President Joe Biden makes speech at Phoenix restaurant

FOX 10 Phoenix
19 Mar 202411:24

TLDRPresident Joe Biden emphasizes the importance of small businesses in holding communities together and acknowledges the contributions of Latinos in America. He reflects on his past experiences with farm workers and highlights his administration's efforts to lower prescription drug costs, improve education, and invest in Latino and black universities. Biden contrasts his policies with Trump's, stressing the latter's focus on the wealthy and lack of support for middle-class and social programs. He advocates for a fairer tax system, aiming to raise the tax rate for billionaires to fund social initiatives and reduce the deficit.


  • 🏛️ Small businesses are the backbone of communities, and the President expresses gratitude towards them.
  • 🎓 The President highlights the importance of investing in Latino and Black universities to provide equal opportunities for high-tech job training.
  • 📉 Under the current administration, Latino unemployment rates and child poverty have reached record lows.
  • 💊 Efforts have been made to lower prescription drug costs and improve healthcare affordability.
  • 🏢 The President emphasizes the commitment to making the campaign and administration representative of America's diversity.
  • 💼 The tax system is currently unfair, with billionaires paying a disproportionately low rate, and the President aims to rectify this.
  • 🌟 The President's approach to economic growth focuses on building from the middle out and the bottom up, rather than from the top down.
  • 🏦 The administration has made historic investments in Latino small businesses and addressed gun violence in communities.
  • 💰 A minimum tax increase on major corporations and billionaires would generate significant revenue to fund social programs.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The President's personal background and experiences have shaped his understanding of the struggles faced by middle and lower-income families.
  • 🌐 The United States has the capacity to overcome any crisis and achieve greatness when it works together as a diverse and united nation.

Q & A

  • What does President Biden emphasize as the glue that holds communities together?

    -President Biden emphasizes that small businesses like the one in Phoenix are the glue that holds communities together.

  • Who is Sayar Chavez and what is her significance in the speech?

    -Sayar Chavez is the granddaughter of the man who got President Biden interested in politics, and she is the campaign manager he wants to thank. Her grandfather was involved in organizing farm workers and played a crucial role in improving the lives of Latinos across Arizona and the country.

  • What is the importance of the agriculture industry in Delaware and its surrounding states?

    -The agriculture industry in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia is a $4 billion industry, primarily focused on chickens, and it's where President Biden got involved with Sayar Chavez's grandfather.

  • What was one of the outcomes of the Latino community's support in the previous election?

    -One of the outcomes was that President Biden beat Donald Trump, largely due to the support from small businesses and the Latino community.

  • What is President Biden's promise regarding the representation of America in his administration?

    -President Biden promises that his administration will look like America, reflecting its diversity.

  • What are some of the achievements of the Biden administration for the Latino community?

    -The Biden administration has achieved the lowest unemployment rate for Latinos in a long time, cut Hispanic child poverty to record lows, lowered healthcare costs, and made historic investments in Latino small businesses.

  • What is ASU's role in the $15 billion fund?

    -ASU (Arizona State University) is joining the ranks of other historic serving institutions and can get part of the $15 billion fund to support their development and training programs.

  • How does President Biden plan to address the disparity in resources between Latino and black universities and other universities?

    -President Biden plans to invest in Latino and black universities to help them build the laboratories and training facilities they need to prepare their students for high-tech jobs and leadership roles in the future.

  • What is President Biden's stance on the tax system and the wealthy?

    -President Biden believes the tax system is not fair and that the wealthy, including billionaires, should pay their fair share. He plans to raise the minimum tax rate for billionaires to 25%.

  • What would be the impact of raising the billionaire's tax rate to 25%?

    -Raising the billionaire's tax rate to 25% would raise $500 billion over 10 years, which could be used to fund childcare, education, early education for families in need, and further reduce the deficit.

  • What message does President Biden convey about America's capacity and potential?

    -President Biden conveys that America has the capacity to do almost anything and that nothing is beyond its capacity when people work together, drawing on the nation's history of overcoming crises and emerging stronger.



🙌 Appreciating Small Businesses and Campaign Roots

The speaker begins by expressing gratitude towards small businesses, which are described as the glue that holds communities together. The speaker also thanks their campaign manager, Sayar Chavez, highlighting her grandfather's influence in getting the speaker involved in politics, particularly in agricultural work and the Farm Workers' movement in Delaware. The speaker emphasizes the importance of diversity and the achievements made during their administration, such as lowering unemployment and child poverty rates among Latinos, reducing healthcare costs, and investing in Latino small businesses. The establishment of new campaign headquarters and the speaker's commitment to making the campaign and administration representative of America are also mentioned.


