DALLE 3 vs MIDJOURNEY vs Adobe FIREFLY 2 🥊 ¿Cuál es MEJOR? Comparativa en detalle

Alejavi Rivera
19 Oct 202320:06

TLDREste video compara tres herramientas de inteligencia artificial para crear imágenes a partir de texto: DALLE 3, MIDJOURNEY y Adobe FIREFLY 2. A través de una serie de pruebas y comparaciones detalladas, el video busca determinar cuál de las tres plataformas es la mejor opción para el usuario. Se examina la calidad de las imágenes generadas, las características adicionales, los planes de suscripción y las ventajas particulares de cada plataforma. Las pruebas incluyen la creación de logos, imágenes hiperrealistas de personas, paisajes, edificios e insectos, así como ilustraciones para libros de colorear y arte conceptual. Aunque MIDJOURNEY se destaca por su capacidad para crear imágenes hiperrealistas y DALLE 3 por su versatilidad y capacidad para incluir texto específico en las imágenes, el creador del video prefiere DALLE 3 por su facilidad de uso y resultados de calidad sin la necesidad de un manejo complejo. Adobe FIREFLY, por su parte, se destaca por su rapidez y la capacidad de ajustar parámetros de imagen de manera sencilla. El video concluye que la elección final depende de las necesidades específicas del usuario.


  • 🆚 Comparing DALLE 3, MIDJOURNEY, and Adobe FIREFLY 2, the video aims to determine the best AI tool for generating images from text.
  • 🎮 A game is introduced to engage viewers, associating each platform with a letter (A, B, C) and an image to choose from.
  • 💰 Subscription details are discussed, highlighting that MIDJOURNEY lacks a free tier, while Adobe FIREFLY is free, and DALLE 3 offers a low-cost monthly subscription.
  • 🖼️ The platforms are tested with the same prompts to create images, including logos, realistic images, and illustrations, to evaluate their performance.
  • 🏆 DALLE 3 is noted for its ability to generate images with specific texts incorporated, a unique feature among the three.
  • 🔍 Detailed prompts are used to test the platforms' capabilities, with MIDJOURNEY showing strength in hyperrealistic images when detailed instructions are provided.
  • 📈 Adobe FIREFLY is recognized for its speed and flexibility, allowing users to adjust various image parameters easily.
  • 🌐 DALLE 3's coherence in design is highlighted, allowing for the creation of a character and subsequent modifications to that character in a consistent manner.
  • 🎨 MIDJOURNEY excels in creating hyperrealistic images and is also capable of generating images based on an uploaded image, providing a unique offering.
  • 📉 The video points out that while MIDJOURNEY may initially seem less impressive, it has a different approach that requires more detailed prompts for better results.
  • 📝 The importance of understanding one's specific needs to choose the right platform is emphasized, rather than being overwhelmed by the variety of options available.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to compare three AI image generation tools: DALLE 3, MIDJOURNEY, and Adobe FIREFLY 2, to determine which one is the best and to highlight the unique features of each platform.

  • How does the video introduce the comparison?

    -The video introduces the comparison by showing three different images, each associated with a letter (A, B, C) that corresponds to one of the platforms. Viewers are asked to choose a preferred image, and later the corresponding platform is revealed.

  • What are the three platforms featured in the video?

    -The three platforms featured in the video are DALLE 3 from Open AI, MIDJOURNEY, and Adobe FIREFLY 2.

  • How does the video approach the subscription plans of each platform?

    -The video discusses the subscription plans by outlining the cost and features of each platform's plans, noting that MIDJOURNEY does not have a free option, Adobe FIREFLY is free, and DALLE 3 has a low-cost monthly option and is also integrated into some free products.

  • What is a 'prompt' in the context of AI image generation?

    -A 'prompt' is the text that users provide to the AI to give it context and guide it in generating an image that matches the user's request.

  • How does the video test the platforms' image generation capabilities?

    -The video tests the platforms by creating images with the same prompt on each platform and evaluating the results. It uses simple prompts for daily use and more descriptive, longer prompts to see the difference in results.

  • What is the conclusion of the video regarding the best platform?

    -The video concludes that DALLE 3 seems to be a versatile and all-around good AI image generator, capable of producing quality results without much difficulty in using the platform or setting the prompt correctly. However, the choice depends on the user's specific needs and preferences.

  • What unique feature does DALLE 3 have that the other platforms do not?

    -DALLE 3 has the unique ability to create images with specific text included, and it can also interpret and act on more complex prompts to generate images.

  • What advantage does MIDJOURNEY have over the other platforms?

    -MIDJOURNEY excels at creating hyperrealistic images and is also capable of generating images based on an uploaded image, which can be useful for creating avatars or similar images.

  • What is a notable feature of Adobe FIREFLY that differentiates it from the other platforms?

    -Adobe FIREFLY is noted for its speed in generating images and its ability to easily change many parameters of the image, such as aspect ratio, style, visual intensity, and even technical aspects like aperture and shutter speed.

  • How does the video suggest viewers choose the best platform for their needs?

    -The video suggests that viewers should understand their specific needs and choose the platform that best adapts to those needs, focusing more on the desired outcome rather than potential difficulties.

  • What does the video imply about the importance of knowing how to write effective prompts?

