AI just officially took our jobs… I hate you Devin

13 Mar 202404:13

TLDRThe video transcript discusses the impact of AI on the job market, particularly in software engineering. It introduces 'Devin,' an AI developed by Cognition Labs, which is capable of performing tasks like a human software engineer, including coding, problem-solving, and even training its own AI models. The AI has already been used on platforms like Upwork for real jobs. Despite its current limitations, the script suggests that AI's role in software development will likely expand, potentially replacing many human programmers. The video also humorously suggests a gene therapy as a solution to stay competitive in the field, highlighting the ongoing debate about AI's role in the future of work.


  • 👴 The speaker's family history shows a pattern of job displacement by automation, from farming to car factories to fast food, all replaced by robots.
  • 💻 The speaker chose programming to avoid job loss, but AI tools like Co-pilot and GP4 are now capable of writing code, leading to the introduction of Devin, an AI software engineer.
  • 📈 Devin is an AI developed by Cognition Labs that can use developer tools to solve problems by searching the web, reading documentation, and writing, testing, and debugging code in a loop.
  • 📉 Despite significant improvement over other AI tools, Devin currently solves GitHub issues only 13.86% of the time, which is not enough to fully replace human software engineers.
  • 🔍 Devin's performance is being compared to other tools like Auto GPT and Google's Alpha Coder, which use parallel processing to generate and select the best solutions from many possibilities.
  • 💼 Devin is already performing real jobs on platforms like Upwork and getting paid, indicating a shift towards AI in software engineering roles.
  • 🚀 The company behind Devin is backed by significant investors from Silicon Valley, highlighting the serious intent to replace programmers with AI technology.
  • 🤖 There are other startups like Magic Dove and Dodev also working on similar AI technology, indicating a trend in the industry to automate programming tasks.
  • 🧐 The speaker suggests that while AI is promising, it currently struggles with more complex problems and can sometimes be counterproductive.
  • 💡 The speaker humorously proposes a gene therapy solution to stay competitive in programming, indicating a satirical take on the potential need for humans to adapt in the face of AI advancements.
  • 🌟 The report concludes with a reminder that while AI is advancing, it's not yet a complete replacement for the creativity and problem-solving skills of human software engineers.

Q & A

  • What was the occupation of the narrator's great-grandfather?

    -The narrator's great-grandfather worked on a farm.

  • What happened to the narrator's grandfather's job in Detroit?

    -The narrator's grandfather, who worked in a car factory in Detroit, was replaced by robots.

  • What was the profession of the narrator's father?

    -The narrator's father was a chef at McDonald's.

  • Why did the narrator decide to get into programming?

    -The narrator decided to get into programming to avoid being replaced by robots, as it was suggested that coding is the new literacy and an essential skill.

  • What is the name of the AI developed by Cognition Labs?

    -The AI developed by Cognition Labs is called Devon.

  • How does Devon solve problems?

    -Devon solves problems by using developer tooling to search for solutions online, write code, run it, fix errors, and iterate in an infinite loop until the problem is solved.

  • What is the current success rate of Devon on the software engineering benchmark?

    -Devon currently has a success rate of 13.86% on the software engineering benchmark.

  • What is the potential future application of AI like Devon in the job market?

    -In the future, AI like Devon could potentially perform tasks such as posting jobs, generating thousands of possible solutions, and allowing employers to choose the best one.

  • What is the name of the stealth startup similar to Cognition Labs?

    -The stealth startup similar to Cognition Labs is called Magic Dove.

  • What is the opinion of Jensen Wong on the future of programming?

    -Jensen Wong believes that it is our job to create computing technology such that nobody has to program, and that everyone in the world would then be a programmer, which he considers a miracle of artificial intelligence.

  • What is the humorous solution proposed by the narrator to the threat of AI replacing programmers?

    -The narrator humorously proposes a dimethyl tryptamine-based gene therapy that supposedly reprograms the brain for optimal coding performance, as a solution to the threat of AI replacing programmers.

  • What is the current limitation of AI tools like Devon in solving complex problems?

    -The current limitation of AI tools like Devon is that they are extremely useful for simple problems, but they become counterproductive and can hurt the code more than help when dealing with more complex problems.