💼 Economic Policies and the Struggle for Fairness

The speaker discusses the need for trimming and cutting unnecessary expenses, but emphasizes the importance of maintaining essential programs in healthcare, education, small business support, and social security. The speaker criticizes Trump's focus on benefiting the wealthy and outlines their own middle-class background, which influenced their decision to build the country from the middle out and the bottom up. The speaker also addresses tax policies, mentioning major corporations that paid no taxes on billions in earnings and the implementation of a 15% minimum tax on them. The speaker expresses optimism about America's potential and criticizes Trump's proposed tax cuts, advocating instead for a fairer tax system where the wealthiest pay their share. The speaker concludes by emphasizing the need for unity and collective effort to overcome challenges and achieve progress.


🌟 America's Resilience and Collective Strength

The speaker reflects on America's history of resilience, stating that the nation has always emerged stronger from crises. They assert that nothing is beyond America's capacity when people work together. The speaker expresses gratitude and optimism about the future, emphasizing the importance of remembering America's identity and strength as a united nation. The paragraph concludes with applause, indicating the end of the speech.



💡Small businesses

Small businesses are independently owned and operated businesses that are not dominant in their field. They are often seen as the backbone of the economy, providing jobs and fostering innovation. In the transcript, President Biden emphasizes the importance of small businesses in holding communities together and his gratitude towards them, highlighting their role in the American economy and society.

💡Campaign manager

A campaign manager is a person responsible for the day-to-day management of a political campaign and for making critical decisions regarding strategy, budgeting, staffing, and operations. In the transcript, President Biden thanks his campaign manager, Sayar Chavez, whose grandfather played a role in Biden's early political involvement, underlining the personal and professional significance of the role.


Agriculture refers to the practice of cultivating plants and livestock to produce food, wool, and other products. The transcript mentions the significant agricultural industry in the Delmarva Peninsula, which includes Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, and Biden's involvement in advocating for farm workers' rights, which ties into his broader commitment to social justice and economic fairness.

💡Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate is the percentage of the total labor force in the labor market that is currently unemployed but actively seeking employment. President Biden mentions the achievement of the lowest unemployment rate for Latinos during his tenure, which reflects his administration's efforts to improve economic opportunities for all communities.

💡Healthcare costs

Healthcare costs refer to the expenses incurred by individuals, families, and governments in maintaining health through medical services, prescription drugs, and health insurance. In the transcript, Biden talks about lowering healthcare costs, which is a significant concern for many Americans and a key aspect of his administration's health policy.

💡Latino small businesses

Latino small businesses are small enterprises owned and operated by individuals of Latin American descent. The transcript highlights the historic investments made in these businesses under Biden's administration, which is part of a broader effort to support minority-owned businesses and foster economic diversity.

💡Gun violence

Gun violence refers to the use of firearms to inflict harm or death on others. President Biden addresses the issue of gun violence in the communities, which is a critical social issue in the United States. His commitment to addressing this problem is part of a broader platform of improving public safety and well-being.

💡Tax system

The tax system is the method by which a government collects revenue to fund its activities and public services. Biden criticizes the current tax system as unfair and proposes raising the minimum tax rate for billionaires, which is a key part of his economic policy aimed at reducing income inequality and ensuring that the wealthiest pay their fair share.

💡Deficit reduction

Deficit reduction refers to the process of decreasing the amount by which a government's expenditures exceed its revenues, thus lowering the budget deficit. In the transcript, Biden discusses his administration's success in cutting the deficit, which is a significant economic achievement and a point of pride for his fiscal management.


Diversity refers to the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization, often in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, and background. President Biden speaks about the diversity of the United States as a source of strength, which is a central theme in his speech and a reflection of his values and policy goals.

💡Economic policy

Economic policy refers to the plans and actions undertaken by governments to influence economic conditions, such as employment, growth, and stability. Biden outlines his economic policy, which focuses on building the country from the middle out and the bottom up, emphasizing a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities.


President Joe Biden emphasizes the importance of small businesses in holding communities together.

Biden expresses gratitude to his campaign manager, Sayar Chavez, whose grandfather influenced his early political involvement.

Biden recalls his involvement in agricultural work in Delaware and its impact on his political career.

He acknowledges the role of Latino contributions in improving the lives of people across Arizona and the U.S.

Biden highlights his commitment to having a campaign and administration that reflects the diversity of America.

He outlines achievements such as lowering prescription drug costs and investing in small businesses.

Biden discusses the historic low unemployment rate for Latinos and efforts to reduce child poverty.

He mentions ASU's role in receiving part of a $15 billion investment aimed at leveling the playing field for minority-serving institutions.

Biden criticizes Trump's derogatory comments about the Latino community and his policy proposals.

The President outlines his plan to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and reduce the deficit.

Biden shares his personal story of growing up in a lower middle-class family and the importance of education and opportunities.

He emphasizes the need for a tax system that is fair and benefits all Americans, not just the wealthy.

Biden speaks about the potential of the United States and the importance of unity and collective effort.

He concludes with optimism about the future and a call to action for unity and change.