Quillbot: Your Go-To Writing Assistant for Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and More!

Federico Tartarini
11 Oct 202105:53

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces Quillbot, a versatile web tool for paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing, and generating citations. They demonstrate how to paraphrase text with a free account, which has a character limit, and highlight the benefits of a premium account. The tool's ability to avoid plagiarism and improve writing fluency is emphasized, along with its utility for scientific papers and articles. The presenter also shows how to use Quillbot's summarization feature and citation generator, and mentions its browser extension availability for Microsoft and Google Docs.


  • 📝 Quillbot is a versatile web tool for paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing, and citation generation.
  • 🔄 The paraphrasing feature allows users to rephrase text while maintaining the original meaning.
  • 🚫 Free accounts are limited to paraphrasing 700 characters at a time, with premium accounts offering higher limits.
  • 💬 The tool can be used to improve fluency and grammar in addition to paraphrasing.
  • 🔍 Quillbot includes an activity log to track changes made during paraphrasing and summarizing.
  • 📚 It can be particularly useful for academic papers and articles, ensuring originality and avoiding plagiarism.
  • 📈 The summarizing feature can condense text into key sentences or bullet points, focusing on selected keywords.
  • 🔗 The citation generator helps create accurate citations for academic work by inputting article URLs and author details.
  • 📜 Quillbot can be extended to Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs for added convenience.
  • 👍 The presenter highly recommends Quillbot for its utility and ease of use in enhancing writing.
  • 🔔 The video encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for new content.

Q & A

  • What is Quillbot and what does it do?

    -Quillbot is a web tool designed to assist with paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing text, and generating citations. It's useful for writers and researchers looking to improve their writing or avoid plagiarism.

  • How does the paraphrasing feature of Quillbot work?

    -The paraphrasing feature in Quillbot allows users to input text and then rephrases it to maintain the original meaning while changing the wording to be unique. It offers different modes such as 'standard' and 'fluency' to cater to the user's needs.

  • What are the limitations of a free Quillbot account?

    -A free Quillbot account has a limitation on the number of characters that can be paraphrased at one time, which is 700 characters. Users can upgrade to a premium account to increase this limit and access additional features.

  • How does Quillbot handle grammar checking?

    -Quillbot includes a grammar checker that scans the text for grammatical errors and provides corrections. This feature helps users ensure their writing is not only unique but also grammatically correct.

  • Can Quillbot be used to summarize texts?

    -Yes, Quillbot has a summarizing feature that allows users to condense longer texts into key sentences or a paragraph. Users can choose to focus on specific keywords or topics to tailor the summary to their needs.

  • How does Quillbot assist with citation generation?

    -Quillbot's citation generator helps users to create citations for their work by inputting the URL of the source material and providing key information such as author names. It then generates a citation that can be copied and used in academic papers or other writings.

  • What is the difference between the 'standard' and 'fluency' modes in Quillbot's paraphrasing feature?

    -The 'standard' mode focuses on changing the text while maintaining the original meaning, whereas the 'fluency' mode improves the text's fluency and corrects grammatical errors, making it more readable.

  • How can Quillbot help with avoiding plagiarism?

    -By paraphrasing existing texts, Quillbot helps users create unique versions of the original content. When the paraphrased text is checked with plagiarism detection tools like Grammarly, it shows significantly reduced plagiarism.

  • Can Quillbot be integrated with other applications?

    -Yes, Quillbot offers extensions for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs, allowing users to access its features directly within these applications for a more streamlined writing process.

  • What are the benefits of using Quillbot for academic writing?

    -Quillbot can be beneficial for academic writing by helping to paraphrase existing research, check for grammar and plagiarism, summarize lengthy articles, and generate citations, thus enhancing the quality and originality of academic papers.

  • How can users access and use Quillbot?

    -Users can access Quillbot through its website. They can then use the various features by inputting their text and selecting the desired mode or function, such as paraphrasing, summarizing, or generating citations.



🤖 Introduction to Quillbot's Features

The speaker introduces Quillbot, a web tool for paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing text, and generating citations. They express excitement about the tool and its potential uses, such as enhancing academic papers and articles. The video demonstrates how to paraphrase text with a free account, which has a character limit, and mentions the benefits of a premium account, such as paraphrasing longer texts and accessing additional features like summarization and citation generation. The speaker also shares their personal endorsement of Quillbot and assures viewers that they are not sponsored.