😀 The Evolution of Automation and the Rise of AI in Software Engineering

The video script begins with a personal narrative of the speaker's family history, illustrating the progression of automation and its impact on jobs. It then introduces Devon, an AI software engineer developed by Cognition Labs, which has the ability to perform tasks similar to human software engineers, such as coding, problem-solving, and learning from feedback. The script discusses the potential of AI to revolutionize the software industry, with Devon already outperforming other tools on the software engineering benchmark. However, it also highlights the current limitations of AI in handling complex problems and the skepticism surrounding the technology's ability to fully replace human programmers. The video ends with a humorous take on the situation, suggesting a gene therapy pill for optimal coding performance as a solution to the threat of job displacement by AI.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video, AI is central to the theme as it discusses how AI has replaced human jobs historically and its potential to replace software engineers in the future.

💡Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the systematic approach to developing and maintaining software that is both robust and cost-effective. The video discusses the impact of AI on this profession, suggesting that AI tools like Devon could potentially automate many tasks traditionally performed by software engineers.


Devon is an AI software engineer developed by Cognition Labs, which is capable of performing tasks similar to a human software engineer, such as coding, debugging, and creating plans of action. It represents a significant advancement in AI's ability to replace human roles in software development.

💡Auto GPT

Auto GPT is mentioned as a tool similar to Devon, which uses a large language model (LLM) as its base technology. It is capable of performing actions and reacting to feedback, showcasing the evolving capabilities of AI in software development.


GitHub is a platform used for software development and version control. It is referenced in the video as a benchmark for testing AI's ability to solve real-world issues. The script mentions that Devon's performance on GitHub issues is significantly better than other AI tools.

💡Alpha Coder

Google's Alpha Coder is an AI system that generates thousands of possible solutions to coding problems and selects the best one. It is mentioned to illustrate the potential future of AI in software development, where AI could outperform human programmers by generating multiple solutions in parallel.


Upwork is an online platform where freelancers offer various services, including software development. The video mentions that Devon is already performing real jobs on Upwork and getting paid for it, indicating the practical application of AI in the job market.

💡LLM (Large Language Model)

A Large Language Model (LLM) is a type of AI model that is designed to process and understand large volumes of language data. In the context of the video, LLMs are the foundational technology behind tools like Devon and Auto GPT, enabling them to generate and understand code.

💡Cognition Labs

Cognition Labs is the company that developed Devon, the AI software engineer. The video discusses the company's role in advancing AI technology and its potential impact on the software engineering industry.

💡Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a region known for its high-tech innovation and venture capital investments. The video mentions several investors from Silicon Valley who are backing AI startups like Cognition Labs, highlighting the financial and technological interest in AI advancements.


DMT, or Dimethyl Tryptamine, is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound. In the video, it is humorously mentioned as part of a fictional gene therapy that could enhance coding performance, serving as a satirical commentary on the desperation some may feel in the face of AI job displacement.


AI has historically replaced human jobs, from farming to car factories and fast food chefs.

Software engineers are fearful of AI taking over their jobs, with Devon being a new AI software engineer tool.

Devon has access to developer tooling and can solve problems like a human software engineer.

Devon can create a plan of action and write code based on product manager requirements.

The AI performs an infinite feedback loop, fixing code and running it until the problem is solved.

Devon significantly outperforms other tools on the software engineering benchmark.

Despite improvements, current AI tools are not yet capable of fully replacing human software engineers.

Future AI tools like Google's Alpha Coder may perform tasks in parallel, generating multiple solutions.

Devon is already doing real jobs on platforms like Upwork and getting paid for its work.

Devon can learn new technologies, build and deploy apps, fix bugs, and train its own AI models.

The company behind Devon is backed by significant investors from Silicon Valley.

Other stealth startups like Magic and Dodev are also working on AI programming tools.

Silicon Valley has a clear interest in replacing programmers with AI to save costs.

Current AI tools are useful for simple problems but can be counterproductive for complex ones.

Experts like Jensen Wong believe that AI will eventually enable everyone to become programmers without coding.

The presenter humorously suggests a gene therapy pill for optimal coding performance as a solution to AI job replacement.

The report concludes that while AI is advancing, it has not yet fully realized its potential to replace human programmers.