KREA AI Tutorial - Real-Time AI Generation + NEW Upscale & Enhance!

AI Andy
10 Dec 202318:52

TLDRThe video provides an in-depth tutorial on KREA AI, a cutting-edge tool for real-time AI image generation and enhancement. The host demonstrates the software's capabilities, including real-time drawing and upscaling, by creating unique images from prompts and showcasing how the AI can transform simple sketches into detailed illustrations. The video also covers the use of AI avatars for video creation, where text is transformed into engaging scripts with various voice options and emotional tones. The upscale and enhance feature is highlighted, which not only improves image quality but also adds new details to the original image. Additionally, the viewer is introduced to AI patterns and logo illusions, which allow for the creation of intricate designs and animations. The video concludes with information on the pricing plans available for KREA AI, offering a range of services from a free tier with limited daily generations to a Pro Plan with unlimited capabilities and commercial licenses.


  • 🖥️ KREA AI offers real-time AI drawing and upscaling tools that can create detailed images from text prompts.
  • 🎨 The tool allows for customization of images, including turning patterns, text, and logos into unique visuals.
  • 📈 Upscaling with KREA AI doesn't just sharpen pixels; it generates new and improved images with more detail.
  • 💡 The software features real-time generation, upscale and enhance AI, and the ability to create patterns and logo illusions.
  • 📹 Users can interact with the tool by moving around elements and seeing the AI generate different images accordingly.
  • 🌌 By inputting a prompt, users can generate a variety of images, such as landscapes or scenarios, in real time.
  • 🖌️ The tool enables users to draw and have the AI change the drawing in real time into a more detailed and styled image.
  • 🎬 KREA AI also offers a feature to create AI videos with high-quality avatars, which can be manipulated with text and emotions.
  • 🔍 The enhance and upscale feature of the tool can significantly improve the quality of existing images, adding more detail and clarity.
  • 📈 AI strength can be adjusted to control the level of AI influence on the image generation, from subtle to highly stylized.
  • 💲 KREA AI has a waitlist for new users, with different subscription plans available, including a free tier and paid Pro Plan.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the AI drawing tool discussed in the transcript?

    -The main feature of the AI drawing tool is its real-time generation capability, which allows users to create images by simply prompting and upscaling, and also customize their images with various features such as patterns, logos, and illusions.

  • How does the AI upscaling tool enhance images?

    -The AI upscaling tool enhances images by not just making each pixel sharper, but by actually creating a new, improved image with more pixels and additional details, resulting in higher quality and more detailed images.

  • What is the process of using the AI drawing tool as demonstrated in the transcript?

    -The process involves starting with a prompt, clearing the canvas, and then drawing basic shapes or figures in real time. The AI tool responds by generating images based on the input. Users can further customize the generated images using various styles like cinematic, illustrations, and product views.

  • How can the AI tool help in creating content for books?

    -The AI tool can generate unique and creative illustrations that can be used for book covers or interior artwork. It can transform simple drawings into detailed and styled images that are suitable for publication.

  • What is the significance of the 'AI strength' slider in the tool?

    -The 'AI strength' slider allows users to control the level of AI influence on the generated image. A higher AI strength means the tool will rely more on the AI's interpretation rather than the user's input, leading to more abstract or creative outcomes.

  • How does the AI tool facilitate the creation of AI avatars for video content?

    -The AI tool provides a feature where users can connect and create videos with AI avatars. By inputting text or using a script generator, users can produce videos in various languages with different voice options, making it easier to create engaging content.

  • What are the different styles that the AI drawing tool can apply to the generated images?

    -The AI drawing tool can apply various styles to the generated images, including cinematic, illustrations, and product views. Each style gives a different look and feel to the image, suitable for different purposes or preferences.

  • How does the AI tool handle the creation of patterns and logos?

    -The AI tool can create patterns and logos by using prompts and text inputs. It can generate intricate designs and apply them to images, creating unique visual effects. It also allows for customization through advanced settings like pattern strength and guidance scale.

  • What is the pricing structure for using KREA AI?

    -KREA AI offers a free plan with limited access to their features, including Crea real-time, 50 image generations a day, 10 video generations a day, and 3 AI trainings. They also have a Pro Plan, which costs $24 per month or $30 per month for yearly subscription, offering unlimited image and video generations, commercial license, and additional features.

  • How does the AI tool assist in upscaling and enhancing images?

    -The AI tool assists in upscaling and enhancing images by adding more pixels and details to the original image. It uses an 'enhance' button to improve the quality of the image multiple times, resulting in a clearer and more detailed final product.

  • What are some of the creative possibilities with the AI drawing tool as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The AI drawing tool allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, including generating images from text prompts, transforming simple shapes into complex scenes, creating illustrations for books, designing patterns and logos, and even animating the generated images.



🖼️ Real-time AI Drawing and Upscaling with Kaa AI

The video introduces Kaa AI, a tool for real-time image generation and upscaling. It demonstrates how to customize images using patterns, text, and logos, and shows the process of creating unique images through a step-by-step guide. The presenter also discusses the tool's features, such as real-time generation, upscaling, and enhancement, and shares the cost and availability of the service.