    -The video implies that knowing how to write effective prompts is crucial for getting better results from the AI image generation platforms, especially for platforms like MIDJOURNEY that require detailed prompts.



🌧️ Exploring AI Image Generation Tools

This segment introduces the goal of the video: testing various AI image generation tools (Muni, Dali 3, and Adobe Firefly) to determine which best suits the viewer's needs. The presenter plans a neutral evaluation, starting with a guessing game where viewers choose their favorite image produced by one of the platforms. The video will delve into each tool's features, pricing models, and performance with different prompts to create images in varying styles, providing a comprehensive comparison.


🎨 Testing AI Tools with Varied Prompts

Continuing the testing, various prompts are used to create logos and realistic images on different platforms. Adobe Firefly, Muni, and Dali 3 are tested with specific themes like luxury brands, hyper-realistic portraits, and landscapes to assess their accuracy and artistic quality. Each platform's results are examined for how well they meet the prompts, with special attention to detail and realism. This section evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each tool in generating images that closely match the provided descriptions.


🐸 Detailed Prompts and Platform Comparison

This section focuses on detailed and complex prompts to test the AI platforms' capabilities further. Illustrations and hyper-realistic images are requested, like a frog in karate attire, futuristic restaurant concepts, and an old ship captain as an oil painting. Each platform's ability to handle intricate details and deliver quality images is scrutinized, noting the necessity of specific prompts for optimal results. The segment also highlights the free usage of Dali 3 integrated into Microsoft products, enhancing accessibility.


🔍 Final Analysis and Text Integration

The video concludes by examining each platform's ability to incorporate text into images, showing that Dali 3 performs well in generating images with accurate text overlays. The segment also covers the unique features of each platform, including image customization options and the ability to maintain consistency across images on the same platform. The presenter provides a final assessment, recommending Dali 3 for its versatility and ease of use, while also acknowledging the specific uses of Muni and Adobe Firefly.



💡Artificial Intelligence tools

Artificial Intelligence tools refer to software applications that utilize AI to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the video, these tools are used to convert text prompts into images, showcasing the advancements in AI technology.

💡Text to Image AI

Text to Image AI is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate images from textual descriptions. The video focuses on comparing different platforms that offer this feature, highlighting how they interpret prompts to create visual content.


In the context of the video, platforms refer to the specific software or services being compared, namely DALLE 3, MIDJOURNEY, and Adobe FIREFLY 2. Each platform has unique features and capabilities in generating images from text.

💡Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are the pricing structures offered by the platforms to access their services. The video discusses the different plans available for each platform, including costs and the number of images or features included.


Prompts are the text inputs given to the AI to guide the creation of an image. They are crucial for the AI to understand the context and desired output. The video script mentions simple and more descriptive prompts to test the platforms' capabilities.

💡Hyperrealistic Images

Hyperrealistic Images are those that are incredibly detailed and lifelike, often to the point where they are difficult to distinguish from actual photographs. The video tests the platforms' ability to generate such images from text prompts.

💡Logo Creation

Logo Creation is the process of designing a symbol or icon that represents a brand or company. In the video, the platforms are tested on their ability to generate logos for different types of businesses, such as an Italian restaurant and a luxury brand.


Illustrations are visual representations, often artistic in nature, used to decorate or explain text. The video includes a segment where the platforms are evaluated based on their ability to create illustrations for a children's coloring book.

💡Coherence in Design

Coherence in Design refers to the ability of an AI platform to maintain consistency and continuity in the design elements across different images. The video highlights how one platform can create an initial image and then make subsequent modifications based on that design.

💡Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters are specific settings or features that can be adjusted to control the output of an image. The video discusses how one of the platforms allows users to change aspects like aspect ratio, visual intensity, and even simulate photography techniques.

💡Free Option

Free Option indicates that a platform offers some level of service at no cost. The video mentions that one of the platforms is entirely free to use, which can be a significant factor for users considering affordability.


This video compares DALLE 3, MIDJOURNEY, and Adobe FIREFLY 2 to determine the best AI tool for creating images from text.

The video aims to be neutral, helping viewers decide which platform suits their needs without marketing influence.

A game is introduced where viewers choose between images labeled A, B, and C, corresponding to each platform.

The platforms compared are Muni Dali 3, Adobe Firefly, and MIDJOURNEY, recognized as top AI image creators.

Subscription details are discussed, noting MIDJOURNEY lacks a free option with three paid plans, while Adobe Firefly is free.

DALLE 3 offers a $2 per month subscription and has been integrated into Microsoft products for free use.

The video presents image creation tests using the same prompts on each platform for fairness.

DALLE 3 is favored for its ability to create images with specific text incorporated into the design.

MIDJOURNEY excels in hyperrealistic image creation and allows image creation based on uploaded images.

Adobe Firefly is noted for its speed and the ability to easily change image parameters like aspect ratio and style.

The host expresses a preference for DALLE 3 for its versatility and ease of use, despite the strengths of the other platforms.

Detailed prompts are shown to significantly improve the results on MIDJOURNEY.

DALLE 3 demonstrates coherence in design, allowing for consistent changes to a created image.

Adobe Firefly's technical parameters offer more control over the final image's style and effects.

The importance of understanding one's specific needs to choose the right platform is emphasized.

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to share their preferences in the comments.