📝 Demonstrating Quillbot's Paraphrasing and Grammar Check

This paragraph showcases a live demonstration of using Quillbot to paraphrase a text excerpt from a scientific paper. The video explains the paraphrasing process, including the limitations of the free account and the advantages of the premium version. It also highlights the tool's ability to change the degree of paraphrasing by adjusting the number of synonyms used. The speaker then compares the paraphrased text with a plagiarism check using Grammarly, demonstrating the effectiveness of Quillbot in creating original content. The video continues with an example of paraphrasing text from The Guardian to further illustrate Quillbot's capabilities.

🔍 Exploring Additional Quillbot Functions

The speaker explores additional features of Quillbot, such as the grammar checker, summarizer, and citation generator. They demonstrate how to use the grammar checker on the paraphrased text and explain the summarizer's ability to create key sentences or a summary paragraph based on selected keywords. The citation generator is also highlighted, showing how to generate citations for articles by providing basic information and the article's URL. The paragraph concludes with a mention of Quillbot's browser extensions for Microsoft and Google Chrome, enhancing the tool's accessibility and utility.

🌟 Conclusion and Call to Action

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker emphasizes the usefulness of Quillbot and encourages viewers to try it out. They invite viewers to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and turn on notifications for new content. The speaker also provides information on how viewers can support the channel through buying a coffee or Patreon support, with more details available in the video description. The video ends with a thank you note and an anticipation for the next video.




Quillbot is a web tool introduced in the video that offers a suite of writing assistance features such as paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing, and citation generation. It is presented as an 'amazing' tool the speaker is excited to share, highlighting its utility for enhancing writing quality and avoiding plagiarism.


Paraphrasing refers to the process of rewording a text to achieve a different expression while retaining the original meaning. In the context of the video, Quillbot's paraphrasing feature is used to rewrite text, such as an abstract from a paper, to ensure originality and avoid plagiarism.

💡Grammar Checking

Grammar checking is a feature that identifies and corrects grammatical errors in written text. The video demonstrates how Quillbot can be used to check the grammar of a text, ensuring that the paraphrased content is not only original but also grammatically correct.


Summarizing is the act of condensing a larger piece of text into a shorter form while retaining the key points. The script mentions Quillbot's ability to summarize text, which can be useful for condensing articles or scientific papers into key sentences or bullet points.


Citations are formal references to the sources of information used in a written work. The video explains how Quillbot can generate citations, which is crucial for academic writing to give credit to original authors and avoid plagiarism.

💡Free Account

A free account, as mentioned in the video, is a type of user access that allows limited use of Quillbot's features. For example, with a free account, users can paraphrase up to 700 characters at a time, which is less than what a premium account offers.

💡Premium Account

A premium account provides enhanced access to Quillbot's features, such as the ability to paraphrase longer texts and use additional features like the summarizer. The video suggests that upgrading to a premium account can significantly improve the user experience by removing limitations.


Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. In the context of Quillbot, the use of synonyms is part of the paraphrasing process, allowing the tool to create different versions of the text while maintaining the original message.


Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's work without proper attribution and presenting it as one's own. The video emphasizes the importance of avoiding plagiarism through the use of Quillbot's paraphrasing and citation generation features.


Grammarly is a separate writing tool mentioned in the video for checking plagiarism. It is used as a comparison to demonstrate the effectiveness of Quillbot's paraphrasing feature in creating original content that passes plagiarism checks.


An extension, in the context of the video, refers to a browser plugin that adds functionality to web applications. Quillbot offers extensions for Microsoft, Google Chrome, and Google Docs, which allows for easier integration and use of its features within these platforms.


Quillbot is a web tool for paraphrasing, summarizing, and generating citations.

Free accounts can paraphrase up to 700 characters at a time.

Premium accounts offer higher limits for paraphrasing and summarizing.

Quillbot can change the style from standard to fluency for paraphrasing.

The standard model focuses on changing the text without altering the meaning.

Fluency model improves text flow and fixes grammatical errors.

Activity former allows shortening and expanding of text with a premium account.

Users can adjust the number of synonyms used in paraphrasing.

Quillbot's paraphrased text is plagiarism-free, as demonstrated with Grammarly.

The tool works well for both scientific papers and articles from various sources.

Quillbot includes a grammar checker for text analysis.

The summarizer can create key sentences or a paragraph based on selected keywords.

Summarized text maintains key points and provides a concise version of the original.

Citation generator creates accurate citations for academic work.

Quillbot is available as an extension for Microsoft, Google Chrome, and Google Docs.

The presenter is not sponsored and genuinely recommends Quillbot.

Quillbot is useful for sharing posts online without plagiarism concerns.

The video provides a tutorial on how to use Quillbot's features.