8 Mar 202408:01

TLDRDaniel from f&D introduces Haiper AI, a free AI video generator that rivals Sora AI in creating realistic videos. Viewers can sign in with Google or Discord, explore community feeds, and generate unlimited videos in various styles like fantasy or cyberpunk. The process involves selecting video quality, inputting text prompts, adjusting settings, and waiting for the video to be queued and generated. Daniel demonstrates creating videos with different prompts and styles, emphasizing the ability to tweak prompts for better results, showcasing the ease of generating multiple videos to find the most appealing outcome.


  • 😀 Daniel from f&D introduces a free AI video generator called Haiper AI, an alternative to Sora AI.
  • 🔍 Haiper AI can convert text prompts into videos, offering unlimited video generation.
  • 🌐 To use Haiper AI, search for it on Google and click on the first link to access the website.
  • 📷 The website allows users to log in with a Discord or Google account to access the service.
  • 🎥 Users can view community feeds showcasing various video generations made with the AI.
  • 🎨 Haiper AI supports various styles, including fantasy themes, cyberpunk, and Ghibli anime style.
  • 📹 Users can choose to create videos in HD or standard definition, with the latter being quicker.
  • ✍️ To create a video from text, select 'create with text prompt' and input your desired prompt.
  • 🎛️ Adjust settings such as duration, motion level, and whether the video is public or private.
  • 🔄 The video generation process may take some time, and users can view their previously generated videos while waiting.
  • 🎬 Daniel demonstrates creating videos with different prompts and styles, highlighting the variability in results.
  • 🔄 Users can modify and retry prompts to achieve the desired video outcome, showcasing the flexibility of the generator.
  • 👍 The video concludes with a call to action for likes, subscriptions, and notifications for future tutorials.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video by Daniel from f&D?

    -The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to use a free AI video generator to convert text prompts into videos.

  • What is the name of the AI video generator mentioned in the video?

    -The AI video generator mentioned is called Haiper AI.

  • How can viewers access Haiper AI as per the video?

    -Viewers can access Haiper AI by going to Google, typing in 'Haiper AI', and clicking on the first link to the website.

  • What are the login options provided for using Haiper AI?

    -Users can log in with either their Discord account or their Google account.

  • What kind of videos can be generated using Haiper AI?

    -Haiper AI can generate videos in various styles, including realistic, fantasy-themed, and cyberpunk styles, and in both HD and standard definition.

  • How does the process of creating a video from a text prompt begin in Haiper AI?

    -The process begins by clicking on 'create with text prompt' and selecting the desired video style and settings.

  • What is the significance of the 'motion level' setting in Haiper AI?

    -The 'motion level' setting determines the amount of motion in the generated video, with higher levels resulting in more movement.

  • What does the 'seed value' in Haiper AI do?

    -The 'seed value' in Haiper AI is used to generate videos with specific characteristics, allowing for reproducibility of results.

  • Can viewers make their video creations public or private in Haiper AI?

    -Yes, viewers can choose to make their video creations public so that others can see them, or keep them private.

  • How long does it typically take for Haiper AI to generate a video?

    -The time it takes for Haiper AI to generate a video can vary, but it usually requires waiting for some time as the video is queued for generation.

  • What does Daniel suggest for users who are not satisfied with their initial video generation?

    -Daniel suggests modifying the text prompt slightly and generating the video multiple times until a satisfactory result is achieved.



🎥 Introduction to AI Video Generation

Daniel from f&D introduces a free AI video generator that can create unlimited videos from text prompts. He mentions Sora AI by Open AI as a similar technology and guides viewers to the Haiper AI website for a free trial. After signing in with Google or Discord, viewers can explore community-generated videos and choose to create their own in various styles such as fantasy or cyberpunk. The process involves selecting video quality, entering a text prompt, adjusting settings like duration and motion level, and deciding on privacy settings. Daniel demonstrates creating a video with a random prompt and adjusting the settings for the desired outcome.


🔄 Experimenting with Custom Prompts

In the second paragraph, Daniel discusses the trial and error process of generating videos using custom prompts. He expresses dissatisfaction with the first attempt and decides to create his own prompts instead of relying on ChatGPT. Daniel emphasizes the ability to generate videos using the same prompt multiple times to achieve different results. He demonstrates adjusting the prompt to improve the video outcome, mentioning the Ghibli style as an example. The summary highlights the iterative process of refining prompts to create satisfactory video content and encourages viewers to subscribe for more tutorials and enable notifications for new content.