🎥 Creating AI Videos with Studio.Narrow and Upscaling Quality

The script showcases how to generate AI videos using Studio.Narrow, where one can create content with AI avatars by inputting text or using a script generator. It highlights the ability to select languages and voices, and even add emotions to the generated audio. The video also covers the process of upscaling images to improve their quality, using AI to add more pixels and details to the original image.


🎨 Exploring AI Strength and Image Enhancement

This paragraph delves into the AI strength feature, which allows users to control the level of AI involvement in image generation. It illustrates how increasing the AI strength can lead to more abstract and less prompt-reliant images. The paragraph also covers the upscaling and enhancement process, showing before and after comparisons of various images, including a pool photo and a thumbnail, to demonstrate the significant improvement in detail and clarity.


🌐 AI Patterns, Logo Illusions, and Pricing Plans

The final paragraph discusses AI patterns and logo illusions, where users can input prompts and choose from various patterns to generate unique designs. It also provides information on the pricing plans for Kaa AI, detailing the features available in both the free and pro plans, such as the number of image and video generations per day, AI trainings, and commercial licenses. The presenter shares their positive experience with the software and provides a link for further exploration.



💡Real-Time AI Drawing

Real-Time AI Drawing refers to the instantaneous generation of images by an artificial intelligence system based on user input. In the context of the video, it is showcased through the ability to draw and see the AI's interpretation in real time, such as when the presenter sketches a stick figure and the AI transforms it into a detailed image.

💡AI Upscaling

AI Upscaling is the process of enhancing the resolution of an image using artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional upscaling which simply makes each pixel sharper, AI upscaling creates new pixels and adds more detail to the image. In the video, the presenter demonstrates how an image can be enhanced multiple times to improve its quality significantly.

💡Customize Images

Customizing images involves altering or manipulating an image to suit specific preferences or requirements. The video discusses how the AI tool allows users to customize their images by turning patterns, text, and logos into unique visuals, showcasing the versatility of AI in image generation.

💡AI Avatars

AI Avatars are digital representations of a person or character, driven by artificial intelligence. In the video, the presenter uses AI avatars to create videos by inputting text or scripts, which the AI then uses to generate video content with lifelike movements and lip-syncing.


A prompt in the context of AI image generation is a text input that guides the AI in creating a specific image. The video script mentions using prompts to direct the AI to generate images like 'salt flats in Bolivia' or 'a Norwegian woman with an axe,' which the AI then interprets and visualizes.

💡AI Strength

AI Strength refers to the degree to which the AI's own algorithms influence the image generation process. The higher the AI strength, the more the AI diverges from the initial prompt to create a more unique image. The video illustrates how adjusting AI strength can lead to drastically different outcomes in the generated images.

💡Upscaling Factor

The Upscaling Factor determines the extent to which an image is enlarged or its resolution is increased during the upscaling process. The video demonstrates how selecting different upscaling factors can lead to varying levels of detail and clarity in the final image.

💡Negative Prompt

A Negative Prompt is a type of input used in AI image generation to specify what elements should be avoided or excluded from the generated image. The video does not explicitly use negative prompts, but the concept is central to giving the AI more refined instructions for image creation.

💡AI Patterns

AI Patterns involve using AI to generate images that follow or incorporate specific patterns, often creating visually striking and abstract results. In the video, the presenter experiments with different patterns to generate images that have a certain thematic or stylistic coherence.

💡Logo Illusions

Logo Illusions are a feature of the AI tool where well-known logos are used as a basis for generating new and imaginative images. The video shows how logos like Nike and Apple can be transformed into intricate and artistic representations through the AI's interpretation.

💡Commercial License

A Commercial License in the context of the video refers to the permission granted to users to utilize the generated AI images for commercial purposes, such as in advertising or product design. The Pro Plan of the AI tool, as mentioned in the video, includes a commercial license among its features.


Real-time AI drawing and upscaling tool allows for more customized image creation.

AI upscaling not only sharpens pixels but also generates new, improved images.

The tool can transform patterns, text, logos into unique images in real time.

Demonstration of how to use Kaa AI, including its features like real-time generation, upscale, and enhance.

Live showcase of creating an image of a Norwegian woman with an axe on a mountain top using real-time generation.

The ability to adjust styles such as cinematic, illustration, and product for generated images.

Upscaling feature adds high-quality detail to images, significantly improving their resolution.

AI Avatar creation allows for the generation of free AI videos with customizable scripts and voices.

Neuro AI technology is used to generate audio with added emotions for video scripts.

AI strength control allows users to fine-tune the level of AI influence on image generation.

AI patterns feature enables the creation of intricate designs using custom prompts and patterns.

AI logo illusions can transform logos into unique and artistic images through the tool's generation capabilities.

Crea offers a free plan with limited daily generations and a Pro Plan with unlimited generations and additional features.

Upscaling tools are capable of creating more pixels and adding detail to images, rather than just enlarging them.

Before and after comparisons demonstrate the significant improvement in image quality achievable with the tool.

The tool's capabilities are described as mind-blowing and a game-changer for image and video creation.

AI technology is expected to be integrated into smartphones in the future, offering these advanced features on the go.