💡AI Video Generator

An AI video generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create videos based on text prompts or other inputs. It automates the process of video creation, making it possible to generate a wide range of content without manual editing. In the video, the AI video generator is the main subject, as it is used to create realistic videos from text descriptions, showcasing its capabilities as an alternative to Sora AI.

💡Haiper AI

Haiper AI is the name of the specific AI video generator being discussed in the video. It is a free tool that allows users to generate unlimited videos with various styles and settings. The script mentions Haiper AI as a website where users can log in and start creating videos, indicating its user-friendly interface and the range of options it provides for video generation.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts are the textual descriptions or instructions given to the AI video generator to create specific content. They are the basis for the AI to understand what kind of video to produce. In the video script, text prompts are used to guide the AI in generating videos such as 'a shepherd walking in front of the sheep's cinematic profile view with the sun shining in the background.'

💡Realistic Video Generations

Realistic video generations refer to the output videos that closely resemble real-life scenarios or images. The video script emphasizes the quality of the videos produced by Haiper AI, stating that they are 'close to reality,' which is a key feature for viewers who are looking for high-quality, believable video content.

💡Sora AI

Sora AI is mentioned as a comparison point for Haiper AI. It is another AI video generator created by Open AI, known for its realistic video generation capabilities. The script positions Haiper AI as an alternative to Sora AI, suggesting that it offers similar quality in video generation.

💡Community Feed

The community feed is a feature within the Haiper AI platform that displays different video generations created by other users. It serves as a gallery or showcase of the AI's capabilities and the creativity of its user base. In the script, the community feed is mentioned as a place where viewers can see examples of the AI's video generation.

💡Fantasy Themed Video Generations

Fantasy themed video generations are videos created with a fantasy aesthetic, which can include elements like magic, mythical creatures, or fantastical landscapes. The script mentions the ability to create fantasy themed videos as one of the styles available in Haiper AI, indicating the diversity of content that can be generated.

💡Cyberpunk Style

Cyberpunk style refers to a genre of video that features futuristic, high-tech settings often with dystopian themes. It is one of the styles that users can select when creating videos with Haiper AI, as mentioned in the script, showcasing the platform's versatility in generating different thematic content.

💡HD Videos

HD videos, or high-definition videos, are videos with a higher resolution and better image quality compared to standard definition. The script mentions the option to create videos in HD with Haiper AI, indicating that users have the choice between different quality levels for their video generation.

💡Seed Value

The seed value in the context of AI video generation is a numerical input that helps determine the randomness or uniqueness of the generated video. By adjusting the seed value, users can create different outcomes from the same text prompt. The script mentions the option to give a seed value when creating a video, allowing for varied results.

💡Public and Private Creations

Public and private creations refer to the settings that users can choose for their video generation on the Haiper AI platform. A public creation is visible to other users, while a private one is not. The script explains that users can decide whether they want their generated videos to be public or private, giving them control over the visibility of their content.


Introduction to the video by Daniel from f&D on converting text prompts into videos using a free AI video generator.

Mention of Sora AI and its realistic video generation capabilities created by Open AI.

Introduction of Haiper AI as an alternative to Sora AI for generating videos close to reality.

Instructions on how to access Haiper AI by searching on Google and clicking the first link.

Explanation of the free trial option available on the Haiper AI website.

Demonstration of logging in to Haiper AI using a Google or Discord account.

Overview of the community feed showcasing different video generations created by the AI.

Comparison of the video quality and realism of Haiper AI to Sora AI.

Description of the ability to create fantasy-themed and cyberpunk style videos.

Options to create HD or standard definition videos with Haiper AI.

Process of creating a video from text by selecting 'create with text prompt'.

Discussion on the different styles available for video generation.

Demonstration of how to input a prompt and adjust settings like duration and motion level.

Explanation of the option to make video creations public or private.

Showcasing the queuing process for video generation and the wait time involved.

Example of a video generated using a prompt about a shepherd and sheep.

Comparison of two videos generated using the same prompt but different styles.

Personal experience of the presenter in creating and adjusting prompts for better video results.

Encouragement to use the free unlimited AI video generator to create multiple videos and find the best one.

Closing remarks with a call to like, subscribe, and enable notifications for future tutorials.